Silverset Park

89 reviews
1 month ago

We hiked this trail on a really beautiful Saturday afternoon, and were very thankful for he clouds that rolled in since it’s in the full sun. We were the only people on the trail except for one other man we saw at the trail head once we were ending.
The view at the top is great, especially for being so close to Poway.
This trail is not well kept past the first quarter of a mile. Overgrown brush makes the trail very skinny at many parts, including the very steep parts. It appears that much of the trail is directly where water runs off when it rains, so the path condition is not always the smoothest.
As many other reviews state, there are a lot of unmarked off shoots. If you use the GPS recording feature on this app it’s not too hard to pick the right way.
Overall, a great hike for some quick, but intense exercise. The incline and the view makes this under 2 mile hike worth the trouble.