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The Shasta National Forest is a federally designated forest in northern California, USA. It is the largest National Forest in California and is managed by the U.S. Forest Service.

Snow has the road to Falls rather challenging to say the least. Lots of deep snow ... no clearance. hard ... need a 4x4 and good tires!

I love this trail. I hike it at least once a month. Can be hiked year round, but lots of snow right now (March.)

16 days ago

Is a permit required for camping?

Little hard to find if you don’t know where you’re going. Don’t let the steepness intimidate you. this is by far the best view you can get of surrounding areas without that much difficulty. From above heart lake you can see Mt. Shasta, Black Butte, Mt. Ashland (far distance) and then if you look hard enough you can even spot Mt. Lassen and the Crags. You have to climb above heart lake up on the ridge to see this but honestly everything here is absolutely GORGEOUS.

22 days ago

Heed the warnings in other reviews about knowing where the TH is!! If you click “directions” from the AllTrails app, it doesn’t take you all the way to the TH (it takes you to a place to park if you have a low clearance vehicle.) We ended up walking a ways down the wrong road because we didn’t know which one led to the trail. Once we figured out which way to go, we drove our Subaru the rest of the way to the trail. The trail itself is really great: low traffic, dogs on leash allowed, and beautiful views of Shasta (if the clouds aren’t covering the mountain.)

Great hike with my dog! Didn’t see many other people, and the view of Castle Lake from Heart Lake is amazing. Be careful if you come in the winter, as the snow and ice makes this more of a “hard” hike than “moderate”. The trail was packed down so snowshoes aren’t necessary (as mentioned in another review). There’s a small stream to cross at the beginning, with a precarious piece of plywood over it, so be prepared for that.

28 days ago

Three of us hiked this today. The trail was easy, with some moderate uphill climbs. Some have reported poison oak along the trail, but it was not an issue at this time of year for us. We parked where the trail crosses the road. It's an enjoyable hike!

If you want a hike that offers great views with very little foot traffic, this is the one to take! Be sure to get specific directions to the TH if you've not been before... the drive there is not a straightforward shot. This hike is best done in cooler weather as most of the rocky trail beyond the first 1/4 mile is completely exposed. Wear sturdy shoes to help you navigate boulder-size rocky sections the majority of the trail. On a clear day, the views from the top are beautiful!

This is an easy hike, but beware, there are lots of unmarked spur trails that loop all around the area. Luckily, majestic Mt Shasta and the Eddys offer great visuals for keeping you headed in the right direction. My Labs and I are always happy to have another dog-friendly trail to choose from!

Summitted this majestic mtn several years ago and have ascended other 14-ers since. This is still my favorite AND one of the more challenging to safely climb!

Our ascent was on the Summer Solstice 6/21 with a Full Moon, bright starry night, clear blue skies, tandem moonset/sunrise and a heavy snowfall 3 days earlier... Couldn't ask for any better conditions than that! The icing on top was the exhilerating glissade ride down that cut several hours off our descent...

We rewarded ourselves the next day with soothing massages, mineral soaks & cold creek dips at Stewart Springs followed by a hearty dinner at Mt Sasta Resort to replenish the approx. 10,000 calories we'd burned!

The fact that ALL access to this hidden gem goes through private property doesn't seem to bother people, but to those of us with homes in Shasta Retreat and SP Railroad (with their legitimate liability and safety concerns), this has become a major problem since the advent of internet. As gorgeous as these falls are, they are not open to the public, which the All Trails description states in clear, simple terms!

No Parking and "No Access to Mossbrae Falls" signs are posted on certain sections of Dunsmuir Ave, at Shasta Retreat's entrance and inside our neighborhood community. Yet the public repeatedly ignores them and reviewers (like Nouvelle Terre or Natalie Lopez) incorrectly advise parking - illegally! - on our narrow, shoulder-less roads.

If the "shoe-were-on-the-other-foot", I doubt these same visitors would want the general public ignoring clearly posted no trespassing signs that bring a daily, endless flow of parked cars into their family's neighborhood! Thus, the reason for only 1 star.

The City of Dunsmuir has been diligently working on plans to build a safer PUBLIC route extending from the Hedge Creek Falls trail. When that happens, this review will be edited to 5++ stars. Until then, PLEASE respect the privacy of Shasta Retreat residents and honor SP Railroad's "No Trespassing" signs by hiking only trails that are OPEN to the public. Thank you!

1 month ago

Great hike, cold due to the hike on the North side but ultimately beautiful!! Amazing views if the Valley, Castle Crags in the distance, Mt. Shasta. It is dirt and lava rock trail.

1 month ago

Super fun hike with amazing views of Mt Shasta and the surrounding region the whole way. Followed the dirt road to where all trails marks the start of the trail- we were in an Audi A3 E-tron and had no problems with clearance, notably no snow or ice on the road at the time. The trail is easy to follow and wraps around the butte with a steady but never steep uphill climb. There are stretches traversing rock fields and boulders so definitely recommend hiking boots and proceeding with caution- not treacherous though.

I worked in this area as a trail maintenance worker. I loved every day that I worked on this trail. just a couple years ago was manicured for a few miles by good people so I'm sure it is pretty maintained in most spots, a walk that wouldn't disappoint.

1 month ago

Gorgeous recently rebuilt trail to lakes that rival Heart Lake for their perspective of Mt Shasta

Nice trail, beautiful views at the top. Yesterday there was probably 1 ft-2ft of snow most of the way, but it’s pretty stamped down from all the hikers, some areas more challenging than others. Didn’t need snow shoes (though you could get away with them off to the sides of the trail), just wear some waterproof hiking boots and water repellent pants and you’ll be good to go!

Enjoyable hike with a large rock blocking the trail. This simple 3 foot clamber limiting passage to able bodied hikers.
The trail is a loop but know that the trail pops out 1/2 mile down the paved road. NOTE: Don’t be fooled with the lesser path heading uphill from the trailhead, this leads to the top of the hill with no connection to the loop trail. You will be backtracking to the trailhead to start again.

Next time we go we are going to start by walking downhill on the road and get the tarmac portion of this hike out of the way while we are fresh. Be warned if you leave it till the end of your hike it is a bit of an unwelcome uphill grind with the sun reflecting off the tarmac. Don’t worry the trail is clearly posted, located at the point where the road widens for the boat launch parking.

Ran up the trail most often way with my dog. Hard run to moderate hike. Can get crowded on weekend. Very nice views.

trail running
1 month ago

Easy trail to run. Took my dog had a fun day

Great falls. There’s mossbrae and hedge creek. Both spectacular!

Beautiful and easy hike! The Middle Falls were definitely the show stopper. Would recommend to anyone looking for an easy day with amazing views.

No snow, a little icy. Heart Lake is frozen over.

Beautiful views.

Lovely winter hike. As mentioned by others, lots of side trails so easy to get off trail, especially once the snow covers some tracks. I was glad I had microspikes for the steeper slushy/icy parts. The frozen lake plus Mount Shasta views however can't be beat!

Made the trip down from Portland for a solo NYE summit. Unbelievable. Be extra cautious on the descent, especially through Red Banks.

2 months ago

great hike....passing 3 of the deadfall lakes...switchbacks to summit....not too strenuous but it is not easy by any measure

Great trail with gorgeous views, but hiker beware there is a sign posted regarding mountain lion sitings in the area.

2 months ago

I used google maps to get to TH and had no problem. It does take a bunch of fire roads and I was glad I had a higher clearance vehicle, there was one sedan at the TH.

Trail is completely uphill one way but very gradual slope (I thought). Very easy to follow path. Ran into about ten parties on the trail. Had my dog and did find the trail difficult to navigate w dog on leash. Temperature was perfect in December

2 months ago

Started early AM. Met two guys who had turned around due to heavy/dangerous ice on trail. I had yak-tracks, so I was able to push on. Amazing temp difference from start to a few miles away at ridge line. Not one person on the trail. Loved the solitude. The brush can be a bit invasive, but not even close to what others have said. Minor and momentary distraction, at worst.
Loved the hike and would like to get to the ridge and camp.

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