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scenic driving
1 day ago

Beautifull Lake

2 days ago

Beautiful hot springs. Not to many people during the week.

6 days ago

Moderately hiked (easy to moderate), lightly camped trail. Several sand embankment campsites - perfect for stone fire rings and level sand tent footprints. No need to hike water in, I wasted the effort as my Sawyer filtered river water was crisp and quenching. Seven Teacups is not accessible from the trail as crossing the Kern is necessary and is hazardous given high river flow. Recommend hiking past teacups (about 2 miles from bridge) to find less frequented campsites. No permits required, but if you are fishing you must use “no barb” hooks (bent down barb - increases fish survival) as this is a wild Golden Trout (California’s State Fish) area which is protected (limit 2 catches and not more than 10”) - catch and release is always best.

10 days ago

I have no idea why this is rated hard but so be it. It's a nice hike with not much elevation gain. You can bring your dog and the path is well maintained along the way (some larger rocks in the way but that's it). If you wanna catch some fish along the way, make sure to bring BARBLESS hooks, as these are the only ones allowed in this area. There are many very nice campsite along the way, very close to the river. I'd rate this hike as easy to moderate.

It’s so nice & the water feeels great but a lot of weirdos lol

My friend and I were out here the other day at about 7pm. I’m glad I had my headlamp because it was pitch black. There was no moon out but the stars looked amazing! When we arrived, there was one couple in one of the pools and some tweeker in the small rectangular pool. Since it was later in the day and completely dark, my friend and I got naked and we sat next to the tweeker (hahaha). Please note, my friend and I are larger (fluffy) guys so when we sat in the rectangular pool, the water overflowed to the other pools (too bad the tweeker didn’t float on over..). About an hour later, the couple there had departed and my friend and I made our way to that pool, leaving the tweeker alone in a half empty pool (hahaha). We stayed for about 2 hrs gazing at the stars and just floating naked in the hot pool. This was our first time coming here and it was a great experience for the both of us. We would definitely do it all over again. The map on this app was great to use especially since my phone reception had stopped working. The hike down to the pools was a breeze; however, for two fluffy guys heading back up the trail, it was an adventure.

on Miracle Hot Spring

3 months ago

Don't be fooled by the track on this map. It is not accurate. The springs are right on the river. If you drive into the Hobo Campground, you can find the trail head to the springs at the far western end of the campground. A short walk will bring you to several shallow pools where in you will undoubtedly find humans of all sorts. Some of the pools are very hot!

4 months ago

I went there with my baby, it was a nice day.
We had big fun hike both way down to the hot water and hiked up the hill.

on Balch Park Trail

4 months ago

What is marked as a trailhead appears to be on state prison grounds. Has anyone actually done this hike?

4 months ago

I went there this morning with my baby Jade, it was easy to park and walk straight less than a minute to a nice hot spring. Jade and I had a great time and met nice people at the Miracles hot spring. Don’t forget to bring waters and some snack if you prefer.

We arrived. Skinny-dippers all over left and right. After about 1hr of being there everyone left and we had all 3 ‘pools’ to ourselves. Once we had it to ourselves it was GREAT!

Warm/hot water
Water is see-through to the bottom
Clean water cycles daily with the natural spring current
Good views on the way there
Good views once there
Great great great spot if you get it all to yourself
My belongings were respected
People were respectful
Easy/short hike down/up

Visibly flowing dead skin
Skinny-dippers (may be present)
Groups of people hang out spot
People camping very nearby
Water smells like sulfur/egg (you get use to it quick)
Trash/man made stuff left behind
You may come across ‘sensitive’ people
For elders (The hike back up may be a little steep)

Too many people and too much trash. It's now more of a cesspool than a hot spring. Go if you don't mind sitting shoulder to shoulder with 7 other people. Including children who urinate in the water.

Just wanted to add that Kern River Conservancy and Keepers of the Kern are putting more effort in keeping that part of the river clean. It's disturbing to me that people go to a beautiful place like the Forks and have to leave their trash. we have gotten the river from Kernville to Johnsondale bridge free of trash.

4 months ago

I haven't been as far as painters camp. we made it about a half past the bridge. my favorite place. Going to go to painters camp the year. I love the Kern

too confusing not easy

5 months ago

It was a good day. Wish we were able to cross the river. Went with a 5 year old and she didn’t get tired till we turned back. We will have to try again when the water is a bit lower.

Read the Tips section. It’s important and would have helped a few the reviewers. The description even mentions it... still a beautiful hike without seeing the teacups but if you can cross and scramble up they are worth it!
Also, follow the gpx route for the best place to wade across.

Beautiful views throughout the hike! NOT a difficult trek and I would label it as relatively level and easy. There are many routes to the river bank for anglers.

6 months ago

Nice hike to the falls although you can't really see the teacups unless you wade across the river and scale the side of the mountain. Not feasible for me, the dogs, wife and son... yes it's that easy. There is only a little bit of going around and over some rocks. The trail takes you along the East side of the East fork of the Kern River the whole way. The falls are about 2.5 miles in and on the West side. not really many good places I would cross. The lower part of the falls is beautiful but you can't see the actual teacups from the trail. Gorgeous hike though. Do it.

Absolutely loved it. Trail was a little confusing at times (though not long and I forgot to use my map). Easy enough for my three year old to hike with most of the way down and up with minimal help. Very busy during the day as a local hang out with drinking involved so if you want peace and quiet I suggest going really early.

Sequoia NF is absolutely beautiful! The ride to the trailhead itself is filled with stunning scenery. This trail as described is 2.5 miles of the “River Trail” and is NOT “hard”. My sister-in-law was who doesn’t fancy herself a hiker was hesitant to join the hike because she was put off by the “hard” description. I convinced her based on the distance and topography and she had no trouble at all. Now, we were unable to cross the Kern River and get to the Teacups as the water was too high. We even hiked beyond the Teacups in an attempt to find a safe place to ford to no avail. Oh well, next time we’ll approach from the other side of the river. Nevertheless it was a beautiful day and a beautiful scenic hike along the river.

8 months ago

Awesome hike BUT there are two ways to get there: the first is up the Kern as this map suggests, but yes you need to wade across the river (which is not easy or warm). The second route is (as another writer suggests) up the road another mile-ish past the waterfall/look out. It's very easy to miss. It's an old road that joins a trail which is a little overgrown but quite beautiful. I used a local map which included the trail. It intersects with a few other trails and roads but eventually drops down to the creek and it's easy to scramble to the top of the cups/falls. Be careful! It also looks easy to fall down those falls!

8 months ago

The trail was very steep and slippery. So much trash and the people were not all friendly.

Great trip mountaineering the teacups. the water was a bit higher so it took a little more time to make sure everything was done safely. Don't jump if you don't know how deep it is. We past a group with one guy to had a broken ankle.

Great trail to get to some wild trout. Not many people fishing this far up the Kern because of its isolated location. Great trout and great backpacking. The hike out is tough. Leave early in the morning or later in the evening. Pack as light as possible.

9 months ago

Pros: incredible wild flowers, amazing views, and a lot of solitude. Cons: Trail from farewell pass to silver lake is completely overgrown at times with thorny shrubs and fallen trees. The trail beyond that is super hard to find until Franklin pass (which is still snowy) . Be prepared to navigate with a compass and topo and not see a defined trail for miles.

This place was absolutely stunning. When we were here the falls were perfect. The water wasn't too strong, but the rocks are slippery at points. Some people like to remove clothing so keep your eyes out if you have kids! The top of the falls is beautiful and there are several pools to swim around in. Some deeper than others. You can see occasional trout in the streams and deeper pools. We just got home and we already want to go back.

Sure was nice, the people were friendly. Just stick to the trail or ask someone, there is usually someone on top. Have fun and enjoy.

9 months ago

Had an awesome time on this hike! The water was flowing very well, as of 7/29/17. The hike is roughly 3 miles to the cups, but you're on the opposite side of the river.

We ditched our gear and swam across to get to the cups, but I wouldn't recommend that if you're not a strong swimmer. I played in the bottom four cups, but wasn't able to reach the top ones.

Tons of fun definitely recommend this trail!!

I do not recommend that anyone follow my gps trail path. I showed up super late at night after sunset and, having never been here before, tried to find my way using a head lamp. Ended up falling down a few steep cliff sides and landing on some boulders. If you do happen to go the wrong way like I did, there is actually a very nice stone staircase with safety railings on the other side of the parking lot. You can take that pathway back up if you just follow the river

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