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5 hours ago

Beautiful lake. Did an overnight trip with my daughter. Temperature at the lake felt about 10 degrees cooler than on the trail. Probably due to the wind gusts. Ended up camping about a 1/2 mile from the lake. Fishing was great as well.

We left after not being able to locate a trail head from either direction. Gal at the horse stables had no idea what we were talking about. We went to the exact spot that GPS displayed as the southernmost trail head, which was about 50 yards from the horse stables. Nothing there. We drove through the school grounds that others here have mentioned. Since it’s Sunday we luckily didn’t have to communicate with anyone there, but we could not find anything resembling a trail leading to anywhere. The thing is... I don’t give up that easily. Anyone have any suggestions? We ended up doing the Lewis Creek trail, which is nice so it’s still been a great day. If you know where we might have gone wrong please let me know phlywly@sbcglobal.net

Beautiful spot! Trail a little hard to follow. Would have had an amazing time had my car not been broken into while I was hiking. Be careful sheriff's said it is a pretty common occurrence.

4 days ago

Had a fun weekend with Camping Women of the Sierra Foothills group. Bass lake was beautiful and this was 1 hike that had the most awesome view of the lake. We also took an easy walk to the Dam.

Amazing trail. To be honest, I don’t think I would mark this as “hard”. Yes, it’s a steady incline with almost no reprieve, but it is not sporty at all. The trail is wide and easily navigable. Decent fitness required, but I wouldn’t say advanced experience was necessary.

Gorgeous views of Huntington lake and surrounding little lakes.

Only saw two people on the trail.

off road driving
7 days ago

Really enjoyed this trail. Large boulders and required a spotter in a few places. Had to engage the front locker a couple times to make it a bit easier in a 80 series Land Cruiser with a 2 inch lift and 35" tires. The reward at the end is a nice small campground right next to Strawberry Lake. There is a pit toilet and fire ring. You will need ground clearance as my sliders and undercarriage armor scraped on a couple spots. Not a dangerous trail, but a stock vehicle will likely end up with a scar or two attempting.

nature trips
7 days ago

First visit to site. Trail was beautiful; HOWEVER, it was VERY difficult to follow. It would be helpful to have signs/flags (recent rain washed away some trail prints). We had a large group (15) and we had to return down hill; think we went off trail after the pool area. Definitely disappointed. Hiking boots is highly recommended. This trail is NOT moderate; more on the difficult side.


Great trail! All up hill at first so heading back is easy. There were literally thousands of lady bugs more towards the middle to end parts of the trail. There are plenty of waterfalls to see and it is almost completely shaded. Heading back we ran the trail.


Great day hike. I guess you can walk down or walk up. We walked up. It will challenge you but the beauty and peacefulness it nice. Go hike a mountain.

Beautiful trail, short , not too strenuous and with beautiful views of Bass Lake and lots of great cooling off pools!

Fun little trail up to a waterfall. A few other groups on the trail so no worries about the mountain lion. The Lewis Creek trail car park is actually in the middle of the trail on this map. Worth a try if you’re in the area.

We did a short stretch along the south side of Florence lake. Full views of the lake, hydro project, and mountain range to the east. Low water levels here gave an idea of the beauty lost underneath Hetch Hetchy. Access Road quality: terrible.

12 days ago

Great fishing at cliff lake and and an equally rewarding hike to nearby Rock lake

off road driving
14 days ago

Great wheeling up to the lake. I wouldn’t take a stock rig past gate keeper

My wife and I hiked Goat mountain trail yesterday. We just moved to Oakhurst and wanted to try something different than going into Yosemite. We thought this would be a nice change.
We started at the green gate where the app told us the trail begins. We missed the first turn to take you up the mountain, so we had to backtrack about a quarter mile.
The trail goes through lots of forest land with occasional views of Bass Lake. It finishes after a steep incline to a cell tower at the top of Goat Mountain.
It's always nice to get out, in the early fall but here are my complaints about this hike.
The trail is not very well marked. We ran into a pair of mountain bikers who weren't sure they were at the right place either because the trailhead was not marked. It wasn't until we finished that we found out we could have shaved off a couple of miles by parking at The Forks Resort.
Second, the end was a little anticlimactic. After 9 miles we were expecting something spectacular, it was a nice view from the top of the mountain, but I think we were expecting more.
Finally, there were tons of gnats all along the way. Very frustrating to be hiking and have to swat at bugs from getting in your face, mouth, and eyes. Granted, it's outside, but definitely something to be aware of ahead of time.
Overall, not a bad experience, just nothing to write home about with all of the opportunities in the Oakhurst area.

This was a nice easy trail to take our 3-yr on. Short hike, with stunning views. We went at the end on September which had lots of foliage turning beautiful fall colors.

Great hike! Dry but beautiful. Good elevation made me work:)

nice trail .

18 days ago

Hike was a grind. Pain was worth the reward. Great fishing!

Do not attempt the drive to trail head unless you at least have a high clearance vehicle. And if it rains, you had better have four wheel drive. I drove in my Ford Edge and barely made it. Spun my wheels and scraped car under carriage a few times. But the destination was well worth the worrisome journey. Absolutely beautiful. There really are no mosquitoes at this time of year and no bear activity which really adds to the enjoyment. Very high altitudes though. Take it slow especially if you are a sea level dweller like me!

I will be back, but in a truck!!

BTW I have a tried and true formula for mosquito repellent. Mix vapor rub (menthol) with coconut oil. Three weeks in Fiji with hummingbird size mosquitoes and I didn’t get bitten once!

had so much fun here with my sisters. We climbed the different levels of the water falls. Enjoyed swimming in the fresh waters, there's also a slide in one on the water holes. It's a free waterpark and it's all natural

23 days ago

Beautiful hike. The waterfalls and pools make great spots to just enjoy the moment, cool off, and have a snack. Water is cold but refreshing! We made it more difficult than needed by going the wrong way, but will definitely try it again on the main trail. Flies/bugs were awful and took away from my enjoyment of the scenery. Definitely spray up and take a hat to shoo them away.

23 days ago

This was a great hike. There are a hand full of pretty water falls along the way and lots of spots to swim (water is cold.) The trail isn't that difficult to follow but i would download to trail map from alltrails, I referred to it a few times. It took me 1hr 20 min to get to the end and I was stopping a lot to take pictures. The way back probably took around 40 min. Yes there are little flys that get all up in your business but they don't bite. I wear "hoo-rag" over my face and it allows me to breathe without feeling like I'll inhale a bug. Fun Hike!

23 days ago

Absolutely incredible “hike”. One of my favorites I’ve ever been on. The walk down to the actual lake it a nice, easy walk. Not so much a hike. The real beauty happens when you walk around the lake and along the top of the dam (I’m an engineer so I nerd out over stuff like that). We were the ONLY people out there so that was also great. I would absolutely suggest this hike. The views are stunning the entire time.

I did not see any mountain lions, however there are mountain lion warnings with a note from another hiker dated 9/18/18 9am that he spotted a mountain lion drinking water near the waterfall. I solo hiked and made a lot of noise. Very cool hike. I would have rather had a partner because I had mountain lion on the brain the entire time and I think I would’ve enjoyed it more if I wasn’t so concerned.

Great trail... harder than I thought but well worth the effort! Beautiful views. Only saw 6 people on trail... maybe because it’s brutal!

off road driving
26 days ago

We did this trail in Sept 2018. Beautiful views of Shaver from the tower. I did the trail in my ‘94 YJ and my buddy took his 99 TJ. Neither had any problems with the trail besides a couple of scrapes on the skid plates for the stock size Jeep. This was my first time off road and my first trip with my Jeep. I recommend taking a friend and you’ll have a great time.

Wow one of the most scenic hikes I’ve ever been. The observation deck has an incredible view of the cascading waterfalls.

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