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This place was absolutely stunning. When we were here the falls were perfect. The water wasn't too strong, but the rocks are slippery at points. Some people like to remove clothing so keep your eyes out if you have kids! The top of the falls is beautiful and there are several pools to swim around in. Some deeper than others. You can see occasional trout in the streams and deeper pools. We just got home and we already want to go back.

Beautiful hike, very easy and well shaded, we brought along out little dog and he enjoyed it too. Definitely recommended !

Seldom used trail. Only did part of trail about 3 mile out as out of time. Started day doing Casa Vieja but trail closed due to fire so headed out Hooker Meadow and it is worth the effort. 3 mile section I did is easy to moderate. Along a running brook to Meadow then short uphill to dry meadows. Beautiful area and will go back and explore more.

Got it off the PCT in 2017. Awesome summit with a cool rock chair that you get 360 views from. Really hot and no water. Bring some. Keep an eye out for the ducks off the pct to get to the summit.

11 days ago

Nice trail, tough trail for a beginner once we started reaching 9000 feet I had to stop every quarter mile because I wasn't in good condition but beautiful scenery especially when it's cloudy

Me and the family did this trail last year. OK for beginners and you can also take kids.

Sure was nice, the people were friendly. Just stick to the trail or ask someone, there is usually someone on top. Have fun and enjoy.

An easy walk through the woods around massive trees.

16 days ago

18 days ago

Had an awesome time on this hike! The water was flowing very well, as of 7/29/17. The hike is roughly 3 miles to the cups, but you're on the opposite side of the river.

We ditched our gear and swam across to get to the cups, but I wouldn't recommend that if you're not a strong swimmer. I played in the bottom four cups, but wasn't able to reach the top ones.

Tons of fun definitely recommend this trail!!

I do not recommend that anyone follow my gps trail path. I showed up super late at night after sunset and, having never been here before, tried to find my way using a head lamp. Ended up falling down a few steep cliff sides and landing on some boulders. If you do happen to go the wrong way like I did, there is actually a very nice stone staircase with safety railings on the other side of the parking lot. You can take that pathway back up if you just follow the river

Good hike but be forewarned the staircase is closed! And you can't get around it easily at all (would take some advanced rock climbing). Still a beautiful hike though. Only 2.5 miles from the trailhead

Someone please post a review of the drive in to this trail on the dirt access road. We were driving a non-4x4 small SUV rental and did not want to take a chance. I really wanted to do this trail, but the road looked tough because of the recent fires... Maybe a comment on the road conditions will help someone else give it a try.

25 days ago

25 days ago

First hike in the area. Nice warm up for the weekend.

off road driving
26 days ago

How was anyone able to reach this trailhead? Spent 45 minutes roaming treacherous backwoods roads and not finding any of the right turnoffs. Do not attempt this without an SUV or truck. Never even made it to the trail.