very rocky hike can be difficult for smaller kids, it's a very good outdoors adventure with lots of forest like scenery. good thing about this hike it had markers and painted arrows on rocks that helps guide you into the right direction...can write way more about the hike but just get out and do it the water bowl is well worth it at the end...have life...and make a splash!!!!!.....

The end is totally worth it. We only hiked to the first bowl and it wasn't easy. The path is marked with green paint/spray near the beginning and sort of dissipates once you're closer to the bowl. Just pay attention to any markings such as ribbons and spray paint...that will get you there. Use common sense, that always helps.

On the way back, the trail is nicely marked with white and pink "X" so pay close attention to those. You may be able to take the trail closer to the water which I think is marked with white ribbon (the kind people decorate parties with).

Out and back was four miles. If you don't want to park on the street and don't feel like walking the 1-1.5 miles before the actual trail, consider having someone drop you off at the ranch behind the college if possible. It's hot during midday so bring lots of water and food/snacks that will keep your energy up!

Not a hiker so it seemed a bit difficult and long. There are definitely two ways of getting there we were told to stay to the left which we climbed boulders for about an hour

Trail was hard to follow at times but the pools at the end were great. Bring plenty of water.

Drove all the way out there to find out the trail was closed due to fires:((( so sad. But now I know to check reviews before heading to a trail.

Trail is CLOSED due to a fire by the punch bowls yesterday. Estimated two weeks until opening. Fire department on trail.

Awsome my family and I have been there 3 times this year alone. the hike is not bad moderate . stay to the left of the river and only cross if u must and cross back and it won't be so difficult

Fun and moderate hiking trail. If you're taking a dog, I'd recommend dog boots.

Maybe it's because we lost some of the trail on the way to the punchbowl or maybe it was the heat but this trail seemed provingly more difficult than I had originally thought. 8 miles round trip, 800 feet of elevation gain reads "easy" to me but I would categorize this hike as more on the "moderate" side. Luckily we were rewarded with the beauty of the punchbowl and the option to instantaneously cool down with one quick plunge into the water. It was a decent outing, one I will reserve for cooler months.

Beautiful hiking love this place ❤️