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Someone please post a review of the drive in to this trail on the dirt access road. We were driving a non-4x4 small SUV rental and did not want to take a chance. I really wanted to do this trail, but the road looked tough because of the recent fires... Maybe a comment on the road conditions will help someone else give it a try.

2 days ago

2 days ago

First hike in the area. Nice warm up for the weekend.

off road driving
2 days ago

How was anyone able to reach this trailhead? Spent 45 minutes roaming treacherous backwoods roads and not finding any of the right turnoffs. Do not attempt this without an SUV or truck. Never even made it to the trail.

off road driving
5 days ago

did this in the dark as we got a late start. This is easy dirt road with a few minor obstacles. The whole road can be driven with car and some care. We traveled the whole length moving slowly avg 15 mph All the way to the 155 connection. It was a great trip and the first one on a used 4 wheel drive i had just bought. So we were gambling on a breakdown on a road I had never been on , but with the great info available here on ALLTRAILS we had a great adventure. Recommend this road for pleasant day or night trip

This trail is definitely a 5

Unlike most places around the Sequoias, this trail allows you to get right up next to the giant trees. There is a easy to walk, paved trail. You have to pay $5 to park, which is unusual in national forest land, but they are doing quite a bit of work clearing out the dead trees. That part of the forest has been hard hit by the bark beetle.

6 days ago

You can actually drive up to within a few yards of Dome Rock, but park below for an easy hike under the pines. The rock provides some of the most spectacular views you can get anywhere. The sides slope down and are deceptively steep, so watch your young ones.

My group would rate this hike as strenuous - especially in the 100 degree heat. The trail has virtually no shade and gains elevation quickly. The cave is a welcome respite from the heat, and you can use the creek water to refill your supply if you have a filter. I'd recommend this hike in a cooler season. Watch out for the poison oak!

8 days ago

Great trail. Not crowded at all. Well worth it.

Nice and easy. Beautiful views.

Good trail. Gets very hot in summer tho, so early hikes are best

9 days ago

10 days ago

Great hike with lots of shade. If you drive about 3 miles in on the dirt path and start at the trail head it is just over 4 miles hiking. We went on a Friday in July during tower "open hours" but the gate was locked at the 2nd flight of stairs which was disappointing. 2 dogs and 10 yo daughter did ok. It's a lot of up hill on way to peak. bring water for dogs and be careful of all the bumble bees.

15 days ago

Nice spot. River Water to high so all but 2 were fluded. Would come again.

16 days ago