Take navigation!! Awesome!!!

Bring good water-proof shoes. It was very fun and diverse.

great hike

Beautiful hike but wasn't able to get to the end. Second or third river crossing completely impassable. Nearly died because of the swift current.

We went this past Saturday. The trail is relatively flat for the first 3-4 miles though rocky and ,at points, hard to discern. Due to all of the rain this winter season, the river is flooded and as of this weekend there were 6 river crossings (not river crossings like skipping over rocks - this is 2-3 feet of fast moving water). Be prepared or try the hike in the spring!

Good solid training hike for other longer vertical trails (Iron Mountain, Cactus to Clouds). Nice 360 views at the top but just really exposed the whole way up and down. The trail is actually fairly easy to follow (went in February 2016). Cool to do but I probably won't do it again.

1 month ago

Did this last week and it was beautiful. River crossings can be tricky since current/winds were very strong but you should be fine as long as you're careful. Total of 12 crossings (round trip) so you're going to get wet. Other than that, this is an easy hike (not much elevation gain) with great views all around.

Nice hike. During the week not too many people. Was great