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15 hours ago

One of the highest quality hikes in the sierras
The trail is rock and rut free
Start early to avoid mid- day heat
As of June 18 the snow is no longer

A really nice easy trail :)

Amazing hike, one of my absolute favorites. Me and my husband hiked this trail two weeks ago. The weather was perfect, not too hot and only a little bit of snow at the top. Plenty of water on the way. It is a tough day hike though and the altitude takes it’s toll on you. A number of people we passed couldn’t make it to the top. Still, the views of snowy Sierra peaks are totally worth it.

We LOVED this hike! Stunning views during the whole hike with a steady climb through out. This hike gives a lot of rest time between your uphill climbs which was greatly appreciated. Would do this hike again and again.

Beautiful trail, moderately trafficked. Interesting old cabin made from a hollowed out log.

From here we followed signs to Sherman Tree 2.5 miles away. Beware: the signs fail to mention Sherman Tree after half a mile. So if you have no trails map, follow signs to Washington Tree then carry on past it till you meet Alta trail T-junction where you turn right.

10 days ago

The trail is a peaceful walk in the park. Felt like a museum with some signs identifying sequoias as the President, another General, and House of Senate.

11 days ago

Paved trail through grove of big trees. Not flat, but nothing major. Wonderful stroll

Honestly, I think this was a bit boring

13 days ago

Great hike, I did this along with the lakes trail. It's nice to see where you were before. As of late May, alta peak is still covered with snow for the last segment, but very doable.

13 days ago

It's alright but so crowded

Completed this past Sunday, despite dodgy weather. it's a nice hike with varied terrain and I have no doubt that the view from the peak would be great if there was good visibility, but there was very dense fog and the last 1k feet was snow-covered. Lots of nice streams. be prepared for inclement weather and snow if climbing in May

easy trial, amazing walk.

Some unique sequoias in this loop area.

1 month ago

Such a beautiful trail that meanders through the forest. You get great views of some big trees and unique groups of several trees together (The Senate and The House). I recommend going very early (before 9am) and you pretty much have the place to yourself. It’s incredibly quiet and peaceful. My only criticism is that the majority of the identifying signs for the trees were down for repair with a sign that they would be back up in spring 2017. (I hiked it 5/18/18, still no signs).

One of my favorite hikes ... complete it once every year. It has a couple places which make you work. The last face definitely makes you work for the end game ... an absolutely gorgeous view of the Sequoias. If you are adventurous, you can go off trail and scramble down to Pear Lake down below. In the summer, make sure you start out as early a possible because mid afternoon thunderstorms are common in the area. I was stranded in a lightning storm for a couple hours one year. Bring plenty of water when hot as water holes aren't always available.

Fewer people on this trail than the General Sherman Trail, but I'd still call ik "moderately trafficked". You walk along some huge Sequoia Trees with nametags.

1 month ago

Hi. I am looking for trails in Sequoia. Group of 4 girls who are physically fit, We are looking for a 4-6 mile hike with good views. Would this be the right trail to take? Thanks in advance!

Great trail and good for bear sightings as they seem to be common in this area.

Went for a 3 day, 2 night camping trip with the Boyfriend. It was incredible. Beautiful views with every step! Be ready to get your feet wet if you are planning on hiking out to Redwood Meadow! The water is so crisp and refreshing to drink (with a LifeStraw) but it doesn't feel to good when you get wet. We built our basecamp on a quiet little peninsula near where the Panther Creek and Middle Fork creek merge. It was so peaceful I didn't want to leave!

The walk through the massive Sequoias is just ideal. Carry on to the Eagle View trail for glorious views of the high Sierras.

2 months ago

The trail was a nice and challenging trail. My first backpacking trip/trail. Two nights two days. Parked at Buckeye campground and hike up to the trailhead. Hit the trail up this April of 2018. Before the rain the river crossings weren’t bad. After a night of rain they were impossible. Waited for the river to die down a bit and crossed. The trail is well blazed and has nice views along the whole trail. AllTrails Pro did not really work out there though. Only downside.

I did this trail in August 2017. What a great hike. Wooded lowlands till you get above the tree line. Sun was brutal at that point. Camped out at panther gap, then hiked over to pear like the next day and camped there. 80degree days and 60 degree nights

2 months ago

Completed this trail on Labor Day, September 4th, 2017. No doubt! It certainly was one of our favorite trails in California. We love difficult trails so when researching we just had to test this one out. SO glad we did and loved it! Go Alta Peak #respectfornature.

beautiful valley hike. Lots of wildflowers and wildlife. I saw a bear off in the distance! Moderate traffic. This hike is a great hike to get some good pictures.

3 months ago

Very easy hike and mostly paved. I don't really prefer paved hikes but that is just me. But I loved the sequoia trees. It is so peaceful once you get a ways in and the smells are like no other!

Giant trees

Friends saw a bear and I didn’t

4 months ago

If you are accessing the Congress Trail from General Sherman Tree trail than you will be delighted to know that the Congress Trail is peaceful and lightly trafficked “at least the day we went” unlike General Sherman Trail. If you enjoy seeing Sequoia’s than this trail is a must, this trail provided up close views of hundreds of Sequoia’s.

the uphill climb was brutal in the snow, but definitely worth every drop of sweat. the snow and view was so breath taking! and the way down is a breeze. wear shoes with a good grip, the ice was very slippery and the snow was up almost to my knees.

This trail was very easy and fun to explore!

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