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Just as an update the trail to drive in has been extended and the hike is now about 1.5 each way. Extremely easy to hike in aswell as exceptional fishing and climbing to be done in these areas. A must visit for those who are unabe yo go long distances or just want a simple relacing weekend.

1 day ago

Awesome hike BUT there are two ways to get there: the first is up the Kern as this map suggests, but yes you need to wade across the river (which is not easy or warm). The second route is (as another writer suggests) up the road another mile-ish past the waterfall/look out. It's very easy to miss. It's an old road that joins a trail which is a little overgrown but quite beautiful. I used a local map which included the trail. It intersects with a few other trails and roads but eventually drops down to the creek and it's easy to scramble to the top of the cups/falls. Be careful! It also looks easy to fall down those falls!

1 day ago

The trail was very steep and slippery. So much trash and the people were not all friendly.

off road driving
3 days ago

came from the 58 freeway I was confused at first because it didn't look like a trail, it looked like a dirt road with bunch of privet properties gates so just keep going you will find yourself high up in the forest before you know it.

beautiful views
beautiful trees
high elevation

I walked the Dome Rock today and was treated with the most glorious view. I would go here again.

I just hiked this trail today. It was a tough hike for me since I didn't prepare so it was an uphill battle for me. I took my time and made it. The view was beautiful.

The weather up here during the summer is the best. There was snow up here at the beginning of June.

8 days ago

Great trip mountaineering the teacups. the water was a bit higher so it took a little more time to make sure everything was done safely. Don't jump if you don't know how deep it is. We past a group with one guy to had a broken ankle.

This trail was difficult especially during the summer months. We ran out of water on the way up to the cave 48 ounces each so make sure you bring plenty of water or a filter. We brought headlamps to explore.

13 days ago

Was able to do the trail with my niece and nephew. Good morning outside!

18 days ago

19 days ago

mountain biking
19 days ago

This is not close to Springville as stated in opening description. Springville is used as Sherman Peak is in Tulare County. To access Sherman Peak you depart out of Kernville which is Kern County. Many of the Sequoia National Forrest hikes listed here are more easily reached through Kernville.

Great trail to get to some wild trout. Not many people fishing this far up the Kern because of its isolated location. Great trout and great backpacking. The hike out is tough. Leave early in the morning or later in the evening. Pack as light as possible.