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Did this trail on 7/21/18. Drive up to the parking lot, it is about 3 miles off of the road and makes the trek much more enjoyable as the road leading up to the trail is quite steep. The falls are beautiful but to get close to them there is some rock climbing necessary. There is a nice little spot to get into the water weather permitting. In late July it was about 85 degrees and would have been nice to get in.

off road driving
1 day ago

Since my first trip up here back in 2016 i have been here 2 times. Once with my everyday driver 1999 4Runner 5speed with only a 2 inch lift and was able to make it to the top with no scrapes by taking some super careful lines. Love this place. Love this place, the Views are amazing so high up in the sky. Can't wait to go back up late winter early spring while the snow is melting.

My family and I do this trail once a year. We really enjoy it. Incline and decline are pretty serious though, for kids. Love the creek and waterfall for splashing around.

Hiked both Rancheria Falls and this one with 2 friends on the same day. This hike that goes about 2 miles alongside a creek and ends at the pools which were almost completely frozen over. Beautiful views and very peaceful, perfect for small families and for kids who love climbing rocks but make sure you wear appropriate footwear. The trail is not well marked at certain parts but pay attention to the path or stay close to the creek and you will be fine.

Went with 2 friends on 11/11/18 and found the waterfall completely frozen over. We arrived early in the morning around 9am and it was empty and the road itself was a bit bumpy but I was driving slow like a turtle and avoiding the bumps and holes along the way. A bathroom is available at the trail entrance but there is no toilet paper provided so heads up. Trail itself is pretty easy, and we passed someone pushing a stroller on our way back. Trail itself ends at the waterfall, had a great time...worth the drive and the hike.

off road driving
2 days ago

My daughter wanted to try out her 14 Jeep Sahara for the first time. It has 35” tires with a lift kit, although no lockers. She and the Jeep did great! Thankfully AllTrails kept us on. The right patch and we had a wonderful time. The Trail was challenging enough to keep you entertained, but was a good first time trail for her to learn on. We did keep to the right side trail, the easy one, and had a blast.

Pretty hike, lots of other people on the trail (holiday weekend) but didn’t feel crowded. Would be excited to come back in the spring to see the waterfalls at their peak!

Short and easy, perfect for a quick day trip with our dogs who love to swim!

Very tranquil hike. Not too challenging but about 1000 feet of elevation gain from the trailhead to Red Rock Falls. About two creek crossings, not bad at all. My 22lb dog kept up the whole way and enjoyed! Would do again.

8 days ago

We did this 11-3-18 and although it took about 2.5 hours from Fresno, the weather was gorgeous. The fishing however was horrible with not a single bite. The last mile or so of the trail was tough but still gorgeous. Rock lake looks really close on the map but it ends up being down this huge hill that you eventually have to come back up.....we left too late to do it but hopefully next time. :)

9 days ago

Simple fun hike.

9 days ago

Trail is not marked very well. If you use google/apple map, they will point you to the a start point on Road 222. That is probably because there is relatively more parking there. But the good part of the trail actually start on Road 274. Look for road "7s82" in google maps. And on Road 274, there are extremely few parking spots. So better follow the google/apple map and park on the Road 222.

Reg the trail itself, it is quite steep and not at all marked. And on our hike day in november, we didn't run into any other hiker. So it was a bit unsettling.

Beautiful short walk. 2.8 miles. Bring bug spray! Beautiful views. Not a lot of parking, we parked right by the gate and walked around it.

Took our sweet time as we are getting over a cold but it paid off! We only went to Tule Lake but it was peaceful and gorgeous. Take a minute to climb a rock the clearing shortly after the fork for Doris and Tule and you won’t be disappointed! Well marked trail.

Unfortunately Tule Lake was only accessible at one tiny part, the rest was surrounded by wickets or else we would have swam.

One of favorites! Family fun all seasons. We have hiked this trail a few times! Beautiful and majestic views! So peaceful. Some strenuous spots but so worth it!! Check it out!

12 miles round trip from Quartz Mountain Trail head to middle lake. Easily doable in a day, in and out, but pretty uphill on the way in. About 3 hours up and 2 hours back with a daypack.

great... lots of mosquitos, but beautiful lakes and peaks to climb

15 days ago

Not really a “hike” or a “trail” as it is an area. There are several hot springs with manmade bathtubs in the ground. They are pretty dingy but warm. We did not have a chance to go in the warmest “Old Pedro” but went in the one up on the hill. Would love to go swimming in the pools below some time. They are clear and beautiful!

on Rancheria Falls Trail

16 days ago

Great trail for the whole family! My husband and I took our daughters (4 and 2 years old) 10/28/18 and they absolutely loved it! It wasn’t busy at all when we went (1:30pm) and we even ate lunch at the top of the trail! The girls needed hoodies since it was a little chilly by the waterfall. It was a gorgeous day!

17 days ago

No sorry. This trail didn’t work out for us. Our Wiem was very nervous and uneasy walking over the metal grate bridges, which caused uneasiness for us as well. Some fellow hikers told us that the ending waterfall was worth it, but our poor baby wasn’t enjoying herself so we called it quits. May 2018

nature trips
17 days ago

Beautiful hike. It was definitely warm and a very busy day. The trail was easy but we didn’t get to check out the falls close up, just from afar as several huge families were there sitting on the trail, quite annoying. We will try it out again. Went in late August 2018 before school started.

on Indian Pools Trail

17 days ago

Great hike. Some strenuous parts, rock climbing but not terrible, doable. Just be warned.
Water was still flowing into the 2 pools. It was a peaceful hike. Not too many people in site. Our wiem was in heaven with the sites, sounds, and smells. We Even witnessed a doe with her fawn eating from the nearby foliage. Fall is evident here with colored trees and definitely on your drive up! Beautiful! Young families would adore this hike!

beautiful but very slippery..

Hiked the lower Lake two weeks ago and loved it. Hope to do the upper Lake soon.

23 days ago

Great Hike!! Camped at the Fresno Dome campground. Beautiful fall colors and a amazing view.

Just as reviewed. A nice short hike. Took small dog and he did well. The earlier you go the fewer people. Got busier closer to noon. Great views and decent birding.

WEAR bugs spray; There’s plenty of bugs & mosquitoes. Trail/creek was beautiful. Expects INCLINE and minors obstacle on trail (fallen trees). Creek was full of flowing water.

25 days ago

Balsam Forebay is pretty, but I'd like to encourage people to head up to the east of Mt. Ely trail. To the left of the bathrooms, there's a sign that tells you that the trailhead is 1.6 miles. Just follow the signs that say Dogwood trail & it'll take you to the Ely trailhead. It's about another one mile to where the markers on top of the mountain. You get an awesome view of Shaver Lake & Big Creek up there. Well worth it! Then you cool off in the forebay coming down!

26 days ago

We decided to hike this trail. It is a 4x4 road but does make for a nice hike. The trees at the top were amazing. I recommend this trail for a good workout. The road you drive to get to the start of the trail is very bumpy, I do not recommend that you take a car.

28 days ago

Finding the trailhead was a little difficult. Drive past Vermillion Valley Resort and then signs will pop up for the trailhead. Well marked trail with a beautiful end point. In mid October it was really windy and cold on a sunny day with a predicted temp of 60 degrees. I would say it was closer to 40-50 with the wind chill so we weren't able to swim. It took us about 3.5 hours up and 2.5 hours down. About 3 miles into the hike, there is flatter ground to the right of the trail where there is a beautiful view of Edison and the surrounding mountains and valley. The view was just as beautiful if not more beautiful than the Devils Bathtub.

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