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6 hours ago

This was a beautiful hike! starts out easy, and then at the tail end the incline sneaks up on you to bring it to a moderately difficult hike, but well worth the extra cardio once you get to the lake. Make sure to check weather, as midday thunder/rain storms are common in this high of country. We were rained on for a few hours, but it cleared up to reveal beautiful weather! Mosquitoes are BAD. Recommend to layer up, and use bug repellent to be able to stand a chance.
Can be done in a day if you are an active person who does cardio/hikes semi regularly. May not be as enjoyable if you try to do it in one day without being prepared for the cardio. Passed a few fisherman and they all said they got great catches. Next time I'll be taking a pole!

22 hours ago

it was an amazing hike the waterfall is beautiful the atmosphere was just beautiful I can't wait to go do it again

23 hours ago

Great place for taking little kids or older folk, way easy hike in, 3 miles or a little over round trip. my 2 yr old nephew walked the whole thing. Great waterfall at the end. Great place to pick nick, very busy spot.

off road driving
1 day ago

It was a nice little off roading with the kids and ended up with some some awesome views

The gnats, flies, and mosquitos are awful right now, (mid August). We almost turned around and went back because they were attacking us so bad, even with a lot of bug spray! The entire trail was swamped with them. We did not have this issues when we came earlier this year in June.

An amazing hike.

Its really a beautiful hike. We.could have driven to the top but choose to walk up the forest road.
Next time we will take camping gear and stay a few days. There is so much to see on this drive into the mountains

2 days ago

3 days ago

The most awful trail in recent memory. We turned back after 1.5 kms due to annoying gnats and the arid environment. While the other reviewers suggested that the views may have been awesome at the top, it would not have compensated for the unpleasant hike. There was nothing of interest in the trail, the pines have been decimated by bark beetles. There are plenty of trails nearby that are substantially better. We decided to head back to Lewis Creek Trail for a more shady and interesting trail.

we couldn't find the trail head. seems the trail is following the road.

Nice hike. Falls looked great this year.

6 days ago