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6 days ago

prepare for a continuous uphill battle. it's tough.

10 days ago

Really nice hike. Everything was green and there were a lot of wild flowers. The trail is a lot longer than 11 miles. I noticed when checked all trails and I was way past the tracking on the map. It keeps going, but I didn't go all of the way because it was getting late. I ended up doing 14.5 miles round trip.

Great little hike. Paved with a few bumps due to fallen trees. Kids loved seeing the huge trees

AMAZING! We hiked with two kids 8 and 10 yr old. Keep going past the 1 mile!!! You'll be glad you did. Due to the massive amount of Rain/Snow this year the water level is very high. Extremely beautiful hike. We hiked 5 miles in and there was still more to the trail. Much to do and see. Our favorite parts were the little primitive camp sights along the way that the kids stopped and played in.

Great hike. First part of the hike is very hard and little shade. Some erosion due to lots of rain this year. Many little pools to play in while hiking there. The cave was amazing.

Great trail!!! I think moderate is more fitting than hard. BEAUTIFUL sequoias!!

12 days ago

I did the walking version of this trail, where the word trail is really road. The roads were closed so start point was Red Rock Ranger station also closed. The total mileage is 16.4 round trip. It is located about 15-20 miles away from Kennedy Meadows. One will need at a min in early spring 3 liters of water.

For a trekker like me the elevation gains are gradual and easy the road walking is a bummer. The original pictures posted are not representative of the path the pictures I posted are. The route leads to a primitive campground.

After further review the stated route needs to be expanded about another 1/2 mile to get to Smith Meadow. On foot at the end point the meadow is not visible.

In route there are several meadows and flowing springs this is why I rated at three stars.

Absolutely stunning!!

I'm not sure if it's because the water is up so high but you can only walk maybe 200ft then the real runs into a big boulder.

Well we didn't actually find a safe Creek crossing, so instead we went a couple of miles on a trail that followed the creek. Beautiful raging water flowing all the way. Go now while there is water in the creek as it is well worth it.