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11 hours ago

A bit different than the trail shown on the app. Fun trail info along the way. Great view at the top and some cool granite too. Little creek running up top that the kids loved.

1 day ago

This is a great hike from Mono Campground. There are TALL rocks to sit on and jump off of. The lake is large but just small enough that you can swim across to the far side and jump off of Eagle Rock if you have balls of steel. There are lots of harmless little black snakes and fish. This lake is also known as Tule Lake because of all the reeds. So much wildlife, and very peaceful.

1 day ago

This place is like the veins of the earth. There are places to explore and swim here where no other humans have ever trodden. Some of the most beautiful scenery and peaceful feelings you will ever experience.

1 day ago

I used to come here every summer with my friend’s family. It’s such a wonderful escape from the world, beginning with that epic drive! I posted a picture of the view from the road in on this trail page. If you are afraid of heights, you will be anxious! This place is absolutely magical and special. This loop hits most of the main springs. This place is a mix of natural mud bottom pools, outdoor stone tubs with natural water pipes in, and then of course if you are splurging there is the spa in the campgrounds. However, there is no getting closer to the great mother than a nighttime dip in hot water under the stars. This place also has great access points into the John Muir Wilderness. Way better than the touristy Yosemite. Best place in the sierras, hands down.


We parked near the trail head. Sun and snow made beautiful pictures. Creek runs on the side of the trail. We turned around half way, because couldn’t cross the river. Main waterfall is very pretty, however more people. While hiking to Waterfall was not a sole on a Sunday. Going downhill on way back.

4 days ago

Really beautiful hike, great Mountain View’s. We hiked on a Saturday (st Patrick’s Day) was not a sole on a hike. Coming back is mostly uphill. Great hike for you and your dogs!

13 days ago

LOVE THIS PLACE!! Such a cool drive to get their too! Since moving to California two years ago, this area is by far my most favorite. So serene and peaceful.

This is a great trail from Fall until hit starts hitting the 90s. It's even better after a light snow. Full trail starts at Cedar Valley but if you want a shorter hike then there is another trailhead further up HW41 that is about the halfway point to red rock falls at the end of this trail.

Good hike, lots of inclination to do, got to be ready for this hike! Not for beginners hikers, good to hike in the spring time, summer will be to hot..it’s hard to figured out where to follow the trail, so I put out fine pictures to help you ..

19 days ago

Beautiful trail. Parking was not clear. I did not complete the entire loop. Will definitely do this trail again! I did this trail 3 weeks ago. Just now writing the review.

so pretty, especially with the light snow we got covering the ground!

scenic driving
21 days ago

Awesome road done a very long time ago...

Perfect Sunday hike. Subtract .4 miles from our total due to initially missing the initial right turn up the hill. There was a lot of snow going uphill but was not difficult to walk through and most had melted on our return down the hill. I would rate this hike as easy due to the very gradual climb out to the watch tower. 10.3 total.

26 days ago

We took my 3yr old and a 6yr old friend.
I was fine starting out but if you have issues with heights be prepared for a few tough descents. I froze several times trying to get over metal grates. The kids had a great time, we made it to the water for a picnic and a little rope free boulder climbing. The views were great, the breaks were many. Bring plenty of water, or something to purify with.
Start early and enjoy the peacefulness, if you’re out on Saturday be prepared for taking turns walking down the metal grates.

Beautiful trail. Very cold in February but still runable due to lack of snow! 4 hrs to summit and return with snow on top. Can't wait to return in summer!

Loved this trail! The views were amazing. Lots of inclines, definitley got my heart pumping.

Brr! A little snow on the trail. Stunning frozen falls.

Was a very nice hike. Didn’t feel as long as it is. We did have to deal with some snow flurries early on but worth it!

I was a little confused on parking, but this place is amazing! Overall amazing sounds and beautiful scenery.

1 month ago

Beautiful hike. Saw no other hikers. Great for kids. 1/2 pf the hike is along a stream, lots of opportunities for kids to climp on rocks.

1 month ago

Great campsites near the lake.

Beautiful trail. Some steep inclines but manageable with rest areas, maybe too steep for little ones. Wooden balcony/lookout point with benches at water fall/midpoint.

1 month ago

Beware! People are allowed to shoot guns 30 yards away from the top of the loop. Not knowing wtf was happening, we literally ducked for cover behind some rocks and called 911. The sheriff said shooting is legal there as long as they are not shooting at you!

We grabbed the dog and ran. Unbelievable.

1 month ago

We did this hike as a family with the kiddos...trail length is actually over 5 miles but super flat and easy kids really enjoyed it. Also the flys are NO JOKE!! they sure are buzzing around a little annoying at times but we got through it.

We did this hike. There seem to be many starting points. We took one that was more than moderate in difficulty. It was also very steep going down. I thought it was a fun and beautiful hike down to the rock waterfalls. I definitely would not take my kids or dog on this trail. However, I would do the hike again. Lots of bugs.

We started on Cedar Valley Dr.. nice hike not to crowded in the am but got busy as the day went on.... A few changes in elevation other then that pretty easy .. waterfalls were pretty cool

First hike ever on this trail. Loved it ❤

A nice long hike. Lots of snow and a little scetchy near the falls.

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