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beautiful falls that were not too difficult to find. The trail continued past the actual falls but didnt go that far today.

Road up to the falls is a little iffy (at least when I went) but definitely cute little falls!

Not easy to find but worth it when we finally did! Follow Ney Springs Rd. Park at the first turnout on the left and walk up the road to the right. If you’ve reached the bridge you’ve gone too far. There are no trail markers! Walk up to the right, the creek will be on your left. You will see some ruins from the old Ney Springs Resort on your right...almost there! When it starts getting steep veer to your left, climb down the rocks and behold Faery Falls!

4 months ago

great hike....passing 3 of the deadfall lakes...switchbacks to summit....not too strenuous but it is not easy by any measure

I sincerely wanted to see this waterfall, I'm actually infuriated because all the directions I found were wrong. Nothing is marked, I was able to find Ney Springs Road which is also unmarked. I successfully got to the break off point where the road splits into two while on this AWD road, however the directions said that if you took the right Road it would lead you up to the falls and old ancient Resort. WRONG! Well, I ended up walking for 2 miles straight up the mountain only to turn back around. Finally I realized it was probably the road to the left that led to the falls. SO upset. I was already too exhausted to try again. All in all, I probably walked four miles trying to find this thing. Pretty pissed off. Why are there not good directions available anywhere online?

Nice, short trail with beautiful falls!

6 months ago

Great hike ...steep up mt eddy though. It the views are awesome!

we hike this in late October from the PCT Trailhead it was 11.7 Miles round-trip beautiful hike beautiful views at the top

Very pretty area with lots of poison oak.

Trailhead not marked. Trail is steep and got my heart going. Had to take breaks. Passed the trail to, but corrected our mistake by using All Trails map. Fall was beautiful. Nice boulders to climb on. Peaceful!

Magical place

7 months ago

We had a spectacular day on this trail today. It is challenging enough for this 64-year old girl but the views from beginning to the top are worth the climb.

Really enjoyed this trail with my family ☺

8 months ago

Fun hike. The lakes make for refreshing rest spots. Smoke was too dense to see anything from the summit, so we'll hafta go again.

8 months ago

Loved his short hike - easy to find trail head - walk along what feels like a fire road. Dont take the first turn off - go a little further and then go down to the waterfall. Tons of butterflys - not a huge waterfall but nice little area

8 months ago

Lovely lovely backpacking trip to dead fall lakes and a day hike to mount Eddie!

9 months ago

Enjoyed this hike and the various lakes that provided good places to stop and enjoy the views. Despite the smoke we got a great view of Mt Shasta at the summit as our reward for what is a relatively gentle climb

The climb to the clouds.

9 months ago

I hike in the Tahoe area 20-30 miles a week. Definitely have some experience. I wouldn't consider this particular hike to be 'moderate!'
It's definitely not for beginners unless you plan on being out all day. Went up and back in 3.5 hours. Very scenic and lots of solitude. Probably one of my favorites!!

Nice Creek, and waterfall is beautiful and fun to play in. Many "permanent" homeless camps.

Fun and easy! Great little waterfall

Easy, beautiful, short, shaded. Great hike, awesome ruins and waterfall.

Follow a bumpy gravel road 6 miles to the trail head but totally approachable in a car. Did it on 5/27 which would be just barley outside the recommended season after a snowy season. We made it about 9 or 10 miles in going counter clockwise close to the north side of seven up peak with mountains surrounding giant meadows. This early we encountered several (4-5) river /creek crossings ranging from a 1.5 to 3 feet. after 6 miles, snow drifts covered more and more of the landscape interrupted by big lush green meadows, making the trail difficult to impossible to trace but we followed the Bear creek occasionally finding stone made pathways and lightly visible trails. We are for sure going to try this again when more snow has melted. It is totally worth it even early in the season if you like an adventure but would totally recommend past June depending on the season.

tough, but rewarding. swam in forbidden lakes 3 days again. I wouldn't suggest for the light hearted, snow, lots of water crossings, part of the trail near the falls has been wiped out by an avalanche it's best to pay attention.

11 months ago

Super mellow hike, with some history and a waterfall!
Hike above the waterfall for some super nice swimming pools. You can even soak in the cold water right above the fall!

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

we can't really put a rate on it for the last 2 weeks in a row we have gone back and each time there has been snow on the road leading directly to the trailhead, really wish the roads were maintenance but unless you have a monster truck with 4-wheel drive you and not going to make it through there... looks like we're going to have to wait another month which would be the 1st of June before we can attempt to go back up the road for the trail head...

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

We have done this loop counterclockwise, and didn't regret it one bit as it has allowed us to completely avoid the crowds even though it was a long weekend.

A word of caution: even though this trail description says the loop is 14.2 miles, in reality it's closer to 17-18.

On the first day we walked 7.5 miles to Bear Basin and camped on an established camping site. The closest human soul was an entire 1 mile away, and we got an amazing experience of being alone in the wilderness.

On the second day it took us another 5 miles to reach the Seven Up Pass. The Seven Up Pass was the most beautiful part of the hike. Wherever you are hiking from, make sure you traverse it! We were originally thinking to connect to the Four Lakes Loop from there, however, that trail involved going down into the Black Deer Valley and coming up on the other side just as much as we have just done out of the Bear Valley, and we didn't feel up to it.

So we had an amazing lunch in an incredible tucked in spot at Seven up Pass and headed down to the Granite Lake. Granite Lake was a zoo - we counted 10 tents visible just from the trail! It really felt like there needed to be an established bathroom there at this point, it was so overcrowded. So we headed down to the car. The second day for us was 11 miles, which is a bit of a stretch with backpacks.

More photos and description can be found here:

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Not so sure this Trail had much to offer. You can get most of these views without any effort on multiple other trails around here. Maybe it's better earlier in the season when it's cooler and there's snow on the ground, but in mid-august it sucked.

It was pretty steep and fun

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