This trail is better known as the "Montclair Railroad trail" ( ). It's a scenic paved path. Great for strollers.

3 months ago

It was ok. Finding the start of the trail was a little frustrating. I ended up heading east on Medau Pl to find an entrance to get started. There is a section that is scenic, but then the upper half of the trail follows along busy Shepherd Canyon Road. The signs clearly say to keep dogs on leash, but most people didn't obey. Fortunately, the dogs that I encountered off leash were well behaved. However, I had someone thank me for having my dog on leash because she just had a bad encounter with an irresponsible dog owner.

Trying to find the beginning of the trail is pretty difficult unless your from the neighborhood. I was actually walkkng up and down mountain across from the school parkkng lot about 15 mins A woman noticed me going up the first set of stairs semingly going to nowhere and asked if it was the trailhead. Guess she remembered it as a child. I said i think so but theresno sign. Luckily I ran into some nice folks who directed me to the 2nd set of stairs a bit farther down. These stairs look as if they are to the real estate office building they are next too but they actually do lead you to the very beginning of the trail! Yay! Lots of shade and historic signs about the trains that use to rin through that area. Mostly people that live around the neighborhood off Snake road and montclair were on the trail. Nice views of the bay and super flat and easy walk.

Very chill

It was a nice day but the hike did not match the description. It was a paved path the entire way along side a busy road. We did not see a stream. Nice trees and cool houses as well. More like a neighborhood community walkway than a hike.

10 months ago

A bit muddy but beautiful. Lots of little waterfalls along the Tres Sendas trail. We saw ppl but not overly crowded. Lovely environment.

2 years ago