One of my favorites in the LG area. We had the total distance as 12.14 (parked on the street just across from the trail head) with 3,140 feet climbed and completed in 3.5 hours. We got rained on quite a bit which was actually pretty pleasant, but the misty clouds blocked most of the view which is usually a beautiful sight of the valley. The halfway point at Mt El Sombroso is anticlimactic, just a couple of power poles. We did the hike mid-day on a Saturday and the trail was fairly empty, especially at the top half portion.

3 days ago

3.5/5. Decent hike, interesting perspective on the hills over here. Not a huge payoff at the end but still kinda cool. If you continue to the right a bit you'll be able to see into Almaden Valley. Trail is wide so distancing isn't a problem. Be careful of mountain bikers though as they tend to zoom down pretty fast. Good workout though.

3 days ago

Lots of lengthy steep stretches and pretty strenuous but a nice hike. No views at the end, but if you take a right and walk a bit up the Kennedy trail there’s a view. Exposed for about 2/3 of the trail so I wouldn’t recommend this on a hot and sunny day.

I’ve been there yesterday (05/23) and the trail it was 12.8 miles. It’s hard but a good workout.

Little, not really many view points. Gravel path. Mountain bikers. Not too high traffic. Ok alternative since Bear Creek was nuts but probably wouldn’t do it again

The hike is a good workout... not much else - limited views and little shade.

Not a great hike. Wonderful views- but that’s all it had going for it. It’s straight up and straight down fore road. Decently shaded on the way up, but then allllll sun all the way down. My knees were yelling at me all the way down. For me, this hike went from a 3star to a two because the end of it is ON THE WINDING ROAD NOT AT YOUR CAR. so you have to keep walking down the road with cars wizzing past to get back to where you started. Unsafe for adults, terrifying to do with kids.

Had a great hike! Started around 7:30AM- there were 0 spots left after we parked our car at the parking lot. Mostly shaded first 4 miles and then half shaded the rest of the way up. Starts getting steep after first 4 miles but definitely doable. Once we got to the top we decided to hike more and go along the Kennedy trail for an additional mile before heading back. Took a total of 4 hours and 50 minutes to do a 13.75 mile round trip. Highly recommended!

Mostly shaded first 4 miles, afterwards mostly sunny for the rest of the way up. Would recommend starting early as it gets pretty warm and parking is limited. The lot fits about 12 cards with minimal street parking available. We got there at 725 and the lot filled up right after. Would recommend hike.

12 days ago

This is a great climb. The top half has no shade, and there’s minimal parking so I recommend going early.

Good workout. Pretty views of the valley and reservoir. Gets you breathing but not intense. Short walk on the road back to the parking área.

Nice wide trail with lots of bikers. Parking available on the road to the left as the parking lot fits only 2 or 3 cars. Steep climb and not a lot of shade. Saw 2 deer and lots of humming birds.

14 days ago

Mostly for bikers. The first half is up and shaded then second half is steep down and exposed. Small but adequate parking area on the side of the road. I wouldn’t rate this as my preferred hiking trail but might come here again if I get bored with other routes. The St Joseph’s hill trail a few hundred feet closer to highway 17 was nicer to hike. The wide priest rock trail by which this route descends is very steep. Going all the way up the priest rock trail might be an option for those looking for significant incline

17 days ago

You’re able to see so much nature on this hike. Deer, butterflies, and lot of nice views. Pretty steep towards the end

no shade
18 days ago

Challenging trail for sure. This trail doesn’t have the views but it’s a great workout. I highly recommend coming early morning before 8 amto beat the heat.

24 days ago

I would recommend this trail to anyone who lives a moderate hike with some shade. A beautiful trail with great views that is well marked with some decent inclines. Parking is good but fills up quick. it gets warm so try to start earlier in the day and bring plenty of water.

Really enjoyed this hike. Lots of incline and decline but nothing outrageously steep so it was fun the whole way.

Hiked part of trail with my dog. Great time. Will come back to do more of the trail.

Bring lots of water. Ants every where so you can't really stop lol besides that it's super challenging on the legs.

Beautiful hike near Los Gatos, CA. Steep ascents and descents, and a fair amount of cyclists make it not for the weak. But the somewhat strenuous hike is well worth it for the views of the Santa Clara valley and the Lexington Reservoir. Make sure to bring water, though - the last 2 miles or so have very little shade.


Nice climb and good workout. More sun than shade, so early start is recommended. Nice views as you traverse across the top ridge. 12 mile out and back took me almost 4 hours.

1 month ago

Many people were not socially distancing well on this trail 4/25/2020. This hike provides good elevation gains and drops but wasn’t much to look at. At one point I did see a narrow trail on the other side of the water from the almost full sun and dusty fire road that I was on and that it likely much more scenic. If I go again it will be because of convenience. It is probably more fun to bike than walk this path. Lots of bicyclists. There is very little shade.

Cannot get enough of this trail! Even during COVID-19, not too many people which is so nice!

The hike is a good workout. Fantastic views on top where you can clearly see the winding trails. Some shaded area but lots of open spaces so it can get really hot especially when you’re climbing steep incline on the first few miles. Parking is on the street so good luck but worth the visit!

nice trail, nothing phenomenal and quite typical of other trails in the area. it starts with shade, eucalyptus trees, lots of poison oak, then becomes totally exposed after a mile or so. nice views of the valley.

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