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The Shasta National Forest is a federally designated forest in northern California, USA. It is the largest National Forest in California and is managed by the U.S. Forest Service.

grew up here. beautiful places to see.

grew up here. so absolutely beautiful. very privileged to have this view every day.

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2 days ago

Went up in mid-June to do the only stretch of trail dogs are allowed (the first part up to the house where Sierra Club land begins)... it was 103 in Redding so we needed the getaway! The snow was so deep that the small dog struggled... but it was well travelled and safe. Met many different levels of hikers and Alpine Trekkers... completely worth the short drive... though in the heavy snowpack of 2017 I will be better prepared for the snow of heading up again in the next month.

Good trail if you go early, later on snow gets soft and you will posthole!

Several hot spots! Otherwise the hike is along the lake and beautiful.

The trail has rewarding views when you get to the lake. The trail is not marked at all and had it not been for the AllTrails GPS we would have never made it. About half way up there is a fork and you need to keep right. It is difficult if not impossible to see the fork with your eyes only. There is also a second fork where you need to keep right again.

5 days ago

5/27 We ran the 3 miles of road trail leading up to the trail head because it didn't look Prius friendly. Upon arriving at the trail head we found a variety of sedans with low clearance parked at the trail head. I'd say its doable in a typical car but there is at least one spot I saw a car scrape its bottom but it looked possible to avoid. The trail is everything you would want in a 2.5 mile hike to the top. Only down side is lots of rocks, 98% are stable rocks occasionally one will move but there is at least a mile of hiking on rocks. Views almost the entire way, would recommend as a destination hike.

Follow a bumpy gravel road 6 miles to the trail head but totally approachable in a car. Did it on 5/27 which would be just barley outside the recommended season after a snowy season. We made it about 9 or 10 miles in going counter clockwise close to the north side of seven up peak with mountains surrounding giant meadows. This early we encountered several (4-5) river /creek crossings ranging from a 1.5 to 3 feet. after 6 miles, snow drifts covered more and more of the landscape interrupted by big lush green meadows, making the trail difficult to impossible to trace but we followed the Bear creek occasionally finding stone made pathways and lightly visible trails. We are for sure going to try this again when more snow has melted. It is totally worth it even early in the season if you like an adventure but would totally recommend past June depending on the season.

Easy trail to hike with family or kids. Has some interesting history. Some nice views of the lake once you get to the end. I actually spotted a bald eagle upon my arrival to the lake, which was pretty cool. the Hike it self could take about an hour and a half but no more than 2. A nice short hike.