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The Shasta National Forest is a federally designated forest in northern California, USA. It is the largest National Forest in California and is managed by the U.S. Forest Service.

1 day ago

Amazing view

Went to hike the Grey Butte and Panther Meadows Trail in June 2018.
Google Maps sent us on the wrong road and we ended up on a logging road of pretty off-road-like conditions. Do not use the entrance via the Shasta Ski Park HWY. Take A-10 from Mt.Shasta City.
This road was closed about 2 1/2 miles before the trail entry.
The hike was beautiful leading through green meadows with spring water run off, trees and climbing up above the tree-line including a breathtaking view of Mt.Shasta and the surrounding distant mountains.
The terrain looked almost out of this world with patches of snow and beautiful wild flowers.
The trail’s signage is not the best, you have to look for rock markers to help you find the trail on occasion.
We saw only three pairs of hikers on this loop on a Tuesday afternoon.

2 days ago

Lovely views and little development. The trail is easy to follow yet offers several short spurs down closer to the water. Great walk if you’re looking to avoid elevation!

This was a fantastic hike! We started at the Parks Creek Trailhead and hiked in along the PCT, meeting many other hikers along the way. There was an abundance of wildflowers and the seeps are flowing, gorgeous! Mount Eddy was socked in at the top, but still worth the trek.

Beautiful run. Once you get to middle deadfall, the trail gets considerably steeper in slope. Upper deadfall lake is well worth seeing. This trail is great in May/June, after that it gets pretty rundown with tourists, dogs, etc. High desert terrain, can drink from certain springs in the early season

We primarily were looking for wildflowers - we started at the meadow trailhead, not the PCT trailhead. The meadow is full of flowers, and not too difficult to cross (multiple soggy spots). Fantastic flowers

11 days ago

Had a great trip, this second weekend of June. The trail was in good maintenance, and clear all except two small patches of snow. Weather is pretty variable so make sure to check the forecast first!

Fun trail, only 2 other people on the trail. Lakes were great for our dog to swim. Trail gets a little steep at times, but fairly easy. Will definitely do again!

11 days ago

Excellent hike, beautiful lakes and a multitude of trails make for a superb weekend camping destination.

The Alltrails route actually follows the Pacific Crest Trail for the first part of the trail, and switches to Deadfalls Trail right after the Lower Deadfalls Lake. The actual Deadfalls Trail trailhead is about 3/4 mile further south on Parks Creek Road and starts in the Deadfalls Meadow, which is definitely worth visiting - I recommend making a loop out of the trails even if it requires hiking back to your vehicle the last 3/4 miles on (low traffic) Parks Creek Road.

Starting from the Parks Creed Summit (where Alltrails' route starts), until the Middle Deadfalls Lake (the largest one), the trail is relatively Easy (unless you are coming from Deadfalls Meadow, which is a bit steeper), but above that it is mainly Moderate.

Great hike. I followed the directions below this post which were very helpful. when driving look for castle lake and turn left. On the trail make sure you go about a quarter mile past the ruins and go left.

Amazing trail. Did this as a day hike Memorial Day 2018. Most people on trail were backpacking. Easily doable in a day. Steadily progressed uphill the whole way. Still a good amount of snow at high elevations on trail. Views are amazing and frequently changing. OF NOTE: this trail is ~ 1 mile longer than stated on this app but elevation change is close to true.

trail running
14 days ago

Fantastic trail! Great views, well maintained. Bridges installed today, though not in time for me; had to wade across while trail crew was working on bridge installation.

Half of it is incline. Great short hike with great views.

mountain biking
16 days ago

no bridge yet, but possible rock hopping

17 days ago

Really beautiful hike.

Beautiful views of mount Shasta and on a clear day you can see mount hood!

Easy hike.

Beautiful views but difficult to follow trail

Easy and beautiful!

I got within 1/2 mi. of the lake this weekend before the snow got too deep. we followed the stream on foot up to the lake from there. The lake is currently frozen over with the edges starting to melt. the drive up is easy in 2wd, only time I put it in 4wd was near the summit when the snow started. I had to clear a few small boulders and fallen branches from the path along the way.

22 days ago

Climbed this bad boy overnight on May 27th to the 28th. Started at Bunny Flats at about 11:15pm, which was actually a bit too early, wish I would have started a bit later. I hit Lake Helen at about 1:45am but wasn't exactly sure the path I should follow up through Red Banks, so I kinda just found a place to lay down until campers started to wake up. Began the ascent through Red Banks at about 2:30am and my god it was tough, just seemingly endless. Made it to thumb rock right as the sun was rising, and it was sa-weet. Everything after that was tough, but no where near as hard as the section from Helen through Red Banks. Summited around 7am and was back at my car by noon.

A few points that I will explain that I was wondering before my hike. Things were very steep through Red Banks but never steep to the point that I felt unsafe; if you have crampons and an ice axe it's totally fine. You don't actually see the summit until you're basically there, so never assume that what you're looking at is the final prize. Hiking through the night was actually super ideal, great full moon made it so that I didn't have to use my headlamp, and was nice to have hard ice during the hike.

Everything was awesome, I highly recommend. I also beer bonged a bud light at the top, and surprisingly, helped ease my nerves on the descent.

Great spring hike. Wildflowers change weekly. There is not a lot of shade due to fires a few years back. Poison oak is present, but avoidable.

awesome hike.

FR 17 is paved the whole way. great scenery on the drive.

trailhead is a little tricky to fine. There is no signage from the road. it is exactly as indicated on all trails. at the hairpin turn there's a gravel pullout and the trailhead is crossed the road. we stacked up some rocks on road to help mark trailhead. we were also trying to find it before sunrise so that added an element of difficulty.

overall awesome hike. meadow was a little squishy. waterproof boots are a must. you have soggy feet almost immediately without them.

road to trailhead in good condition

trail is challenging. our GPS put it closer to 10 miles RT but still 4500 gain.

there are a few areas where trail is overgrown with brush but nothing horrible.

great hike with amazing views of trinity alps, Shasta, lassen...highly recommend

23 days ago

We visited during Memorial weekend and there were some flowers, but it will be amazing in a week or two. We went down to lake Summit to camp - great view, quiet location, although we had to take side trail to reach it. No permit is required for overnight camping, but you need one to have campfire. Scenery is amazing: a lot of snow on North facing slopes, water in all lakes has amazing color. Right now there is some snow when you hike the Loop, and a lot of tiny running creeks are using the trail as a pathway, so we lost the trail at least 3 times. Advice: definitely download the map! Also, it was hot. The first third has some shade, but the rest is brutally sunny. I cannot imagine doing it in July.

We had 6 adults and 8 children. 6 of the 8 kids were under the age of 8. It’s a little over a mile each way. It isn’t a great trail at all. The second half I think is more erosion from run off than it is a trail at all. It was a little confusing as to where to go because of the lack of defined trails and the many areas water had run before. I would visit castle lake again but this hike wouldn’t be on my list. Oh, don’t forget your bug spray.

Great hike. Wear waterproof boots. Uphill battle at times, but well worth it.

Great hike, moderate to hard. We started towards the right of the lake where the trail head sign is but got to the dead end, so go left to get to Heart lake! Wear good shoes with ankle support because a lot of the rocks are shaky. Trails are not really marked but we found our way by watching other hikers and using the map on this app. The last climb to the top is pretty scary at the end, so beware if you’re at all scared of heights. Views are worth it though! Will return even to find a quiet cove on the lake. Suggest starting early in the summer months so you’re back by noon or so, not a lot of shade.

Gorgeous hike! Steep but my three year old was able to hike it just fine! Parking lot gets parked up fast, start early.

24 days ago

Hiked up to Heart Lake, then down to Little Castle Lake and to the end of the trail (where it meets Mt. Bradley Rd.). The steepest parts are heading up to Heart Lake, then returning the last stretch up from Mt. Bradley Rd. (no real reason to make that descent unless you want the exercise, it's an ATV road), and then climbing back up from Little Castle Lake to get back to the parking lot.

A great variety of terrain, from forest to shrubs. In some parts the trail is overgrown with thorny shrubs to bring long pants if you intend to hike the whole trail (I didn't and have the scratches to prove it).

Heart Lake is definitely the highlight, with its splendid view of Black Butte, Mount Shasta and Castle Lake below.

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