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I give this trail only three stars because according to the map, you cross the river, about two+ miles up the trail, I figured there must be a bridge, but there is no way to cross. I was disappointed because we were unable to get to the cups. Am I missing something??

Good trail but your mostly in the sun. Lots of uphill but the cave was amazing and made the hike worth it! Its deep so make sure to bring a flashlight!June 10, 2017

It was a good hike got out there early and had the place to myself. There were a few small trees that had fallen on the path but nothing major. Great view point.

This was honestly a hard hike for me but I did just hiking trails so it may just be me. The beginning of the hike was the hardest and the the path was overgrown and full of bugs after the creek. I turned around there. Wish I saw the caves but running into poison ivy was the end of my hike for the day. Good luck

It is amazing scenery


Delightful. Paved trail. Lots of families. Fun. Short

Really short if you drive to the parking. But the views are magnificent

trail running
11 days ago

Great day hike while camping at Quaking Aspen. A nice tip that isn't obvious from the map: As you leave the campground, immediately across the highway is a dirt road. Take that for a half mile or so and then take a right onto another dirt road when you get to a junction. That will get you you to the trailhead without having to walk on the dangerous highway. Ended up being about 11 miles from our campsite to the Bush Tree and back.

The trail is very well defined and maintained, never had any issues staying on it. Moderate, but consistent climb go back to Quaking Aspen. Save your water for the the uphill part. You cross a nice stream a few times, which could potentially be a water source.

12 days ago

mountain biking
12 days ago

Good long ride but difficult in sections. We're planning on doing the Cannell trail from the top but the road is still closed part way up from about 6000ft. You can keep driving the fire road past big meadow to park and join Cannell trail from there. You can also bike from the closed road which is a 2500ft climb.

Rode on a Saturday and did not encounter anyone else except some moto riders towards the end. Some great views and scenes throughout the ride.

I'm a novice and coped but it is difficult and took 5 hours.

Make sure you are well prepared because there is no phone coverage and no one else to help you.

this trail is awesome took my kids and loved it.

13 days ago