High in the heart of the San Bernardino National Forest, 20 miles north of San Bernadino, Silverwood Lake State Recreation Area captures the eye and the imagination with vistas of snow-capped mountain peaks reflected on the lake. Silverwood Lake was formed by the 249-foot Cedar Springs Dam, which holds back the waters of the west fork of the Mojave River as it passes through the San Bernardino Mountains. At 3,350 feet, it is the highest reservoir in the State Water Project. The park features hiking trails, swimming beaches and designated areas for boating, water-skiing and fishing. The lake has trout, large mouth bass, catfish and bluegill. There is a marina with a launching ramp, boat and equipment rentals, and a store. The park has picnic areas, including three that can only be reached by boat. The lake attracts waterfowl, raptors and songbirds. Canada Geese and an occasional bald eagle can be seen in the area. Warm, dry breezes prevail during summer - with high temperatures averaging between 90 and 100 degrees from June to September. From December through March, rainy winter temperatures vary from the low 30s to the low 60s. The park is open Friday through Tuesday, from 7am - 5pm and is closed on Wednesday and Thursday.

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6 days ago

nice little walk

off road driving
18 days ago

by any chance anyone else out here there's a Jeep almost off the cliff I'm trying to pull him out but I can't anyone can help plz

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19 days ago

21 days ago

very fun trail we loved it

It's that time of year again, keep an ear and eye out for rattle snakes!

Easy trail with lots of shade. Lots of lady bugs, bees, lizards, and snakes.

Good walk! Steep however. Great views.