Tackled it for the first time today! Would totally go back and do it again!

Great trail with a opportunity of a bungee jump at the bridge. The pools under the bridge are awesome.

It was beautiful but since the rain increase the trail is super unclear and confusing. Lots of rough terrain to go though

Definitely worth the effort to get to enjoy the awesome view and the refreshing swimming holes.

Love this water filed hike. There is both shade and sunlight. I hiked with my 1 year old son in my backpack and it went great.

I really enjoyed this hike. Loved the water crossing, and a nice hike. I know to bring lots of water, electrolytes and food for the amount of hiking I was about to do. I loved the scenery, the water felt absolute wonderful, and the sounds of the water flowing downstream was beautiful.
There are a lot of obvious inexperienced hikers that were in flip flops, the wrong type of shoes, clothes, small bottle of water and no food. My group ran into a young gentleman that was in obvious distress. We could not leave his side. His friends left him to continue their hike. He had no water on him, he dropped his bag in a bush about a half mile away, and he was sitting in the sun, delusional and mumbling. We gave him some of our food, electrolytes, and water and got him into the shade. At that point our group split, two girls went for help while us other three helped this poor kid hike back to the parking area about 4.5 miles away. We cooled him in the stream but he was in shock and couldn't handle the cool water. We were able to slowly get to the parking lot where the ranger was waiting, and the rescue team was starting to arrive. Happy we were able to assist but they really need to post signs that if you don't have these particular items, please do not go forward on this HIKE. People really need to read up on these hikes before attempting them.
I will definitely do this hike again!!