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17 hours ago

4/25/18 - This was a great hike! The trailhead was a bit difficult to find, and it split off a few different ways, but was overall a beautiful hike along the river. There were no other people out there at all when we went, so it made the hike very peaceful. We love finding under-advertised and less known hikes like this. I would definitely recommend this hike to anyone in the area, as it is a beautiful hike. It was not too long and not too short (our loop was only about 2.7 miles, but the trail did seem to go longer).

A few things to note would be that the trail is, in some places, very difficult to find and follow. We made our own path along the river in a few places. One of the routes across the river according to the map is not an option (it was a shady-looking zip line type thing that was locked up so no one could use it to get across). We crossed later on over a fallen tree and eventually found the trail again on the other side. Also, bring bug spray! With so many pools of stagnant water along the way, the bugs are very thick!

Definitely need a fully charged phone to keep track of the trail! Lost track of the ribbons once the trail tapered off, and had to search for stacked rocks in order to know where to go until you find the Jeep trail. Good luck!

Overall pretty cool hike. View was nice at the top, but I would love to see it with Shaver full of water. All trails app isn’t really effective, it pulls you away from main trail. Also trail Head is a little hard to find with a ton of wash out debris blocking the main path and a incorrect path to its left that will lead you straight up the mountain. Good luck have fun, I wouldn’t go alone....

on Brown's Ditch Trail

3 days ago

Great easy hike. Walking across the metal grates is nerve racking at first. I get a bit of motion sickness, so walking against the flow of water made me a bit dizzy. Not a lot of climbing. My 10 yr old and 8 yr old loved it and did great. The end has a bit of water to look at and we didn’t cross the pools.

6 days ago

6 days ago

off road driving
7 days ago

Very easy trail with some tight spots thanks to some fallen trees. I took my stock Jeep renegade and had no problems. Some pretty waterfalls and great views.

Fishing’s not that good! A lot of mountain lions you can hear them crying out when the sunsets & when it rises keep a eye on the dogs & kids.

Not good for “kids” a lot of people use it for a place to get nude under the sun just a heads up. I have kids and I would want someone to give me a heads up, there’s a lot of sick people out there just heads up

The parking was easy to find (we used Siri and followed her directions to the location) but we got lost following the trail so we ended up forging our own path by following the river upstream. This hike is beautiful though and it is worth it to see the waterfalls.

11 days ago

The route shown on alltrails isn't well marked, if marked at all, up until you get to the fork half-way up. You need to keep you eyes open so you don't get too far off trail. Taking the left at that fork also appeared to be off trail as well with the random stone cairn every once in a while. It's fairly straight-forward to find your way back to the main trail though.

Nice and peaceful trail. However, towards the end we came to private property and the owner had a pitbull which was not on a leash and some what frightened us. The dog followed us for about 30 sections barking then left us alone. Besides that trail was good!

nature trips
11 days ago

Fun little trail around the pond! Great for children.

Very enjoyable hike featuring views of Shuteye mountain

Walked on this trail for a bit today. It was a nice, easy walk through the woods on a paved trail. We had a really hard time trying to figure out where to park as the trailhead listed on this page is well past the locked gate. We finally parked by the boat launch and walked on the road (which is all the trail is anyway). We ended up taking a logging road for some water access and had just the best time jumping over the tiny streams that pop up everywhere during the spring thaw.

17 days ago

We took our dogs and the snow was not too powdery so we were able to walk fairly easily! Beautiful scenery and not too cold! Will be back again!

Beautiful hike with gorgeous waterfalls.

Great hike and beautiful falls. A little challenging in the snow but worth it.

A nice trail with lots of creek access. The trail was very poorly marked. if it weren't for GPS there is no way to follow it. Also beware, although the trail goes through an outdoor school, they are NOT friendly about allowing hikers to pass.

This was a nice trail but very poorly marked. It meanders along the creek for about half of it. BEWARE though that this trail goes through Green Meadows school and the personnel there are not very friendly about you passing through a public school campus.

Gold small hike for older or young children.

Absolutely incredible waterfalls! Hiked this trail on April 1, and the water was roaring. It was a busy weekend in the area but there weren’t too many people on the trail. If you’re in the Yosemite area I’d say this is a must do! No fee, dogs on leash allowed. Well maintained trail.

It was more of a walk than a hike. But this walk let you down... it’s definitely thrilling and adventurous. Walking on the flumes is exhilarating... especially if there’s water. I wouldn’t suggest little kids do this hike... it could be dangerous. Nice little place to have a picnic at the end with the sound of the rapids.

It's a nice hike! bring some insect repellant...

27 days ago

I’ve done this hike before and LOVED it, today we went up and the road is still too snowy to get up (even with 4WD), we saw a car with chains get stuck. Will try back next month!

29 days ago

Nice short walk. Alot of places to stop and enjoy the water flow! A few nice views!

Super cute, fun, stroller friendly trail that’s short enough for my young kids to walk themselves. And lots of fun stops along the way.

1 month ago

A nice hike. Easy access off the hwy. I had a quiet and peaceful hike. No other hikers, but I like that. A little windy on top.

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