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The most awful trail in recent memory. We turned back after 1.5 kms due to annoying gnats and the arid environment. While the other reviewers suggested that the views may have been awesome at the top, it would not have compensated for the unpleasant hike. There was nothing of interest in the trail, the pines have been decimated by bark beetles. There are plenty of trails nearby that are substantially better. We decided to head back to Lewis Creek Trail for a more shady and interesting trail.

we couldn't find the trail head. seems the trail is following the road.

Nice hike. Falls looked great this year.

3 days ago

3 days ago

The amount of flying bugs was terrible (not sure if they were mosquitos). Used a can of bug spray and still couldn't escape them. The trail is easy and mostly flat. Wouldn't recommend if you are afraid of heights or have poor balance. The "waterfall" at the end is pretty...not sure if I would swim in the water.

4 days ago

Nice mellow hike to a great view. Guide posts along the way tell about the area. Some were knocked down due to recent tree clearing. Great view at the top.

The trail was beautiful, it was marked fine in my opinion. There were mosquitoes but if you sprayed stuff on you, it was fine. There was a significant number of people camping out by the lake. We backpacked in and spent the night. The next morning we did a day hike up further past Cliff Lake to one of he Dinkey Lakes. I wish we would have camped there instead, it was much quieter. We then went back up and hiked up to Dogtooth Peak, gorgeous views from there. I recommend this place.

7 days ago

It was a difficult hike for summer because of the heat. Would like to try it again in the spring. Very hilly at the beginning. Overall tho, good hike.

off road driving
7 days ago

Fun, didn't take long.... unless you ask the people sitting in the bed of the truck.

Easy, very busy.

7 days ago

Went on a week day for lunch so there were not too many people.. Not as warm as one would hope but I swim in every lake I meet. Fun place to jump off cliffs.

This is a road, not a trail, and parts of it, especially Old Tollhouse Road would be very dangerous to walk. If you don't like edges, I wouldn't recommend driving down Old Tollhouse either. Certainly the views are terrific.