1 day ago

We checked out the Bodega Head trail today. When we arrived we drove a little bit further until we hit a parking lot. There were quite a few people as it was a weekend. There are some picnic tables off to the right as you drive in. We hung out and had some lunch. Then we headed across the parking lot to hit the trail. Stopping at the bathrooms they really stunk up the area. We were happy to be on the trail and get some fresh air. We took the side of the trail that went up along the cliffs. There were so many beautiful views of the coastline! We really enjoyed our hike. We didn’t make it all the way around as we got off trail a little bit. There is a really cool island off the coast and we could hear all the seals going yapping! Super cool! Lots of cool areas for drone.

All in all this is a great family friendly hike. Bring your kids and your dogs and pack a lunch. Beach access requires that you trek down to it so this isn’t the most family friendly beach but the cliff side trails are this trails highlight! We will be back again!