The rugged wilderness that once characterized the entire Mendocino Coast can still be explored and enjoyed in the Sinkyone Wilderness State Park. Since there are no main highways near the coast in this vicinity, the area has come to be called the "Lost Coast." Sinkyone Wilderness State Park is located within "Bear Country". State Park regulations require that visitors store all food and scented items properly at all times.

Beautiful beach with black sand but not for day hikers! Day hikers starting in Shelter Cove will be buffeted and sand blasted by winds from the north. Trail is mostly walking on the beach. Slow going and not much fun. Very cold creeks to cross every mile. Must take off shoes and wade across. No bridges. So many other beautiful beaches that are much more friendly to day hikers. Skip this one!

The trail from Needle Point/Bear Harbor to Usal is tough, but not impossible. My recommendation is hiking from Needle Point to Wheeler or Little Jackass because those are the best camps. Little Jackass has both redwood and beach camps with tons of fresh water. If you hike to Anderson Camp, follow the creek to the ocean for the most incredible private beach. The trail between Anderson and Usal is extremely difficult and steep, not for the faint of heart.