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Tons of mosquitos- wear spray! We were eaten alive around 10am

9 hours ago

First off, thanks to all the previous AllTrails members for the parking recommendations. Directions: go through the China Peak entrance (the gates were open enough to fit a car through). Drive past the following places: the restaurant, the bridge to the lifts, the boat storage, and past the employee mobile homes. You are not there yet--drive on the gravel/dirt lot toward single post and blank sign (see my photo for trailhead entrance). The six of us started in pouring rain (mid-May) and it included kids age 2 and 3 and a spry 75 yr old. Views are certainly a big reason for the 5 stars. The river was raging. The trail itself is about 80% flat with the remaining some rocks to climb over; easily marked but with one or two spots that required a bit of investigation (mostly where there was some granite to get over). Took us 40 minutes to get to the top clearing but we stopped several times for photos and the little ones have small strides. At the main clearing you will see a few stacked rocks (ducks) and a mini chair made from a tree stump. We very carefully dipped our toes in (along a pooled edge) and snow run off isn't for the faint of heart. We went on Monday and were absolutely the only people on the trail. Highly recommend for an easy trail walk with amazing river sights and sounds.

Nice short hike. Went on a Wednesday so there was barely anyone. Waterfall is super full. There was some areas where we had to climb over big tree trunks.

One of my favorite hikes! If you want to miss the crowds go early.

This trail was great to do during May when it was still relatively cool and the clouds provided coverage from the sun. The effort is worth the view at the end (if not totally surrounded by clouds as it was for all but a few minutes when I was there). It’s very easy to lose the trail and I did so multiple times, but being able to reference this app helped. But beware, it drains your battery. Early in the trail, ribbons mark the route relatively well, but once the terrain opens up you have to rely on the rock piles which are obvious in some places and almost impossible to rely on in others.

4 days ago

I agree with the two previous comments from several years ago! This trail felt longer than stated...it is definitely all uphill with lots of switchbacks. We didn't make it to the lake and complete the whole loop. About 6 miles in there are several rivers and waterfalls...according to the map the split to start the loop should be right around there and we couldn't find it. We kept going up the trail, past where the split should have been and still nothing! This was a beautiful place to stop and set up camp...but we're bummed we didn't make it to the lakes.
Lots and lots of water, fallen trees to climb across, river fishing etc... I have never seen so many waterfalls in one place! I'm wondering if this trail would be more passable later in the year when there is less flowing water.

We'll definitely be back to try it again! But prepared for a longer, more challenging hike.

5 days ago

Easy hike with big rewards! Bang for the buck.

I decided to take my dog (100 lbs American pit friendly to ppl not other dogs) seeing that dogs were allowed ON LEASHES I figured this wouldn't be a problem being the other dogs (if any or so I thought) would be on leashes as well. I can control my dog so it no problem ,but boy was I wrong! thankfully nothing serious happened but a lot of stupid ppl seem to ignore the leash rule. I get it it's fun to see ur dog roam freely, but u have to realize JUST BECAUSE YOUR DOG IS FRIENDLY TO OTHER DOGS DONT MEAN EVERYONE ELSE'S IS! 4 times I had to stop my dog from almost getting into a fight with other dogs because their stupid owners thought they were PRIVILEGED enough to ignore that rule

Trail north of the highway Trailhead is not currently accessible without crossing a fast flowing stream. South half of trail is fine.

8 days ago

Done this hike many times, sometimes as a backpack, others as a day hike. Always a great trip. Last day hike was the most interesting. It was early September, so the weather was great. Instead of starting out on the trail, we did the full loop of almost all the lakes, we left the trail within a couple hundred yards after leaving the parking lot. We crossed the creek and headed up the ridge and contoured around and went to Eastern Brook then Rainbow to Swede. We continued on the trail for a short time and then up the ridge to Fingberbowl, Island, and Rock Lakes. Back on the trail again, we took a side trip to Little Lakes then to Second Dinkey and then cut cross country to South Lake. We got back on the trail and passed Swede (again) headed to Mystery and then then back to the trailhead. That's 10 different beautiful, yet different, high Sierra lakes. All in about 6-7 hours. The trickiest part of the hike was the first section up to Eastern Brook and Rainbow Lakes, otherwise the route finding was pretty straightforward (as long as you're pretty good with a map or gps).

A great hike overall. Hiked it in mid-May while it was still fairly brisk and chilly, which was nice. I do t think it’d be a good hike at all during hot weather since there’s little shade for most of it. Trail starts towards the right side of the parking area. Approx. first 1/3 to the peak is very steep. Make sure you’re in decent shape.. I wasn’t but still made it though. Cairns can be tricky to follow on the way down.

My Wife and I took the trailhead from just past Millers Landing going towards The Forks. The hike overall was great but we did not quite make it all the way to the lookout as it was late in the day and the trail had not been cleared from the winter. The trail markers were not great so be sure to upload this app before you go. We went approximately 2.5 miles up the gradual but fairly steep narrow trail, climbing over multiple fallen trees, and through narrow patches that seemed almost unused for years. 5.0 miles round trip including a picnic lunch at a clearing about 1.75 miles in, at a leisurely pace took approximately 2 hrs., winds were kicking up and clouds moving in so it was time for a shorter hike around Rocky Point then a few pints of the local brew at Miller's Landing, Overall a great hike and a great day at Bass Lake ..

10 days ago

Beautiful trail with spectacular waterfalls.

11 days ago

This a good easy hike if you are around the area, about 30 min or less from Oakhurst. As of May 2018 the road is clear of snow and dry up to Fresno Dome. There is also a trail that leads to the base of the dome for climbing.

Great trail. A nice challenge. Not to intense for a fun day hike. First quarter of the trail is pretty easy to follow. But after a while it get rather difficult to read. DONT follow the 4x4 trails. They don’t lead to Bald Mountain. This app helped tremendously.

mountain biking
12 days ago

It is a must-do mountain biking trail whenever you are in the area.

Loved It! Not too difficult terrain wise; trail is tough to follow. The app works pretty good with GPS where it gets iffy. Had a Bald Eagle fly right over us, got some decent pics for phone cam. Highly recommend this longer than 5.7 mile hike; with the occasional 'detour' it was 7.7 miles all the way to the lake and back.

4 stars for ease of getting there, views and getting to see my most favorite wildflower: Mariposa lily!
This rating is not for the hike since it's more of a stroll.

22 days ago

This trail was amazing! The sites were beautiful. The trailhead was hard to find and we did make our own paths along the river. We did not complete it, but it was still worth it. It was a family outing including our kids ages 7-11. They loved the views,trail, flowing rivers, climbing rocks and experience. We will surely do it again!

An awesome trail, especially as a fallback when everything else is closed!

26 days ago

4/25/18 - This was a great hike! The trailhead was a bit difficult to find, and it split off a few different ways, but was overall a beautiful hike along the river. There were no other people out there at all when we went, so it made the hike very peaceful. We love finding under-advertised and less known hikes like this. I would definitely recommend this hike to anyone in the area, as it is a beautiful hike. It was not too long and not too short (our loop was only about 2.7 miles, but the trail did seem to go longer).

A few things to note would be that the trail is, in some places, very difficult to find and follow. We made our own path along the river in a few places. One of the routes across the river according to the map is not an option (it was a shady-looking zip line type thing that was locked up so no one could use it to get across). We crossed later on over a fallen tree and eventually found the trail again on the other side. Also, bring bug spray! With so many pools of stagnant water along the way, the bugs are very thick!

Definitely need a fully charged phone to keep track of the trail! Lost track of the ribbons once the trail tapered off, and had to search for stacked rocks in order to know where to go until you find the Jeep trail. Good luck!

Overall pretty cool hike. View was nice at the top, but I would love to see it with Shaver full of water. All trails app isn’t really effective, it pulls you away from main trail. Also trail Head is a little hard to find with a ton of wash out debris blocking the main path and a incorrect path to its left that will lead you straight up the mountain. Good luck have fun, I wouldn’t go alone....

1 month ago

1 month ago

off road driving
1 month ago

Very easy trail with some tight spots thanks to some fallen trees. I took my stock Jeep renegade and had no problems. Some pretty waterfalls and great views.

Not good for “kids” a lot of people use it for a place to get nude under the sun just a heads up. I have kids and I would want someone to give me a heads up, there’s a lot of sick people out there just heads up

The parking was easy to find (we used Siri and followed her directions to the location) but we got lost following the trail so we ended up forging our own path by following the river upstream. This hike is beautiful though and it is worth it to see the waterfalls.

1 month ago

The route shown on alltrails isn't well marked, if marked at all, up until you get to the fork half-way up. You need to keep you eyes open so you don't get too far off trail. Taking the left at that fork also appeared to be off trail as well with the random stone cairn every once in a while. It's fairly straight-forward to find your way back to the main trail though.

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