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We did this trail today and had no idea where to start or where to go. There's no trail marker showing where the trail starts, after you park there's at least five pathways that could be trails. We picked one and just started walking. The river and scenery is beautiful there's a lot of places to go swimming. On the way back we found the actual trail... I think. But even that trail is hard to navigate it forks off a lot and disappears completely a few times. I would come back here but just know when you go you're on your own when it comes to navigation.

A little hot in the summer, especially if you have dogs with you. Great views and a cool stairway to view the waterfall.

off road driving
10 hours ago

Fun trail great views.

15 hours ago

15 hours ago

Beautiful and refreshing Lake. Trail not super clear in spots so pay attention but well worth the short walk to this gorgeous spot.

15 hours ago

Somewhat meandering trail through hot springs of various temps. Access to river for a quick dip (cold!!!). Road into Mono hot springs is indeed scenic...and slow and nerve-wracking so beware.

16 hours ago

come here all the time. one of my top hiking spots. also remember it is a nudist destination so i wouldn't say it is too kid friendly.

1 day ago

Awesome hike! Our whole family loved this one. Easy, for me, my four yr old not so much. She rode on my shoulders most of time. I would rate it moderate rather than easy. It's probably closer to 8+milesRT.
Bug spray is a must, they are relentless!

My wife clocked us at 10 miles on Fitbit , but we walked around lakes quite a bit(I'm guessing two miles) .

Pros- Super easy(kids, even saw some elderly folk)
WaterFalls were awesome sight
Good , short family trip

Cons-waterfalls not very accessible(can be but dangerous)
Very busy ( we went Friday around 11)

Overall recommended for beginning hiker or if you want some cool pics.

2 days ago

Been here many times. Do yourself a favor and start at the ranger station in Prather to get a permit and a free detailed map to navigate the rough 10 mi 4WD trails between Hwy 168 & Willow Meadow Trailhead. There is a way around the closed bridge. If you are hiking the loop, finding the beginning point of the trail can be confusing. Stay left walking out of the parking lot toward the trail. Start on the left side of Dinkey Creek and stay left of the creek all the way to 1st Dinkey. This is the easier direction of the loop due to the steep stair climb between Swede & South lakes. There was some snow on the trails but it is melting fast and will be gone any day. The Mosquitoes were as bad as ever so bring a head net and extra bug spray. Lots of swampy areas so make sure your boots are waterproof. Fishing was excellent as always at 1st Dinkey, South, Rock & Cliff. Slow at Island and dead at Fingerbowl although it is well worth the effort to hike up for the views and a bonus was snowplay for the kids at Fingerbowl under the Three Sisters peaks.

2 days ago

3 days ago

Hiked up last weekend for a three day night trip. Left at midnight from the trail head and arrived around 4:30 a.m Saturday morning. Great fishing caught over 40 trout in the total of three days. Definitely going back.

Trail head was easy to find, with a parking lot and a restroom! We went mid July, and unexpectedly found a ton of snow on the ground after the Kaiser pass sign. Lost the trail more times than we found it. Luckily there were fresh horse prints in the snow from earlier that morning or the day prior. Without the snow this hike would be much more manageable. Only made it to the first lake because we were exhausted. The first lake was beautiful and we were satisfied enough before heading back. My 1.5 year old Aussie had a blast and was off leash 99% of the trail. We will definitely be going back when the snow clears up!

4 days ago

Good day hike to beautiful lakes. Early July still had snow covering parts of the trail, which made staying on the trail tough. We look forward to making this hike again.

Nice easy trail to a beautiful beach on Shaver. Our 4 year old had fun on the way there, struggled a little bit on the uphill on the way back.

4 days ago

We walked in from the closed bridge on Rock Creek Road, adding 6 miles to each end of a 1 night trip.
The trail disapeared between Mystery Lake and Swede Lake. We used GPS coordinates to find the second lake on our junket.
From there the trails were pretty clear. The trail at Mystery Lake has mystified me on each of my trips to the area however, it would be nice if it were ribboned or otherwisw marked - and clear of the marsh!

Took alternate route from tamarack ridge to get to trailhead due to damaged bridge on usual route. Portions of trail by lakes and snow were very muddy or filled with water. Had to find alternate routes numerous times. Lakes and creeks were beautiful. Good fishing at swede lake and island lake. Looking forward to coming back again. 4x4 definitely helpful on dirt road out. At least need awd.