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3 days ago

Absolutely loved it. Trail was a little confusing at times (though not long and I forgot to use my map). Easy enough for my three year old to hike with most of the way down and up with minimal help. Very busy during the day as a local hang out with drinking involved so if you want peace and quiet I suggest going really early.

Beautiful hike through pine forest with fantastic views. Trail was easy to follow for about 2 miles then it kind of wasn't. There were some bike tire tracks and some cairns then nothing, our kids had had enough so we climbed up to the ridge, took some pics and turned around, felt slightly cheated as we'd gone nearly the full way but not enough to spoil it. One other thing, it is a long way from anywhere....

Nice walk, Just amazing.

Gentle meander on a paved footpath amidst the giants. Fairly busy, family friendly with kids screaming along the way

9 days ago

Nice trail. Easy hiking, great with kids. Lots of tree cover so not many views but where you can see it is great. Very enjoyable.

10 days ago

12 days ago

My mom and I loved this trail! We've lived nearby for many, many years and never knew it was there because we'd usually only go to the mountain for the snow! It was a great trail - just challenging enough to feel like a hike and very scenic in places. You do have to share the trail with mountain bikers, but they're usually very aware of pedestrians, so just pay attention and share the trail. I still can't believe such beautiful wilderness was right in our backyard this whole time!

15 days ago

This was a great trail to be able to drive up close to the dome with the family and let the kids go out and hike around. The views were absolutely gorgeous and the Forrest was excellent! I would highly recommend it!

15 days ago

A short trail , going mostly through a burned forest. Views from the top are nice. It was very windy up there. Since the trail was short , I tried to climb other hills along the way. I was the only one along the trail. The road leading there is rough and on a single lane - so watch out for vehicles coming ahead. All and all - an OK trail.
Note : Nearby is lake Isabella - I went just to relax and watch the view for an hour. If you are already in the area - visit the lake !

15 days ago

Yesterday was my first time on this trail and I wasn't impressed by it. The time it took to get up there I could have went to a better location. In some spots the view was beautiful but those spots were two far in between, in my opinion.