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Created in 1890, Sequoia National Park is home to the largest trees on earth and the tallest peak in the contiguous United States. At 404,063 acres and over 90% of designated wilderness, Sequoia offers over 800 miles of hiking trails. This park protects the Giant Forest, which has the world's largest tree, General Sherman, as well as four of the next nine tallest. It also has over 240 caves, the tallest mountain in the lower 48, Mount Whitney, and the granite dome Moro Rock.

Awesome Hike to the worlds largest tree

The walk through the massive Sequoias is just ideal. Carry on to the Eagle View trail for glorious views of the high Sierras.

Excelente para trail running, lindas vistas pero el sendero en si no es tan vistoso como otros de la zona.
La pendiente permite correr todo el trayecto! Yo solo hice 9 km y regresé porque debía completar 2:30 hs de entrenamiento
Lo hice en primavera hay muchos cursos de agua por lo que se puede viajar liviano sin tanta hidratación encima
Medianamente Transitado hasta el camping del km 4,5 luego casi ni huellas

Superb trail with spectacular views and great camping along the way.

6 days ago

Nice hike

on Moro Rock Trail

6 days ago

Love this place!!!

7 days ago

Beautiful views at the end. Huge payoff for the extremely short hike.

I have done this trail a total of 3 times and would highly recommend it. Very easy and the views are stunning. Hiked it in the summer and conditions were perfect. Great day hike!

7 days ago

The trail was a nice and challenging trail. My first backpacking trip/trail. Two nights two days. Parked at Buckeye campground and hike up to the trailhead. Hit the trail up this April of 2018. Before the rain the river crossings weren’t bad. After a night of rain they were impossible. Waited for the river to die down a bit and crossed. The trail is well blazed and has nice views along the whole trail. AllTrails Pro did not really work out there though. Only downside.

off road driving
7 days ago

Pretty difficult for even a 4x4 w/ 3" lift. Really glad we aired down before starting, parts of the trail are washed out and had alot of rocks some really deep (and scary) ruts. After 2 miles, came across a closed gate and had to turn around. We went into the sequoia foothills visitor center to ask about it, and was told it is a park ranger only trail. If this is really the case I wish there was sign at the start of the road.

Beautiful views, moderate to difficult hike during end of March due to hiking in quite a bit of snow. Easy to follow the trail and follow the river and the end view was worth the hike. One way in and one way out!

A must-do hike to see general sherman in its glory. The trail is quite crowded due to being the main attraction in sequoia national park.

When you are able to take a photo with the famous tree, I recommend asking someone to take a vertical panoramic photo bc that’s the only way you’ll be able to fit the whole tree in a photo!

love this trail...

15 days ago

Absolutely stunning views! As of 4/1/18 it was still completely snow covered, so come prepared (aka don’t wear sneakers like my girlfriend—we were up to our knees in parts). With the snow it took about 2.5 hours with some time spent up top. Some areas were slick so watch out!

absolutely beautiful in the spring, with flowers and vegetation. Can hear the water rushing during whole walk up, and the destination waterfall is iinteresting with the white rock.

More moderate than hard. approx 1500 ft elevation gain is spread over 3.5 miles (from the gate) Some rocks/rocky steps but mostly easy on the feet. Trail clearly marked. No crossings. A few spots of some exposure, but only near very end.

This is probably horrific in summer.

I disagree that this is considered a "hard" trail. I bet it would be pretty brutal in the dead heat of the summer but overall it was a piece of cake on 3/29/2018. I'm not in the best shape right now, but completed this one w/ 4 buddies after I was hiking in Yosemite the day before. So go for it. If you can handle the inclines on the first half of the trail, you'll be fine.

I did this trail in August 2017. What a great hike. Wooded lowlands till you get above the tree line. Sun was brutal at that point. Camped out at panther gap, then hiked over to pear like the next day and camped there. 80degree days and 60 degree nights

22 days ago

This trail is worth the hike because of the amazing views! The driving road up to the trail was closed so you have to walk 20 minutes up a slow incline snowy road to get to the trailhead. Highly recommend this hike, took just over an hour and half to do it all!

Did this trail yesterday, 3/27/18. The trail was covered with snow. Not too bad going in but as the day warmed up the snow became soft and slushy. overall great hike

23 days ago

Great trail. Hiked all the way to Whiskey Log at trails end. The trail needs work beyond Lady Bug but still a great trail. Took family and everyone had a great time. You have to look off the trail to the right when headed east to find campsites. The best ones are before the end of Lady Bug Trail.

26 days ago

Completed this trail on Labor Day, September 4th, 2017. No doubt! It certainly was one of our favorite trails in California. We love difficult trails so when researching we just had to test this one out. SO glad we did and loved it! Go Alta Peak #respectfornature.

Great trail to hike. It was my first ever trail 3 years ago and I have done it over 4 more times since then. The views are amazing and end destination is well worth the hike. Careful though I have seen snakes on two of my hikes. One of which was a Rattle Snake.

It is a really nice trail. The only thing that I disliked is not knowing that there is not a paved road on the way up there. It barely can accommodate 2 cars if that at some point. Definitely recommend it if you have a truck or off road capable vehicle like a nice 4Runner.

1 month ago

My favorite trail ever! It felt like we were walking through Narnia. Not many people on the trail and the views from the top were AMAZING! There's a bit of a climb, but it's pretty gradual. I went in July and September and it was great both times!

My sister and I hiked this trail in November around 3pm. The views are great! On our way to the point we could not find the trail once we made it to the top of the first hill. It took us awhile to find but we did. On our return back, at the point we loss the trail before We encountered a mountain lion. There was no way for us to get around it so we had no choice but to turn around and go to the next stop of Morro Rock which was 2.5 miles away. Unfortunately the mountain lion followed us the whole way and was about 2 feet away when it was closest to us. We lost the trail 2 times while it was following us due to the trails not being marked. We ended up finding the road instead of the trail with the mountain lion right behind us. Thankfully the cars helped chase it back into the woods and we found someone nice enough to take us back to our car. We had lots of cuts and bruises and we were soaking wet from ending up in a creek. Crazy experience. Definitely go in the early afternoon to avoid mountain lions!

1 month ago

Good short hike with beautiful views.

beautiful valley hike. Lots of wildflowers and wildlife. I saw a bear off in the distance! Moderate traffic. This hike is a great hike to get some good pictures.

1 month ago

I don't know why more people don't do this hike. It is a very easy hike but it gives you that in the middle of nowhere feel. Little to no traffic. We were the only ones on the trail and were able to travel it with a 6 year old. There may not be much elevation gain but once you get to the end you will see an AMAZING view. One of my favorites in Sequoia. And if you want a romantic sunset to watch over the valley with the mountains in the background, what better place than the place with "sunset" in its name?!

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