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Be careful taking dogs, the train told by every so often and scares the dogs! Also the rocks along the railroad track get scalding hot so try and go early in the day if you have dogs to prevent burns.

1 month ago

The 1st half of this trail is awesomely beautiful and goes to a stream that runs into the lake in a nice little cove. The next section that goes away from the water and off into the woods is great. The last 1/2 mile+ is pathetic and is on a road uphill back to the TH. The trail is in excellent shape with a few small trees down and a rock that are all easily passed.

The best option for this trail would be an out and back to where the trail turns up and away from the lake shore. If I had done it as mentioned I would have rated it a 5 instead of a weak 4... I'm surprised this trail was approved because of the road portion of the hike.

At the TH make sure to take the fork to the the right with the signage.

Easy to get to. Not as far as you think.

Three of us hiked this today. The trail was easy, with some moderate uphill climbs. Some have reported poison oak along the trail, but it was not an issue at this time of year for us. We parked where the trail crosses the road. It's an enjoyable hike!

Summitted this majestic mtn several years ago and have ascended other 14-ers since. This is still my favorite AND one of the more challenging to safely climb!

Our ascent was on the Summer Solstice 6/21 with a Full Moon, bright starry night, clear blue skies, tandem moonset/sunrise and a heavy snowfall 3 days earlier... Couldn't ask for any better conditions than that! The icing on top was the exhilerating glissade ride down that cut several hours off our descent...

We rewarded ourselves the next day with soothing massages, mineral soaks & cold creek dips at Stewart Springs followed by a hearty dinner at Mt Sasta Resort to replenish the approx. 10,000 calories we'd burned!

The fact that ALL access to this hidden gem goes through private property doesn't seem to bother people, but to those of us with homes in Shasta Retreat and SP Railroad (with their legitimate liability and safety concerns), this has become a major problem since the advent of internet. As gorgeous as these falls are, they are not open to the public, which the All Trails description states in clear, simple terms!

No Parking and "No Access to Mossbrae Falls" signs are posted on certain sections of Dunsmuir Ave, at Shasta Retreat's entrance and inside our neighborhood community. Yet the public repeatedly ignores them and reviewers (like Nouvelle Terre or Natalie Lopez) incorrectly advise parking - illegally! - on our narrow, shoulder-less roads.

If the "shoe-were-on-the-other-foot", I doubt these same visitors would want the general public ignoring clearly posted no trespassing signs that bring a daily, endless flow of parked cars into their family's neighborhood! Thus, the reason for only 1 star.

The City of Dunsmuir has been diligently working on plans to build a safer PUBLIC route extending from the Hedge Creek Falls trail. When that happens, this review will be edited to 5++ stars. Until then, PLEASE respect the privacy of Shasta Retreat residents and honor SP Railroad's "No Trespassing" signs by hiking only trails that are OPEN to the public. Thank you!

I worked in this area as a trail maintenance worker. I loved every day that I worked on this trail. just a couple years ago was manicured for a few miles by good people so I'm sure it is pretty maintained in most spots, a walk that wouldn't disappoint.

Enjoyable hike with a large rock blocking the trail. This simple 3 foot clamber limiting passage to able bodied hikers.
The trail is a loop but know that the trail pops out 1/2 mile down the paved road. NOTE: Don’t be fooled with the lesser path heading uphill from the trailhead, this leads to the top of the hill with no connection to the loop trail. You will be backtracking to the trailhead to start again.

Next time we go we are going to start by walking downhill on the road and get the tarmac portion of this hike out of the way while we are fresh. Be warned if you leave it till the end of your hike it is a bit of an unwelcome uphill grind with the sun reflecting off the tarmac. Don’t worry the trail is clearly posted, located at the point where the road widens for the boat launch parking.

Great falls. There’s mossbrae and hedge creek. Both spectacular!

Made the trip down from Portland for a solo NYE summit. Unbelievable. Be extra cautious on the descent, especially through Red Banks.

Great trail with gorgeous views, but hiker beware there is a sign posted regarding mountain lion sitings in the area.

4 months ago

Breathtaking hike and views. I was able to get above tree line with heavy duty yak-tracks. The ones with teeth, not just a cord. But I felt uneasy once it got steep without an ice axe to rescue me if I fell and made the slide for life.
Bottom line: It’s an absolute must do, if you’re in the area. The first part is fairly easy. Just make sure you have some sort of traction device. The snow was packed and therefore, icy. The crowds thinned to four of us once past the first 1/2mile...as is normal for wilderness hikes. And as an introvert looking for solitude, I’m thankful for that.

Like most waterfalls, trails, and other interesting sites around Mount Shasta, this is not one that is marked or easily found. Once you drive onto Dunsmuir Avenue, keep an eye out for a large concrete Arch that says Shasta Retreat upon it. Drive underneath it, go all the way down the hill, take an immediate right, and park at the bridge. You will get out on foot from here, cross the bridge and bank right. You will follow the train tracks for about three miles, it's roughly 40 minutes one way. You will then find the falls upon the right side of the banks. This is one of the most breathtaking series of waterfalls I've ever encountered. This is so worth it! Camera phone pics do not do it justice. It's huge! Word of caution however: there are multiple areas of the railroad tracks that are thin, narrow, and steep. They're long and narrow enough on both sides to where bad luck is entirely possible. According to locals, the river below is so loud that it can be hard to hear trains coming around the curvy corners. A reputable local told me that often times you cannot hear the train until it's right upon you. She knew one girl that literally fell off of the cliff side trying to avoid being hit. As I did, I would strongly recommend trotting or jogging over these narrow high parts just in case you get stuck in a sticky situation with a train. One of the locals told me it's maybe 80% safe, to take this now illegal hike. They have had fatalities in the past, and apparently it's also an old Indian Trail. Just be careful and trot or jog quickly over the narrow areas.

It was beautiful!!!! I felt like I was in fern gully once we got there. Walking along the train tracks was a little hard on the ankles so wear boots!

I can tell you the map they show here is not a trail after an hour of searching for the trail I realized there is none this must’ve been cross country climbing…

Gorgeous area, wide variety of things to see. A great workout with inclines and declines

Almost alone on the hike. Wonderful weather. And the views are breathtaking.

Theres poison oak, poison ivy, and poison sumac on the trail. Was still a good hike with nice views of the lake.

Amazing hike. Have to admit - wasnt looking forward to this hike. Worried that the smoke from the fires would ruin it when actually the hike was above the smoke. Easy to find trailhead. Panther Meadows - really nice in the morning. Grey Butte was also really nice - gradual elevation gain and the views of Shasta were amazing. Back to Southgate - really interesting - almost a desert feel. Back to Panther Meadow. Dont skip this hike

Excellent trail. The views to the lake are outstanding and it's easy, but not too easy. There are a couple of places where trees fell in the trail, but it doesn't interfere with the walk.

8 months ago

Climbed Shasta in June of '17 as my first '14er. Started around 4:30 AM and reached the summit around 10:30 AM. I was in the middle of a cycling tour from Portland to SanFrancisco, so I was in solid shape at the time. From what I understand, most 1 day summit attempts should be started around 1 AM. 2017 was also a heavy snow year, so it was a bit easier in late June that it may have otherwise been. Beautiful views throughout the climb, and I can't wait to get back out to Shasta.

Easy trail but it's all railroad trail rock have a pair of really good hiking boots on.

9 months ago

So a disclaimer for this review: I am aware that I'm a amateur hiker and only do about 4-5 hikes a year. I also am one of those hikers on here that when I pick a hike and it shows me the full trail, I'm gonna want to do it all. And I'm a naïve hiker and not great at reading the trail maps.
But from my understanding of the description, this was a good day hike that was fairly easy. I thought it just stayed on the east base of the mountain and we'd get pretty close. It wasn't until after we went further than the horse camp that I realized this hike was taking us to the summit.
There were about fifty signs that it did, but for some reason, as I said, as a naïve hiker, I didn't think it would take us all the way up.
This mountain might be an easy mountain to climb. However, when I find an easy hike, I don't think it's gonna include climbing a mountain.
This trail should be just up to the horse camp that ends at the actual camp. And not include the summit trail.
Hopefully naïve hikers from out of town, who aren't prepared to hike a mountain, won't do the same thing as I did.

Easy hike, we did see a train. It went slow, but was long. Water is very cold. But truly a gorgeous spot!

A super easy hike.

9 months ago

climbed 2 weekends ago (07/15-07/16) along the west face route. started from bunny flats and camped at hidden valley Saturday (~3 mi and 2,000 ft elevation gain, took us approx. 6 hrs). started our climb up the west face ~1 am Sunday. we left most of our gear (tents, sleeping bags, snowshoes which we never used) back at basecamp and only brought crampons, ice picks, and helmets, along with food, water and extra jackets which also didn't need. reached the saddle point (top of west face) ~8 am and then reached the summit ~10 am. there was one other group climbing ahead of us, other than that didn't see anyone, was amazing. conditions were perfect, clear skies, low winds. glissade back to hidden valley (~4,000 ft in 30 min) around noon was incredible. then packed up our stuff and made our way back to the bunny flats trailhead. trail between hidden valley and horse camp is not very pleasant, hard to find and slippery talus/scree most of the way, but worthwhile.

Summited 7/14/18.

Ascent to Lake Helen the day previous. Certainly didnt hurt acclimatization. Late evening nap from 9PM till 3AM then the summit push. Took our time to Red Banks and then enjoyed the walk up Misery Hill to the Palisades.

To enjoy a quieter, safer and more rewarding summit I would advise avoiding weekends and holidays.

10 months ago

Fun time had by all. 9 hours of uphill snow and scree from horse camp to the summer, 3 hours of (mostly glissading) downhill. Would probably be quicker earlier in the season; snow was very soft once sun came up.

10 months ago

Beautiful but do not underestimate this mountain. Didn't reach the top this time due to a fallen soldier but will return

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