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Shell Ridge is the City of Walnut Creek's largest open space unit, with trails for biking, hiking and riding through oak woodlands and grassland savannah on the lower flanks of Mount Diablo. Shell Ridge gets its name from the marine fossils left behind when the ocean waters that once covered the area receded.

trail running
7 days ago

Followed exact course and GPS said 1,300 ft elev. Also 6 miles. It was beautiful!! Mostly runnable hills except for a few sections. Deer, rabbits, vultures. Some sections torn up by rain and then livestock. Made it more technical than it used to be. If running, highly recommend trail shoes.

13 days ago

Lovely hike through Caste Rock today. It's been breezy and temperatures in the high 60s, low 70s. I saw a family of quail, with lots of little ones still, and a family of turkeys with about 6 youngsters. Water running in the creek still and wildflowers still out but reaching the end.

15 days ago

This was a phenomenal trail! Breathtaking (both from the steepness and view) when you step onto the top of the ridge and have 360 degree views. The only part I didn't like was the paved road that brings you off the ridge if taking the loop in a counter clockwise direction. I will definitely be taking this trail again.

Best for Trail Running! This trail is all dirt with minimal rocky patches. Rolling hills was able to sprint the downhills with no fear of rolling an ankle or hitting a hard rock. The ground felt cushioned beneath my feet. Scenery is rolling hills with chaparral oak trees scattered throughout. No shade so wear sunblock. Pretty fun trail. Came out to 4.97 miles on my Nike+ GPS tracker.

26 days ago

Shell Ridge is close to home for me, so I've been here a lot, ever since I was a kid with my mom. I usually park at Indian Valley school and go from there. Lots of alternative routes you can take in here from fire trails to single-tracks.

Nice hike, moderate, lots of wide fire trails or you can take off on a single-track. Lots of alternate routes you can take here.