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Great time of year to go. The trail is well maintained and the grass is the perfect height. The road up isn't that bad, there's few rocks and the only ruts are from water drainage. The directions link above takes you past the trailhead, make sure you don't pass it unless you want to travel even rougher roads and see an old house.

13 days ago

Backpacked this trail in June of 2016. We were the first group that year to cross over from the Mineral King Side. There was considerable snow blocking the trail, but we managed to make it up and over (no special gear required).

Crossed the Gap and camped down @ Bullion Flat. Fantastic little area. Water running down the side of the camp site. Spectacular sunrise. Well worth the drive up to Mineral King.....which is possibly the worst road have ever been on. Overall, great weekender trip. We used it as our shakeout for the HST later that year.

13 days ago

Fantastic trail close to home. Can be an excellent day hike, or a 1-nighter. I hiked about 6 miles (3 miles out & 3 back). With all the rain this year, and good snow pack up on Breckenridge, the water crossings were not easy little trickles. They were raging. But nothing too major. I took my mutt as I am trying to get her used to hiking. With a dog, the only negative about this trail--for me-- is that cattle guards are something we haven't found a creative & effective solution for.

A great hike for anyone to enjoy themselves and take in the view from the top. There was lots of snow which gave an added experience. Definitely will be doing this hike again in the spring!

I had not been hiking in many years and not in the best shape so this hike was perfect for me to get back into hiking. the trail was covered in snow and very pretty.

awesome trail

Did this hike with my wife and daughter who was only 15 months old back in 91'. Awesome sequoia tree for sure. No one else out there the day we went. Very away from the crowds. Pretty warm the day we hiked it too.

24 days ago

This was a great, family-friendly trail. The water is high right now. There were some areas that we had to search for the best way to cross the stream. Or you could take the easy, freezing way and walk straight through! Next time, I'm wearing my water sandals. Watch out for the cows! They like to give people the evil eye! I would definitely come back:)

1 month ago

Loved this trail. Great way to spend the day.

1 month ago

1 month ago

Creek was completely overrun after rain the previous day which made it look more like a River. Beautiful hike as everything is green from recent rains.. Made it 3.5 miles up before turning back as we got a late start.

It is very nice but watch out for skinny dippers!