Climatic end to a good hike in 85* sun. Nice variety of different landscapes on the way there. If you don't have their App, which has GPS so you can see where you are on the trail, there are helpful ribbons and small painted arrows along the way. The punchbowl is cold but refreshing. Enjoy!!

It's a long and somewhat difficult hike but, worth it if you make it to the punch bowls! Bring water shoes for swimming in the punch bowls!

Not a clear trail, but it's a nice hike and sweet outcome if you make it to the second punch bowl with the slide. Take water shoes if you don't want to walk back in wet shoes. Also take lunch and plenty of water since it's a long hike.

14 days ago

Incredible hike. Beautiful views. Highly recommended. Will definitely hike it again!

This is my first time doing this trail. The destination is pretty awesome. Getting there is the fun of maybe not so fun part. The trail is intermediate so there is not too much change in elevation. We heard of two different ways of getting there. If you find yourself along the creek bed, it is 10 degrees cooler and shaded. Just you will be doing multiple crossings along the creek as well as maneuvering around boulders and rocks the entire time. It moves slower. The high ground on the way back was better movement, but not as much shade on a bit day. Walking to the trail you go back behind the college on paved road, pass some houses and oil pumps. Graffiti everywhere, but useful for markers. 8 miles from round trip tbh since you still have to walk back to and from the 150.

Wouldnt suggest going thru the high trail, when the ribbons show you to cross just follow the stream up its way faster and easier

The trail was nice. But they fail to tell you that the trail is behind Thomas Aquinas College and you cannot park on campus. You have to park on the side of Route 150 (which is a pretty busy road). From there you have walk a paved road for about 1.5 miles before you even reach the trail, making the entire route 8+ miles and not the 6.5 that given in the description.

This trail should take a maximum of 2 hours to get to the first bowl. if it takes longer, you went the wrong way. as soon as you pass small rock slide on your left, cross the river to the right and stay on that trail. there's switchbacks up the mountain leading to Big Cone Camp. after the first bowl, go up and around to for about 1 mile and half or two for a huge bowl with a natural slide and a rope swing. good luck

gorgeous hike. punch bowls are worth it. the slides above are super fun and hidden swim holes.