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6 hours ago

I hiked from the gate at the turn off for Court Wright lake. 8.8 miles to the TH then hiked the 4.5 miles to cliff lake. I started towards rock lake but turned around at the top of the ridge because I dropped my sunglasses and all the snow was getting to my eyes. I found my glasses about 2 miles from the TH on the road walk back to my truck

1 day ago

Directions from the app worked great and there are signs for forest service access road 8S31 coming from both directions of 168. We went on May 23 and the road was open so we drove the SUV up to the Rancheria Falls parking lot. Road up was pretty tough, a standard sized car might bottom out. The parking lot actually has 11 spaces but I recommend arriving early. We got there after 10:30 am and were the only ones there but buy the time we left at noon there were four groups of hikers on their way to the falls and most had dogs. Our group included hikers aged 3 to 75 and incline proved to be too much for a few. Trail is wide, well marked, and clean. Waterfall is amazing and raging now. Recommend holding hands of little kids when cliffside and by rocks. Hike well worth the trip. Bathroom on the otherhand was one of the most disgusting I've ever experienced (it would get negative stars). Nearly every hiker in our group preferred the Indian Pools hike over this one because the entire way you are right next to a river despite being more difficult to follow but these Falls are fantastic.

Lovely walk up to a beautiful falls

3 days ago

First off, thanks to all the previous AllTrails members for the parking recommendations. Directions: go through the China Peak entrance (the gates were open enough to fit a car through). Drive past the following places: the restaurant, the bridge to the lifts, the boat storage, and past the employee mobile homes. You are not there yet--drive on the gravel/dirt lot toward single post and blank sign (see my photo for trailhead entrance). The six of us started in pouring rain (mid-May) and it included kids age 2 and 3 and a spry 75 yr old. Views are certainly a big reason for the 5 stars. The river was raging. The trail itself is about 80% flat with the remaining some rocks to climb over; easily marked but with one or two spots that required a bit of investigation (mostly where there was some granite to get over). Took us 40 minutes to get to the top clearing but we stopped several times for photos and the little ones have small strides. At the main clearing you will see a few stacked rocks (ducks) and a mini chair made from a tree stump. We very carefully dipped our toes in (along a pooled edge) and snow run off isn't for the faint of heart. We went on Monday and were absolutely the only people on the trail. Highly recommend for an easy trail walk with amazing river sights and sounds.

3 days ago

A decent hike through trees and grass with wildflowers. I would not do this hike in the summer, it would be much too hot. It's a very peaceful hike with a nice breeze. The trail is easy to follow but because it shares with the Pa'san Ridge Trail for a portion, there is a sign for the Pa-San Ridge Trail while the two are together but then later when they split, there aren't any trail markers. There are posts where the signs used to be. To get to the trail, follow the signs for the Wuh-ki'o Trail after the bridge and then stay left about another 1/4 mile when there is a fork again. There is a map at the parking lot that is pretty clear too.

Nice short hike. Went on a Wednesday so there was barely anyone. Waterfall is super full. There was some areas where we had to climb over big tree trunks.

One of my favorite hikes! If you want to miss the crowds go early.

I decided to take my dog (100 lbs American pit friendly to ppl not other dogs) seeing that dogs were allowed ON LEASHES I figured this wouldn't be a problem being the other dogs (if any or so I thought) would be on leashes as well. I can control my dog so it no problem ,but boy was I wrong! thankfully nothing serious happened but a lot of stupid ppl seem to ignore the leash rule. I get it it's fun to see ur dog roam freely, but u have to realize JUST BECAUSE YOUR DOG IS FRIENDLY TO OTHER DOGS DONT MEAN EVERYONE ELSE'S IS! 4 times I had to stop my dog from almost getting into a fight with other dogs because their stupid owners thought they were PRIVILEGED enough to ignore that rule

Trail north of the highway Trailhead is not currently accessible without crossing a fast flowing stream. South half of trail is fine.

Super nice and easy trail. Still quiet a bit of snow on the trail. The falls are really flowing and the roar is loud! Great time.

Loved It! Not too difficult terrain wise; trail is tough to follow. The app works pretty good with GPS where it gets iffy. Had a Bald Eagle fly right over us, got some decent pics for phone cam. Highly recommend this longer than 5.7 mile hike; with the occasional 'detour' it was 7.7 miles all the way to the lake and back.

on Wuh-Ki'o Trail

19 days ago

Tried to find the trail twice now and failed both times. The sign pointing to the trail just takes you to the Pa San Ridge trail which is a good hike but I’ve done it four times now. There may be such a trail out there as Wu Ki Oh but it’s pretty well hidden.

23 days ago

We hiked Lewis Creek Trail 2 days ago and it was awesome. Great view, many waterfalls. It was very rocky, lots of fallen trees to climb over. My wife and I are still sore from it but we loved every minute.

Great hike! Parked at the road and walked in to the trailhead. Makes for about 4 miles round trip. Still quite a bit of patchy snow and a few places were a little slick and scary near the falls, but gorgeous views! Not super strenuous and most uphill at the beginning.

Nice and peaceful trail. However, towards the end we came to private property and the owner had a pitbull which was not on a leash and some what frightened us. The dog followed us for about 30 sections barking then left us alone. Besides that trail was good!

Walked on this trail for a bit today. It was a nice, easy walk through the woods on a paved trail. We had a really hard time trying to figure out where to park as the trailhead listed on this page is well past the locked gate. We finally parked by the boat launch and walked on the road (which is all the trail is anyway). We ended up taking a logging road for some water access and had just the best time jumping over the tiny streams that pop up everywhere during the spring thaw.

1 month ago

We took our dogs and the snow was not too powdery so we were able to walk fairly easily! Beautiful scenery and not too cold! Will be back again!

Beautiful hike with gorgeous waterfalls.

Great hike and beautiful falls. A little challenging in the snow but worth it.

Absolutely incredible waterfalls! Hiked this trail on April 1, and the water was roaring. It was a busy weekend in the area but there weren’t too many people on the trail. If you’re in the Yosemite area I’d say this is a must do! No fee, dogs on leash allowed. Well maintained trail.

It's a nice hike! bring some insect repellant...

2 months ago

I used to come here every summer with my friend’s family. It’s such a wonderful escape from the world, beginning with that epic drive! I posted a picture of the view from the road in on this trail page. If you are afraid of heights, you will be anxious! This place is absolutely magical and special. This loop hits most of the main springs. This place is a mix of natural mud bottom pools, outdoor stone tubs with natural water pipes in, and then of course if you are splurging there is the spa in the campgrounds. However, there is no getting closer to the great mother than a nighttime dip in hot water under the stars. This place also has great access points into the John Muir Wilderness. Way better than the touristy Yosemite. Best place in the sierras, hands down.

We parked near the trail head. Sun and snow made beautiful pictures. Creek runs on the side of the trail. We turned around half way, because couldn’t cross the river. Main waterfall is very pretty, however more people. While hiking to Waterfall was not a sole on a Sunday. Going downhill on way back.

2 months ago

LOVE THIS PLACE!! Such a cool drive to get their too! Since moving to California two years ago, this area is by far my most favorite. So serene and peaceful.

This is a great trail from Fall until hit starts hitting the 90s. It's even better after a light snow. Full trail starts at Cedar Valley but if you want a shorter hike then there is another trailhead further up HW41 that is about the halfway point to red rock falls at the end of this trail.

so pretty, especially with the light snow we got covering the ground!

Loved this trail! The views were amazing. Lots of inclines, definitley got my heart pumping.

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