Beautiful trail. Creek is dry but would be even more breathtaking in the winter.

Beautiful hike! Saw a deer off Creekside. Saw geese and their goslings by the pond, lots of bullfrogs too! Trails are maintained and easy to navigate.

So grateful that the parks are slowly opening back up! Please humans, follow the rules so they don’t close them down again.

It was a nice overall trail to walk during the mostly rainy month of January. There were many places where you had to step carefully or sink deep into the mud. However, the surrounding trees and grass were so green-so beautiful! I look forward to coming back when the sun has a chance to dry it up a bit.

Beautiful loop. A little muddy but would do it again.

Great training trail if you are looking for hills!! Beautiful views at the top and slippery mud throughout the trails. Don’t even think about trying this trail without trail running shoes in the winter. But I will be definitely running/hiking this again!!!

Late afternoon hike, cool weather and to my surprise I got to the overlook on time for the Air Show. Perfect Day!

Nice hike with equal shade and sun. Great up and down terrain with wide road/trail and easy to follow. Passed only 3 other hikers/trail runners the entire hike. Perfect for a mild workout. Great to see the forest recovery post fire! Only drawback is there's tons of horse manure so watch your step.

This was a great hike but I had to amend it because one of the trails was closed. Beautiful views and some parts of the trail go through areas where the fires passed through

Flushing toilets in the lot and a sink to wash hands. $7 for parking or parks pass. Trail is well marked. Well maintained trail. Dry creek is still pretty. Pond trail is more rocky. Had to change my route due to the trail being closed in one section Not so well maintained on way down. Good balance of sun in the shade. A good amount of benches to sit on. Information markers on Creekside Trail about post fire hike. Next time I will do Creekside at the pond and back instead of going up the ridge.

Nice late morning hike. Mid to upper 60s. Morning fog clearing. Hiked up ridge road and down ridge vista steep single track.

Great trail, it’s shocking how beautiful it is in the trail bc it’s pretty much in the middle of wine country. Gnarled trees, and tons of shade. Just under 4 miles and goes up and down. Parking is $7.00 but if u park outside the gate, it’s free.

Nice arm with wide, well groomed dirt roads/trails with some good uphill sections. Mostly in the shade. Still some signs of the 2017 fires but the undergrowth has come back strong.

Wonderful trail to hike and see natives being restored following the the Tubbs fire from 2017... foster rebirth!

Has some portions of cover/shade. Can get hot, but there is a lovely table by the pond to stop and enjoy the scenery. Not many people in the park, and just wonderful to walk through the oak trees and look out over the rolling hills.

beautiful trail. some portions can be a bit narrow/grooved so be careful if you're trail running. otherwise, it's nicely shaded and lots of wildlife.

Get there early before the hot weather.

I ran this after a fair amount of rain at it was muddy and slippery in spots but still an amazing trial to run. The signage was a little confusing but that mostly because it was my first time out there and I'm a pro at getting lost. 

perfect for my needs. just the right amount of incline to get started and used walking sticks to navigate downhill, somewhat rocky surface. love the ferns, laurel trees, and mossy oaks. abundant shade will be nice in summer. my new favorite

This is a good hike for Spring, Fall or Winter. In the summertime it gets too warm to enjoy, unless you get up and go really early. There are several portions of pretty steep incline, but none of the hills are monstrous. It had rained a few days earlier but the trails were mostly dry with only occasional puddles and/or mud. There are a few places along the way with picnic tables, some in sun, some in shade -- so a little bit of lunch while enjoying the vineyard views fits the bill. There is one section of the trail that is completely closed off, and other portions that are only open to pedestrians at this time of the year (no horses or bikes).

Took this lil stroll after work. Short but steep. I paused to gaze into the souls of three deer. Trail is wide throughout. Interesting patchwork on a blown out stream crossing.

No dogs.........

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