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1 day ago

Theeeeee best little scenic loop ever! I typically do this during mid-late September & the weather is perfect (a little cold). I hear the mosquitoes are bad during summer but I’ve yet to experience them. You get a pretty little lake about every 1-2miles. So rewarding! Stop at the Auberry ranger station before heading in. They’ve got great little maps with the best service road entry highlighted for you & also good info (reports of an aggressive bear last time I backpacked it).

Went on trail in January 2018. Great trail for beginners❤️

Very fun day hike with lots of views of the water

Trail isnt very well cleared so we didnt make it all the way up, and I’d say mostly not kid friendly due to some steep drop-offs. Wonderful view of the lake at the top.

A beautiful winter hike with a spectacular view of bake lake and the valley from the fire lookout. The way there was a steady incline with various types of trees, birds, and moderate amount of nats. The hike ended up being about 13 miles long so we had to run back to beat the sunset, which was the funnest part :) I don’t recommend this hike for young children due to the length and incline. We will definitely do it again with less time restraints!

4 days ago

The trail is beautiful this time of year, just a little snow and ice here and there so be careful going over logs or rocks with ice on them. China peak gates were closed so our family parked across the road and walked in to the trail head. It was worth the extra walking. We have done this trail before but with the closed gate we were the only people hiking it on a Saturday morning.

This is a great trail. There is parking for about 4-6 cars at the trail head right off the main road. My family and I hiked this trail in January (no snow this year) so we felt comfortable taking it on. The trail was a paved road, even terrain and clear of trees. The waterfall is early on in the trail making it perfect for younger children that start to bore with just looking at trees. This trail
Offers a few beautiful views and a very gentle if any grade. It’s a perfect day trip for a family with younger children.

Overall it was a fun hike. Two kids aged 12 and 10 were fine on the hike. Only reason why it wasn’t a 5 was because of the excess debris on the trail such as fallen trees, trash, etc.

Trail was a bit wet going towards the Christian Camp, but if you’re only hiking to the Falls, it should be fine with moderate foot traffic. There was a loose Pit Bull terrier closer to the Cedar Valley trailhead that barked and scared off a few hikers and their dogs, but there is a big sign from the owner near the trail that read “Beware of the Dog”.

on Miami Trail

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13 days ago

The Forestry Service has done an awesome job keeping the trail maintained. Ran through some of the trails off of the main loop in a Jeep JK before heading to Yosemite and had a blast.

loved it! the road up to the trail head was a little icey but other then that it was great. The weather was perfect for a January hike. Cannot wait to go back in the spring time.

14 days ago

Fun little hike for all ages and dogs. Still not much snow as of 01/04/18. I plan on going back in the spring when the waterfall is flowing.

There is no vehicle access from Dinkey Creek Road to the start of the Trail.

steeeep lol but take your time and you should be fine. the first 1/3 is tough but the views throughout are amazing. huntington lake and the snowy mountains in the back, reminds you that its well worth the hike.

great hike with some great views.

Nice wide trail. Rolling hills with a view of Bass Lake. We only hiked in 2 miles.

19 days ago

Good hike to see variety of trees. Find the one that smells like vanilla. Not much elevation gain. Add some distance by walking around the lake. Some good rocks for kids to climb. Don’t forget your snow-permit if hiking in the winter/spring.

19 days ago

Really fun trail that is actually 5 miles This app is awesome!!! Without the app there isn't any visible trail to follow after the first 100 yards We spent four hours on the trail and hiking over rocks and taking pictures of the icy creeks The app made it very easy to stay on course

It was in the low 30's today with scattered areas of snow

A very difficult hike but is well worth the trip. Be sure to bring more than just a snack when you do this hike and bring a lot of water. This trail is very easy to get lost on so I do not recommend it in the winter when there is snow.

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