Beautiful scenery on this hike! We went in mid October so the weather was perfect at about 76 degrees. It was just warm enough to get in the water and cross through the river crossings without getting too cold. We crossed through the water each time with our hiking boots on. There is a gradual incline and as you get closer to the bridge, it seems to have a little more climbing. The trail was challenging to find at times and split up higher or you could stay lower by the water but both ways get you to the bridge. Some shade the first 3 miles on the trail but it opens up the last 2 miles so bring sunscreen. After we arrive to the bridge where they were bungee jumping, we crossed and took a very narrow sketchy trail down to the water under the bridge. There were several small water falls and it was so beautiful and peaceful....definitely worth rock scrambling down there. Next time we go, I would like to backpack as we saw tents in different spots a lot the way. Just be careful not to go during rainy season as you could get washed away in the riverbed, which is where several people were camping since it was dry there in October. Loved this hike and can't wait to do it again!

Fun trail. Did it a lot faster than I expected.. I'd definitely suggest it to anything looking for a longer base hike that isn't crazy steep.

Cons: parking SUCKS. Get there early or else you'll be walking. Also, you'll get off trail a lot. It's common, but keep on following the water and you'll make it.

Nice hike multiple water crossings
Hard to find trail at times

Lots of good scenery. Stream was flowing nicely a couple of steep sections. It’s a solid. 10 miles good hike

Beautiful trail and everyone was so nice! The only hard part (for me) was right before I got to the bridge. The river crossings weren’t bad at all.

plan on getting your feet wet and bring bug repellent. nice hike that isn't too hard. there are some tough spots but they're short.

Un pequeño reto, y la satisfacción de estar aquí nunca se olvida.

First time and it had everything a hike should have especially if your experiencing it for the very first time. Love it 8/10 difficulty.

Nice little hike.

Beautiful hike. You can sign up with Bungee America to bungee jump when you reach the bridge. We made a full day of hiking, jumping, and swimming in the river. Highly recommended for everyone even if you don't bungee jump!