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The Shasta National Forest is a federally designated forest in northern California, USA. It is the largest National Forest in California and is managed by the U.S. Forest Service.

15 hours ago

Beautiful views of Shasta! Tough and rocky hike, but well worth it. Full exposure, so be prepared for sun and wind.

Best views you can get for such a short hike. Trail isn't marked 100%, but it's fairly easy to navigate. i suggest hiking above heart lake for an even more breathtaking view!

Super mellow hike, with some history and a waterfall!
Hike above the waterfall for some super nice swimming pools. You can even soak in the cold water right above the fall!

If you hike far enough theres a small "waterslide" into a deep swimming hole. Probably 4 miles in.

Beautiful hike. Lots of rock with great views.

13 days ago

we can't really put a rate on it for the last 2 weeks in a row we have gone back and each time there has been snow on the road leading directly to the trailhead, really wish the roads were maintenance but unless you have a monster truck with 4-wheel drive you and not going to make it through there... looks like we're going to have to wait another month which would be the 1st of June before we can attempt to go back up the road for the trail head...

15 days ago

18 days ago

***I will delete this as soon as the road is clear.

There is a large boulder slide blocking most of the road leading to this place. (I went around in my tiny Prius but anything barely wider will not make it) drove several more miles until I was 5 miles away from starting point (according to this app) and there was a foot of snow covering the road. Today is May 4th 2017, I am going to try again soon as it is supposed to be warm up here for a while.

I just wanted to post something recent so people wouldn't waste their time/gas as I did heading up there today. Well.. not so much gas in the Prius but you know what I mean. :) happy trails!!!

Great trail. Easy for children. Only one short climb.

Great views and a decent walk. There were a number of fallen trees in the way of the trial and the actual trail will not loop back from where you started but a mile down the road (it is actually more like 4.6 miles in total) so I would not recommend this for smaller children since you are walking on edge of a road with cars for the end of the hike.

I recommend starting at Lower Falls and then hiking up to Upper Falls (and then back to return to your car).
The hike from Lower to Middle Falls is easy, mostly flat, and often paved. It runs along the river and through a nice campground. There's decent fishing at Lower Falls.
Middle Falls is the most scenic of the three and we'll worth the trek from either direction.
The hike from Middle Falls to Upper Falls is nearly straight uphill with switchbacks and stairs in one spot. It's very doable and scenic.
There are picnic tables and overlook points at Upper Falls. You could park at Upper Falls and hike down.

This place is actually called Mossbrae Falls, not Dunsmuir Falls. Follow the directions others gave. Simply gorgeous!!

Nice and relaxing hike! These falls are a beautiful and rare sight to see.

Best hike ever. So much to see on the trail. Cool hiking along the railroad tracks with the raging river to the side. The falls are amazing.

Very nice loop with great views around the lake . Nice little hike . Easy to find .