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I went the Full 7.5 miles to the top and its a Tale of two trails. The vertical gain is brutal the last half and you gain almost 4500 feet in those 7.5 miles With over 650 feet of gain a mile its a great work out and i was training with a 25# pack.
The 1st half of the Trail is pleasant shading at trimes and fun creek crossings, the only bummer was the Cows and that SMELL, kind of ruins things, but better cows than humans and i saw none of those, the last half of the trail there are no cows or sign or smell of cows and you can smell the big trees that are now dominating the trail, the fun part as you get sore and tired is the trail keeps getting better and better with every step and you just have to keep going, and the Meadow at the top is very nice.

I love this place. It never gets old. I highly recommend it.

Perfect weather during this time of the year. If you are looking for a very quiet hike, this is the place. The road to the trail is bumpy but worth the trip.

2 days ago

Nice hike. I brought my fiancé and our German Shepard puppy. We went 4-1/2 miles up then down. Took about 2 1/2 hrs in and 2 hours out with a couple rest stops.

Awesome trail! Took me about 1 1/2, mostly due to I ran all the way back, Cave is sooo dope tho!!!!

very nice, liked it. Went in Spring, probably be very hot in the summer time

6 days ago

Did this hike last year with a buddy of mine during November not the best conditions but made it work spectacular views enjoy time catching up with an old friend would do it again

6 days ago

Really nice trail. Not too many folks on it, but be mindful of the cows!
LOTS of poison oak. Also saw a Gardner snake. Love all the stream crossings.

Go 1.4 miles past the bridge to enter from the top. Not easy and it's extremely easy to get lost. If you hike from the bridge to the bottom of the cups, it's not difficult.

The water is WAY too high to get in as of April 23, 2017. You will not be able to see the cups unless you have gear and even then I wouldn't recommend it.

7 days ago

Beautiful hike around some redwoods. Small hike, but never gets old.

7 days ago

7 days ago

Great Trail to go on. My Lab loves walking on this trail. I took my 5 year old daughter on an overnighter and she did great. I found some beer cans at the first stream crossing. Please make sure to pack your trash out so this trail stays pristine.

7 days ago

I love this trail, the views from the trail are amazing!

A beautiful scenic trail. Loved it! We walked the whole 3.3 miles and it was breath taking.

13 days ago

Went today, kids enjoyed the trails but as others have said all but one of the springs is flooded and the one that is usable smells like sulfur

17 days ago

We had a great hike here. It took us about 4-5 hours. There are some parts of the trail that get covered from erosion, trees, water, etc but it is pretty easy to find your way. If you are a beginner, probably not the best start due to the steep grades, narrow paths at points and varied terrain. With that said it's doable but be prepared with plenty to hydrate, snacks, sunblock, bug repellent, First Aid kit, and be in a group. Start early to allow for breaks and less heat. The cave is up high so conserve energy along the way for out and back. The cave was totally worth it. Also, if you bring your dog as we did, make sure you've got everything & extra for them.