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Gorgeous and challenging!

on Russian Ridge Trail

4 days ago

We did Ridge trail and looped down on Hawkeyes trail to Ancient Oak Trail to Charquin and then ended on Ridge back to the parking lot. Took us 1.75 hours

5 days ago

Loved it. Mostly exposed trails, beautiful and quiet. Can watch the sunrise. However, the trails were not marked very well so got lost on the way back to the parking lot.

A relatively easy hike with good view of the mountains and bay. The signposts can be confusing. Highly recommend taking a map with you.

I typically do this counter clockwise. It’s once of my favorite hikes on the peninsula. Nice mix of in the woods and mountain Views. agree with others that it’s on the hard side of “moderate.” The trip back up is a lot of sustained climbing, but there are a few flat spots to catch your breath. Not for beginners.

Really beautiful easy hike

Beautiful views of ocean and bay. Some sunny spots and some dark, oak-shaded spots. We had a nice picnic lunch by horseshoe lake, watching the mallards and koots.

Lovely views. Road noise can be
Loud at times

Went clockwise this morning. Perfect cool temps. Able to race the loop in 2 1/2 hours- fast for me.

Great hike, nice lakes and pleasant views. We took Butano Loop off Sunny Jim and signage didn’t point us towards Alpine Pond so we had to backtrack. Worth it as Alpine is peaceful and serene. Came back Ipiwa and the around Horseshoe. We logged a little over 5 miles.

Very pretty hike. Strenuous though. Not for beginners.

Excellent views. Mostly open space surrounded by rolling hills. Parts are shaded in the forest. Incline is nicely varied with alternating ups and downs. Signs along the trail could be better so that people don't get lost at forks.

Awesome for families with kids

Great loop! I recommend going clockwise on the trail.

Holy cow. The views were gorgeous, the hike was tough without being exhausting, and while there’s quite a bit of human traffic in some areas there’s less if you go deeper. Best piece of advice IMO: do the whole thing stoned if you can. Sooo pretty. ;-) 9/10

Great place for hiking.

6 months ago

A moderately difficult hike through grasslands, rolling hills sporting a summer dry grass cover, occasional wildflowers through a MROSD maintained preserve.

Detailed blog: http://shompens.com/canvas/1496874384547

7 months ago

I really enjoyed this trail- might be one of my favorites in the area. I also went clockwise down Harkins Ridge and the up Whittmore Gulch for a nice 7 miler. Perfect amount of shade, sun, greenery and wildlife. Love it.

7 months ago

Great hike in a great area, but the data in distance and lis elevation gained is incorrect.

If you look at the elevation profile, you will see it is a mirror image, meaning that one would have to do the loop shown twice to cover the distance and elevation gain

So it's really a 7 mile hike with 1800 feet of elevation gained. I posted data from a few gps sources to illustrate

Great trail, mix of shade and direct sun. Not very crowded when I went on a sunny Friday afternoon (didn't see anyone on the trail, but did see a couple cars in the parking lot). Windy drive up to the parking lot, but roads were well-paved and well-trafficked.

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