High in the heart of the San Bernardino National Forest, 20 miles north of San Bernadino, Silverwood Lake State Recreation Area captures the eye and the imagination with vistas of snow-capped mountain peaks reflected on the lake. Silverwood Lake was formed by the 249-foot Cedar Springs Dam, which holds back the waters of the west fork of the Mojave River as it passes through the San Bernardino Mountains. At 3,350 feet, it is the highest reservoir in the State Water Project. The park features hiking trails, swimming beaches and designated areas for boating, water-skiing and fishing. The lake has trout, large mouth bass, catfish and bluegill. There is a marina with a launching ramp, boat and equipment rentals, and a store. The park has picnic areas, including three that can only be reached by boat. The lake attracts waterfowl, raptors and songbirds. Canada Geese and an occasional bald eagle can be seen in the area. Warm, dry breezes prevail during summer - with high temperatures averaging between 90 and 100 degrees from June to September. From December through March, rainy winter temperatures vary from the low 30s to the low 60s. The park is open Friday through Tuesday, from 7am - 5pm and is closed on Wednesday and Thursday.

off road driving
11 days ago

lots of fun, get better and better in the second half of the trail. There are some challenging side trails along the way, but u can just stay in the main trail for a “ smooth” ride too.

off road driving
22 days ago

My first time going to this trail in my 3rd gen Tacoma 4x4 and loved the whole trail to the end! I made it through in just 2wd. I was on the main trail the whole time. I have a 3 inch lift on 33’s and made it through with no issues.

off road driving
26 days ago

Great trail with awesome lake views. Some areas with a bit of technicality but nothing crazy. Options for very technical trails offshoot but if you stay on the main road it’ll be a fairly easy trek. Definitely coming back!

off road driving
1 month ago

This a great trail for beginners off road. It’s easy to moderate I used my 2018 F150 did not use 4WD was 2WD the whole way. There’s a few areas if you want to go hard with 4WD. Make sure you have good clearance in a few areas but otherwise great trail good views.

Great trail with the family! 98 Jeep Grand Cherokee 2.5 lift 31x10.5 A/T. Views!

Trail is closed until 1/1/19, which changed my hiking plans. Nonetheless, the area was beautiful and I still enjoyed my time there. I’ll return next year to explore the trail.

Cost $10/car to get in.

off road driving
3 months ago

We took our two seater rzr on this trail last weekend and the weather was perfect! The trail goes from easy fire roads to some pretty decent rock crawling when you get up closer to silverwood lake. I highly recommend these trails and cannot wait to return in the snow.

I ran up the Jeep trail 2N33 and went down that monster hill on my bum. It was fun and I’d do it again.

off road driving
5 months ago

Awesome. Took this trail from Silverwood lake all the way to Lake Arrowhead. 4x4 might not be necessary, but to make it up some of the hills I would recommend a rear locking diff if you are traveling alone. High clearance is a must. The first half mile or so starting from Silverwood would be passable in a car (I saw 2 Hondas and a Ford Focus on the trail)... but after that, high clearance is needed for sure. SWEET views of the lake, and about 2/3 of the way through the trail, the whole scenery changes from high desert to forest. Tons of wildlife.. my first time seeing a fox in California. Highly recommend.

Excellent usually but warning, closed for fire today 7/14/18 3PM

Awesome trail for beginners.

This is the trail I use when I want to kick my own butt. The first part is called burn out hill. The Pilot Rock Fire Camp uses it for training and exercise. Up top you follow the dirt roads, best to go mid week and not during the summer (too hot, too many motorcycles and way too many rattle snakes). The old path is kind of hard to find and you might want to use hiking poles for the down hill. Once you hit the lake it is an easy breezy hike back to the bottom of burn out hill.

Great trail! Great for families. Great views and very peaceful!

This was a great trail! The alternative routes add extra fun to the trail. I wouldn't recommend off shoot 8 which has an extremely steep incline. But 9, 10 and 11 are good. A fun trail for beginners and moderate off roaders.

I can’t recommend this trail for anyone looking for a traditional SoCal hiking experience. The first part of the trail is unmaintained and indeed steep, almost steep enough that I was practically climbing in a couple spots in order not to slide back down. The forest road at the top is frequented by OHVs, so it’s less of an escapist affair, which I prefer in my hikes.

9 months ago

Thanks to Jessica’s review, I was able to complete this hike by finding that very lightly used bushy and rocky descent. I’ve done about 30 hikes in Southern California and this was the worst so far. Unmarked trail and no maintenance turned my rating from decent three stars to two. This area has potential for five.

Still better than watching TV at home. Beautiful views for the most part. Difficulty level: moderate, not hard. I recommend long pants, machete, tick tweezers and the AllTrails app.

Note to self: don’t do hikes with just a few reviews. There are most likely better ones.

off road driving
9 months ago

Awesome everything

The first part of this trail is super hard, lots of loose rocks and it’s steep. Then you walk on a ohv road for awhile till the hairpin and then you walk down a trail that looks like animals use it, it was super steep in parts and lots of loose rocks watch your step. Also there was an area when you start to head to the West that had some old barb wire on the trail. When we finished this trail it said we were at a 9.14 what the trail said and we followed the trail.

This is a difficult hike to say the least, at least the first mile after that it's all downhill.

Great hike for kids or dogs but be careful in the warmer months I have been pinned on a trail by a rattle snake over by the point.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Awesome trail!!

off road driving
Sunday, January 14, 2018

cool trail. No need for a 4x4

Great hike for young families or those who are new to hiking. Enjoyed a brisk walk with my German shepherds and my two boys. Beautiful environment.

off road driving
Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Great trail to do with very nice scenery and views. I really enjoyed the views. 4x4 is really not needed if you stick to the main trail. Please don’t liter and help keep these trails clean for everyone’s enjoyment.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

I went up the firebreak in Miller Canyon and hiked the ridge that way. Hardest uphill trail, well in my top 5 for sure.

off road driving
Sunday, October 29, 2017

Guys don't miss out if u haven't driven on this trail yet you should definitely do it , cuz it's a very very nice trail driving on it is so fun it has very nice views ,it's around 12 miles one way ends on highway 173 close to lake arrowhead , no need for 4x4 but in the winter when it start raining and snowing definitely 4x4 recommended

off road driving
Sunday, October 22, 2017

Had a good time on this easy trail. Headed up to Lake Arrowhead and had lunch with my family. Did it in a Tundra 2.5 lift. Put it in 4 high but never needed it.

off road driving
Saturday, October 07, 2017

Good Trail with alternates for various skill level. Only disappointment was the leg that appears to reach Silverwood Lake. The old Trail has a locked gate and a small sign that indicates it’s illegal and subject to fines. Great alternate challenges though, including the short leg to Pilot Rock. Fun day, especially late afternoon with fall colors.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Had an amazing time. Great trail for the avg joe. Did it Aug 13th at 3:30pm from Hesperia. Trail ended near arrowhead about 6:45. Decided to check out Arrowhead afterwards. It is beautiful!

off road driving
Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Rocky and very dry conditions.Spring and fall conditions would be better to review this trail. Our stock jeep had no problem. Had to use 4 low about 1/2 way up and then the rest rocky and dusty conditions.

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