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The Shasta National Forest is a federally designated forest in northern California, USA. It is the largest National Forest in California and is managed by the U.S. Forest Service.

Hopefully soon there will be a route where the public is encouraged to take in the beauty. I was in absolute awe

Fun day trip. The water is amazingly clear. Kids did great! Perfect family outing.

Unmaintained and filled with trash at old campsites. Trail stunk too...shame campers couldn't clean up after themselves. Trail is hard to find- as in there are plants and baby pines growing in middle of single track trails. I didn't make it all the way...conditions were unsavory and made it unenjoyable for a solo hiker. If someone who knows the way could make rock stacks or pointers-- it would help a lot!

Loved the waterfall!

Absolutely beautiful in the snow. I recommend wearing snow shoes towards the top. Is a little tough but worth it. Heart lake is covered in snow and unable to see but the view of Shasta and it’s surrounding mountains is incredible.

This is one of my favorite hiking trails in Northern California. It’s always worth the extra effort to make it up to Middle Ridge overlooking heart lake, castle lake, castle crags, black butte & Mount Shasta. Only downside is that castle lake can be crowded at all times of the year & the road to the lake is closed in mid winter - perfect for snowshoers seeking solitude though.

Stellar snow shoe, worth hiking past the lake up the ridge to see views of the backside of Castle Crags.

1 month ago

Off road for about 2 miles to get to trailhead so you need clearance. I saw some civics at parking lot. Great quick and intense hike with a great Shasta view once at the top. I recommend this hike to anyone. Lots of rocky portions where the trail is scaling over pure 4 foot boulders. Still pretty easy even with snow.

Extremely rocky at points, a little tough to navigate with two pups, but with incredible views the entire hike. The steady incline was challenging but subtle enough I hardly noticed it. With the snow I could have easily lost the trail, except that other hikers had worn the path well. Great hike.

1 month ago

Awesome loop! Long Canyon is one of the most stunning ascents in the trinity Alps with granite peaks that tower over the trail. Lots of running water throughout the ascent. At the branch for the loop portion, went clockwise. The trail disappears at a few times but picked it back up quickly. Sweet views of the interior portion of trinity alps. Directions to the TH: head north on highway 3 north of trinity lake and take a left on a paved “Long Canyon Road.” Take a right on Canyon View Drive.

2 months ago

Mid-November 60 degree weather bluebird day. Riding the crest of the best that the Anthropocene has to offer. Get out there while you can ladies and gentlemen it’s going fast.

2 months ago

The map indicates the wrong road approach to the trailhead. It involves a dangerous rail crossing and private property "no trespassing" signs. The correct approach to the trailhead is from the Everitt Highway. See guidebooks for the safe roads.

Did this hike last summer. Excellent hike! The parking lot was packed with cars when we arrived, but only saw 2 other groups of people during the hike to Granite Lake. Passed some beautiful meadows along the way. Took two dogs with us and had a lot of fun.

Great day hike. Just enough to feel accomplished and the scenery changes throughout the trail making it interesting. Went with two dogs. Accessed the trail by taking the Fen Trail near the Kangaroo lake campground. Many of the smaller lakes along the way are almost dried up, but Bull Lake was still retaining a good amount. Would do again.

Stunning hike with incredible views of Shasta, Castle Crags, Castle Lake and Heart Lake. We clocked this hike at 3 miles round trip, rather than the listed 2. Trail is quite steep in places and elevation gain was closer to 850'. It's easy to lose the trail ~1 mile up; other hikers have tried to help by placing rock barriers in multiple places where the path appears to diverge as well as rock stacks to help guide you, but the path is still easily lost in places.
Lake was frozen solid 11/11/18

Stellar loop. Hiked clockwise and enjoyed hiking past Granite Lake up to the apex of the hike. In early November, the winds were super strong once we rounded the ridge above the lake and started heading down. Moderately strenuous but a manageable day hike. On the top of the ridge, there are a few different trail options and none are very well marked. Took us a moment to find the more horizontal trail that didn’t drop down into bear basin. Our loop measured about 15-16 miles.

Amazing hike super short but beautiful and historic!

Enjoyed this trail yesterday, 11/11/18. Completed lower to upper falls. Easy hike. Weather was chilly but no freezes or snow yet. Falls were still abundant.

Very brushy in some areas on the trail, but overall the trail was beautiful and the views are amazing!

This was a little tricky to find, but we managed just fine. The ruins are cool, and the falls are great. The actual falls were beautiful and the hike itself was not too bad. I did have my 8 and 9 year old kids with me, and found the trail down to the falls a little narrow. I will be returning to scramble along the creek on the boulders some more; there are so many exploration opportunities.

Easier route is to follow Hedge Creek Falls trail to the end and cross the river. (I’ve done this with an 8 yo) Mossbrae Falls is a short 1/2 to 3/4 mile walk further along the tracks.

Beautiful morning hike on a fall day. Great for a dog easy for all.

Amazing bang for your buck! So beautiful! The trail is crazy hard to keep track of but just bring an adventurous attitude, stay to the right and south and use this app to stay on track., you'll find it! So worth it!

Loved this hike. Did it with my son on my back and the lake is beautiful.

Great long hike for you & the dogs. Water close all trail long, they'll run wild. Good cold weather hike.

A Five Star Hike once there is a trail. Today it requires walking on the mainline railroad with most of the route leaving no place to get well clear of the trains. Bringing your kids is idiotic. It is illegal for everyone! However there is hope: The Mt Shasta Trail Association is making significant progress on extending the existing Hedge Creek Falls trail to Mossbrae Falls. Please support it. See their project update at: https://mountshastatrailassociation.org/2018/10/new-mossbrae-falls-trail/

A pretty trail throughout, definitely worthwhile. The first mile or two drive in on Swift Creek Road was paved, the last 3 or 4 miles to the trail head was gravel, some pot holes, not too bad but can't go more than 20 mph. From the turnoff from Hwy 3, the drive is about 30 minutes to the trail head parking, which has spots for maybe 15 cars and an overflow parking very close by that can fit another 30 cars. We went at the end of October, and the temperature was perfect, 50-70 degF between 11am-5:30pm, which is how long it took us, including an hour-long break. Didn't really encounter mosquitoes, there were a few but didn't bother us much, more bees, but not a lot to be bothersome either. Overall very pleasant condition. Fall colors were pretty. We saw a total of 3 other people the entire time even though there were about a total of 7-8 cars at the trail head.

This was an adventure! I took my kids, ages 8 and 9, and I was a little stressed out about the trains. There are many areas where it is narrow and not a lot of room on the sides of the tracks, and I worried about getting stuck in that section if a train rolled through. You're stuck basically walking either on the tracks, or on the rock, which is actually tricky to walk on and found it was worth the stress to just walk on the tracks. Stay on the EAST side of the tracks on the way in and out; the west side is really narrow and you'd basically be pinned against a rock face if a train came through. We had one train go by, but we had basically found a nice wide spot to sit and enjoy some snacks and wait for one so we knew we'd likely be clear the rest of the way there. The train ended up stopping, actually, and we continued on while it was stopped and moved aside once it started moving. The falls themselves were magical and absolutely gorgeous. My kids enjoyed the adventure. We parked on Dunsmuir Avenue and walked down through Shasta Retreat, and had no problems at all. We always eat at Yak's after a hike in the area because they have delicious food!

I give it 5 stars but I got lost on my first attempt. I started at the south gate trailhead and completely missed the right when you reach the forest. I followed rock carins for a ways down the slope and realized there was no trail there after reaching the valley at the bottom. I did come across a really cool slime mold along the way. I went back the next day and started from the panther meadow trailhead and completed the hike and tried to make obvious trail makers hopefully to prevent anyone else from missing the turn. The hike was absolutely beautiful.

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