Easy to moderate hike with great views. Various steep hill paths that can make this more challenging.

I wouldn't call this a trail. More like a climb on a cliff among slippery rocks. nice views but not at all a hike.

16 days ago

Fun! User/Unmarked trails make it a harder hike.

Solid loop with great views!

There was tons of available parking at Skyline College and it was free.99! Overall a lightly trafficked trails east of hwy 1, but very very busy on the trails near the beach.

As Paul Berens mentioned, finding the Baquinao Trail was difficult. It seemed mostly used for mountain biking, but luckily we did not encounter any descending cyclists.

17 days ago

Just did the loop a long timw ago...

Beautiful hike. And a great workout. We followed the map as best we could but three points where we got disconnected from the trail—or where the map is tricky to follow—are:

1) crossing the Cabrillo Hwy (where Sweeney Ridge is transitioning to Old Mori Rd). As others are pointing out the crossing point on the map is a jay-walk and extremely dangerous, so use the cross-walk just north of it.

2) the Bluff Trail as it descends the bluff down to Rockaway Beach

3) picking up the beginning of the Baquinao Trail just north of Our Savior's Lutheran Church. On the last point, we ascended what we thought might be an MTB trail just north of and parallel to Baquinao—beware of downhilling mountain bikers! Anyway, I'm keen to try it again to see if/where we went astray.

Really cool trail. Can get a little interesting as far as going down hill goes. Will definitely keep going.

mountain biking
2 months ago

Great place to be romantic with your sweetie..:)

easy hike, can get windy and brisk

3 months ago

Really enjoyed this hike. I've been wanting some ocean views and this delivered. The trail is very busy, lots of dog walkers and couples. This didn't distract though, the views are top notch. It's mostly fire road and dirt trails. Some areas are not maintained but there are clear trails to follow though. For places with steep inclines there is often a side route that's easier. You can take the hard way or wind around. Definitely recommended as an easy/moderate trail because you can customize the experience. I went at 11 on a Saturday and had no problems parking. I parked on a side street near the golf course. It was late October so it was chilly near the ocean, then warmed up as my body got going up the inclines. Layer and bring sunscreen because there is very little cover.

5 months ago

A beautiful place for a day-long getaway. Parking is a challenge. I started the hike from the Pier where the restrooms are located and one can also buy a snack, coffee, or water from the Chit Chat Cafe.

Easy to locate. I found parking around 10am at Rockaway Beach, although the lot was getting full quickly. Part of the trail along the coast is steep and narrow-would rate as moderate vs. easy. Wear shoes with good grip! Brought my dog and boyfriend, tired them both out! We will be back again!

6 months ago

Nice but very steep at some points- great views throughout the whole hike

Awesome workout trail. Loved it.

Easy hike dog friendly.

6 months ago

Scenic views all around. If you don't like the Pacific Ocean don't go!

6 months ago

Pretty quick and easy hike wit great views and an option to hike down to the sea wall. You can also see the Sharp Park golf course and at the sea wall can see players on the #12 green and #13 tee box.

Definitely a hard trail. Gorgeous views of the ocean and the bay.

6 months ago

I would think this trail is more moderate than easy. There are some very steep ups and downs. Regardless, it had gorgeous views! Definitely had a fun time and enjoyed the stark differences between coastal and inland desert plant life.

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