Photos of Sequoia National Forest Birding Trails

1 day ago

For those who can’t find the trail head:

It is .1 miles, on the right, down the road leading from Bear Creek Road to the Prison (.2 miles from prison parking lot). It looks like a well used dirt road leading into the hills.

DO NOT PARK ON THE NO NAME ROAD LEADING TO THE PRISON. It is owned by the prison. Park on Bear Creek near the road head and walk up to the trail.

The trail also goes back to Bear Creek Road about 5 miles in, so you can drive further on and not need to start at trailhead. But you miss some good hiking and great views.

The prison is minimum security, but an officer might approach you as you enter the trail. They are just checking to make sure you are there to hike. They are quite nice. On our first encounter, the officer pointed out the sights!!!

Prison is only visible 1st .25 miles of walk. But has an ambulance and medical facilities, so beginner hikers need not fear about being far away from help if that is your concern. The rest is an easy wide well used path through pine forest. It is mostly up hill at a steep angle, so beginners might need to pace themselves.

About 8 miles in you run into two beautiful lakes!

First 5 miles took about 2.5 hours with a dog. Walk back took 50 minutes.

Animal activity: saw no rattlers or signs of them, coyote scat and tracks, deer tracks, and black bear scat in several places, but it looked old.

Went 9 miles in at max, plan on going again.

Went 3x from December 2018 to Mid-January 2019. Will be back again!