What a great hike. Crossing the river without getting wet proves to be a challenge. However getting your shoes wet is not that big a deal , actually refreshing.

Our group of 8, consisting of 4 adults and 4 children ages 5, 7, 8 and 12, completed this hike on a beautiful Sunday. The weather was perfect and it was very exciting to see the Bungee Jumpers off the bridge. Overall, the hike was fun but not very strenuous. Reason for 3 stars, was the lack of a trail and we ended up getting “lost” a few times. Be aware, that your feet WILL get wet crossing the stream so best to bring a pair of shoes to change into on the way home.

I love this hike because of all of the river crossings! And I love swimming in the water holes under the bridge.

As mentioned before, this is definitely not a hike for beginners. The trailhead is not marked and is very difficult to find. I walked about 1 1/2 miles on the fire road to the first tunnel (too far) and turned around. After finding the unmarked trailhead (around a 3.39 near the white & red mile marker), I started my ascent. At times throughout the entire hike, the trail is difficult to navigate due to overgrown brush, occasional Yuccas and various plantlife. There are a lot of steep sections and several hills to conquer before summiting. It's a mini Iron Mountain-type hike. There are a couple of false summits as well.

As mentioned by other posters, bring plenty of water, wear long pants, sunscreen, sunglasses, and hiking poles. I would wait for a cool day to do this hike also because the majority of this hike is exposed to full sun.

I noticed several colorful rocks and hundreds of lizards. In fact, I would re-namke this mountain "Lizard Mountain." Thankfully, no rattlesnakes were seen. I did see a marmot-type animal on one of the rocky hill summits.

It took me 3 hrs & 45 minutes to the summit and 6 1/2 hours round trip. There were seven additional people (3 small groups) who summited as well.

Hands down one of my favorite hikes. From start to finish, the scene was beautiful and so much to appreciate. Got wet a few times but I didn’t care, just bring an extra pair of socks at the end. Pay for the parking pass too. Enjoyed it thoroughly!

I really enjoyed this trail... we went the wrong way on our way to the bridge and ended up crossing the river 3 extra times.... stay to the right of the stream as much as possible.. dog friendly.. fun terrain

Nice scenic hike. I definitely enjoyed the water and it’s crossings.

Beautiful trail. Parking can be an issue, however it is worth the extra walk. The trail does narrow but it adds to the hike and gives you that feel of being away from the city. I highly recommend it. Make sure to wear hiking shoes.

Beautiful hike to the bridge. A few very narrow trail sections but it just adds to the allure of this hike. Highly recommend this trek.

Continues to be on my top 5 trails list. I was amazed to see sheep/rams in the area...they are so graceful and beautiful!

I loved this trail! I wasn’t expecting all of the great opportunities to practice the different activities we found within this walk. We did water crossings (none were big), some scrambling, cross country over areas with rocks and yucca plants, walked a ridge with some narrow sections or sections of scree, had a wildlife encounter with big horned sheep, did some log walking (by choice, you can walk the stones instead of practicing on the logs), and the trail had a respectable number of miles for a day hike. For me it felt like a hikers amusement park...but don’t get me wrong, some parts were tiring. Some parts had you hugging the side while you walked over a narrow, rocky walkway...but these were short and do-able.
I was really glad to reach the bridge (for about 15 minutes we couldn’t get to it because a group of Bighorns blocked the path and stared us down). The view below and around the bridge is really nice. Overall, it was a fun and moderately challenging hike...especially for a beginner like me.

I had a wonderful hike this morning with my niece and her fiancé! Thanks guys for a wonderful morning hike!

My favorite hike. Bring snacks, extra water, extra socks and shoes you don’t mind getting wet. I recommend just enjoying yourself and no stress about getting wet or not. Just go for it. Pack out anything you bring and take care of this wonderful slice of heaven.

Awesome hike, rewarding to get to the bridge, easier going on the return, bring extra socks, and wear good boots, you will get wet, and remember bring a lot of water.

It was a very good hike for me. Love to explore different areas, different levels. I don't recommend it for beginers. Esta fue una muy bonita experiencia me gusta explorar diferentes areas y diferentes niveles. No lo recomiendo para principiantes que apenas empiezan a escalar montañas. Tiene areas la tierra muy suelta al bajar y otras rocosas pero nada es imposible. Al final me cai dos veces y se me rompio el pantalon de atras.

Great hike, take extra socks!!

When would you use the extra shoes and socks? For after for the drive home?

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