Great hike, lots of scenery, nice creek, a few small waterfalls, jumped in one of the punch bowls. Trail is not entirely obvious if you’re a new hiker. Overall would go again. Bring water

19 days ago

Great trail, challenging enough. The second punch bowl is even more impressive. When almost reaching the destination and when you get back to the stream, turn left and follow the stream until you see the falls on your right. To see the second punch bowl, climb up the canyon from the right side of the falls. Enjoy the view!

Wouldn't say it's "heavily trafficked," but you'll definitely see people here...some of the natural slides have been washed out by heavy rainfall and debris from last year. Wondering if anyone has an update on this from recent visits?

Parked on side on the road and walked up through college to the trail head. Trail went along the stream the whole way till you get to the bowl. Nice and easy hike. Not many views other than looking at the waterfall at the end where the bowl is. Lots of shade the whole time. The water level was only about 5' at the bowl so no jumping in, other than that the water was nice and cool.

Went with my best friend today, and I didn’t expect it to take quite so long to get to the punchbowls, but it was well worth the wait! We were a bit lost on the trail a handful of times as it disappears over boulders and the stream, but if you just follow the stream up, you’ll eventually get there. We also ran into a medium rattlesnake and 2 smaller garden snakes. I would bring bug spray if you can (lots of annoying gnats during this time of year), and drink a lot of water.

I liked the variation on this trail: college campus, some oil rigs, avocado trees, canyon views, and some punch bowls and waterfalls at the end. An out and back that's interesting enough that it doesn't matter you're walking the same path back.

I was really disappointed that me and my dog could not make it to the punch bowls. The further you went the more rocks you had to climb, which was almost impossible with my dog. I especially wanted to go on this hike because it says ok for dogs. However, in my opinion it is not unless you don't mind making it all the way. Please ensure if you check a hole as ok for dogs that it doesn't Include climbing rocks and carrying the dog to the. Find out the way gets more and more difficult and you need to have both hands free to make it, therefore carrying him wasn't even an option....

So good! A little bit of "rock climbing" and loose gravel on steep climbs make this a moderate hike. Try to time your arrival at the punch bowl with the sun. It was cold when we went.