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Awesome time kids loved it

We love this area. My hubby and I hiked all the way to the falls. We saw a snake on our way there, right before we cross that little creek. This area offers a free overnight camping.

22 days ago

Great quiet trail. Every bend in the river of a fly fisherman's dream. The initial descent and final ascent are not for the faint of heart.

1 month ago

I don't know what happened but when I tried to get into this place, the road was blocked. I probably made a wrong turn or came in a different way Got into the lake from a place farther up. There were tons of people there labor day weekend as expected. The lake really smelled and there was broken glass everywhere. I didn't stay for long and didn't let my dog into the water. It was really hot. Tons of people jetskiing and out on boats fishing.

1 month ago

we initially were going to hike to bullfrog lake, but we were pretty thrashed from the elevation climb and carrying 25+ pounds in our backpacks. we hiked past the farewell gap point and hiked down into the valley that is right below bullfrog lake. we decided to make camp in the beautiful valley and we do not regret not going to the lake. the switch backs on this trail can be pretty hard but other than that the hike was beautiful and we enjoyed every moment going into the back country. I highly recommend backpacking this trail or if you just want to do a day hike to the stopping point.

very beautiful place...they say kid friendly but its kind of scary because rocks are very slick...but do recommend going

2 months ago

Incredible views and well earned solitude during the middle of the loop. We went counterclockwise heading over Farewell Gap a few hours in then passed up Bullfrog Lake to make a little more headway before camping near the Broder’s Cabin site (which we didn’t actually find even though we looked). Expect that once you’re over farewell pass and into the Golden Trout Wilderness you’ll gain a real appreciation for the maintained trails of Sequoia Nat’l Park! Day two we continued through the brush only losing the trail once, until we intersected Shotgun Creek where there’s a sign pointing to Silver Lake. Here the trail basically ceased to exist and it’s uphill land-nav at its finest until you reach Silver Lake. Once you’re at the lake the trail becomes visible again and it’s a tough slog up loose sand/pebble mountainside to get to Shotgun Pass. The trail gets tough to follow again but it’s easy hiking down to the marsh area after which there are cairns marking the way down to Rattlesnake Creek where you pick up a well groomed trail again. The hike up to Franklin Pass is rewarded with some of the best views of the trip. The switchbacks down to Franklin Lakes take forever but would be even more boring if you were slogging up! We camped at Franklin lake then it was all downhill easy going back to Mineral King on day three. Awesome trip. Right at 48 hrs at a moderate pace. Definitely wear pants for the portion through Golden Trout as you’ll beat bush quite a bit. I definitely will do this trip again one day.

This place was absolutely beautiful. My hometown is not far from here and there is a swimming hole there that the locals have been trashing lately. This place had minimal trash. Honestly about 3-4 pieces my trail mates and I picked up. The trail is nonexistent but once you get the the location that the cars are parked, the way to the creek is simple. Then follow it down to see the falls. It’s a scramble down the mountain/make your own path type of thing. Great on a hot summer day!

Absolutely Beautiful Hike!!! I would rate this moderate instead of easy. The "easy" rating is misleading. There was also no sight of a waterfall when we went and the trail does not cross over the river like stated. Nonetheless, it was well worth the hike! We hiked in about 4.2 miles and had a picnic lunch at what seemed to be the end of the trail. We then took some time to swim in the river (be careful). We only saw one other group hiking around the same time, and one couple that seemed to have camped out. I would definitely go back and maybe make a mini backpacking trip out of it.

It was a prison. I was not able to find this actual hike.

We went to this trail that goes right along the river. The maps brings you right to the bridge where you start off. You can go down on either side of the river to swim. Past that, I didn’t bother unless you were planning on going to 7 teacups. If you do plan this in summer, there is barely any shade. Bring lots of water! I brought my pup on this and wouldn’t dare leave her off leash. Bring extra water for the pup too! Very rocky, not very kid friendly. Would deforest rate this as moderate.

Trail? What trail? I asked in the camp and was told to follow the creek, That we did, through several beat down bandit camps with large fire rings and some trash left by those without wilderness ethics. Plenty of shade, We stayed on the south side of the creek and had no trouble locating the cascading pools above the main waterfall. Despite the lack of defined trail I still recommend this forest stroll for the beauty of the cool (cold!) sparkling and refreshing water. Be sure to supervise young children and wilderness novices around the slippery granite of the cascades. My dog even slid around and looked surprised when he needed help to get back on his feet. Didn't see any snakes, just birds and small trout.

off road driving
3 months ago

Completed in our JK (3" lift & 35" A/T tires). No real challenge, but it was nice to explore the area. Lot of no trespassing signs along the route. We came across several cows/cattle on the trail (more like a fire road). Probably won't do again as we are from SoCal area, just up here camping at Lake Isabella for the week.

scenic driving
4 months ago

Beautifull Lake

mountain biking
5 months ago

5 months ago

It was very sketchy on some parts, definitely was not easy. But the view will make you want to go back every time.

Gorgeous scenery. We took the dogs and it was a great trail for them as well. I would rate the trail as easy/moderate. There are plenty of rocks to climb over on the trail with some occasional inclines . There were also a couple of cool spots right next to the river to do a camping trip, so we will most definitely be back!

off road driving
8 months ago

Pleasant enough alternative to CA 178 but not something outstanding and once done I doubt you'll return.

on Balch Park Trail

8 months ago

What is marked as a trailhead appears to be on state prison grounds. Has anyone actually done this hike?

Just wanted to add that Kern River Conservancy and Keepers of the Kern are putting more effort in keeping that part of the river clean. It's disturbing to me that people go to a beautiful place like the Forks and have to leave their trash. we have gotten the river from Kernville to Johnsondale bridge free of trash.

9 months ago

I haven't been as far as painters camp. we made it about a half past the bridge. my favorite place. Going to go to painters camp the year. I love the Kern

Hiked 1/7/18 and went to the 7 tea cups and back, which I am guessing was about 4 miles round trip.

Would not categorize this as easy because although there are amazing views and is fairly flat, the terrain is so rocky and uneven on most of the trail.

With that said, I would not recommend this trail for younger children due to the terrain. We took our 8 year old daughter and there was some stumbles.

Ending at 7 tea cups was a nice, well known swim spot for the summer but we also learned it is very crowded at that time. Plan to go back in late summer to hopefully enjoy the water and skip the crowds!

Fairly easy hike. May have had too high of expectations, but it was okay. Views were just okay... no distinct start/finish... description says it's a 1.9 mile hike, but it's not marked except for the PCT trail markings... I used this app & hiked just under 4 miles... I guess you can go as far as you want; nothing states "Walkers Pass begins / ends here"

I’m not sure I would classify this hike as “easy”. I thought hiking over the rolling rocks of the Lost Coast Trail were not as difficult as some of the granite we had to traverse over on this hike. The scenery was beautiful, though.

This trail is steep, has some very nice views and the stream is tranquil. It is approximately a 6 hour hike if you plan on going all the way to the cave.

11 months ago

Amazing hike from Sierra Road up to the Meadows yesterday. It's strenuous but not technical, and very rewarding. Fantastic views and some interesting wildlife.

Started out at 9am, got to the Meadows at 1:30pm. Ate lunch for half an hour, then back to the parking lot at 5:15. So 4:30 hours hiking up, 3:15 coming down. I brought 3 litres of water which was just enough.

Very little traffic on trail expect for a few mountain bikers riding down. They can approach very quickly and surprised me at one point - keep your head up.

Would highly recommend for fit, experienced hikers.

This trail was rocky, but the fall colors were out and it was a beautiful day!!

Thursday, August 31, 2017

It's about an hour hike up to the Seven Teacups waterfalls on your left. I agree that the trail is very rocky and you should wear good boots or hiking shoes. The trail is incredibly beautiful and there are plenty of places to camp along the river. Just try to find a spot with shade. I stayed up there for 4 days (during the week) and only saw two people. This is a powerful place... so grateful.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Great trail to get to some wild trout. Not many people fishing this far up the Kern because of its isolated location. Great trout and great backpacking. The hike out is tough. Leave early in the morning or later in the evening. Pack as light as possible.

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