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If you are planning to head to Pear Lake Ski Hut in the Winter make sure you go low around Aster lake and don’t follow the trail on this map that goes between Aster Lake and Emerald Lake. PLEASE NOTE: During winter conditions the route on this map is the summer route and takes you into very steep avalanche prone area. It’s a little confusing because there are Yellow Trail Blazes that mark the trail for both summer and winter routes. Don’t rely on the blazes as your only means of navigation. Go low around Aster Lake!!! Here’s a link to a map for this section: http://imgur.com/a/FbEzq

nice hike good workout, recommended for those that like hiking and backpacking

The uphill hump trail to heather lake is more like strenuous... there is no break! We would recommend doing the watchtower trail to heather lake and returning using the downhill version of the hump trail.... much more enjoyable experience! Beautiful scenery on the watchtower trail and heather lake is amazing as well!!! Enjoy your hike

I have done this hike about 4 times. It is moderate until the climb out of Pear lake, which is off trail. It then becomes quit difficult. It's a scramble and at times you will be using your hands. Finding the correct route up from Pear to the table lands is tricky. Once on top it's moderate again. The scenic overlook on the NW rim is breathtaking and well worth the trip. If you plan to do this in one day, you better be a lot younger and fitter that I. A little land navigation is necessary, but I would classify that as moderate.

That was great! Did it along with Alta peak, which you see from the lake. That made it very special. As of End of May, there was still snow, and the watchtower segment was closed, but I did it and had no problem whatsoever (but there is snow and ice...so.... you need to know what you are doing)

That was great! Did it along with Alta peak, which you see from the lake. That made it very special. As of End of May, there was still snow, and the watchtower segment was closed, but I did it and had no problem whatsoever (but there is snow and ice...so.... you need to know what you are doing)

It's a nice and easy segment. You have some nice views. Saw a bear near panther gap, that was exciting!

Still quite a bit of snow above 8,000 ft. Trail wasn’t super well marked due to the snow so look for footprints. Gorgeous views once you get to the top of the first climb.

Did this after the crazy winter in 2017 and it was a short steep climb up snow as there was pretty much no visible trail. If you do this in winter make sure you have decent navigation skills and don't walk over running water as pretty much everyone in my group post holed at least once.

This trail does not actually connect as shown. You will have to make a bit of our own path to connect. Went end of April and there was snow about 3 miles in.

I hiked the first 4.1 miles and back today, only up to Heather Lake. I would certainly have completed the trail up to Pear Lake if it wasn't for some pesky mild foot pain I've been babying lately and that made me decide not to overdo it. If it wasn't for that, I would have kept going, albeit at a slowish pace due to the snowy conditions higher up. The trail was largely snow-free at the trailhead, but gradually transformef into a winter wonderland by the time I got to Heather Lake. I left my crampons at home, but it wouldn't have hurt bringing them along. There were quite a few other hikers, and by far most of them also only wore simple footwear / normal hiking shoes. I'm looking forward to returning to do the full trail and maybe take the Watchtower route later in the year.

4/2/18: Views were worth the effort. Made it to pear lake without snow shoes or skis. Snow is melting quickly though.

With the snow and being short of time, only walked the first two miles and then turned around. Other trail users were skiers (7), snowshoes (6), hikers (5). Totally coming back1

Hiked up to Heather Lake on January 28th. The trail is easy until you get to hump trail. It is quite a climb up to the lake but well worth it. We passed a few folks taking breaks as the climb was steep. Glad we took our crampons as the trail was a bit icy in the beginning and covered in the snow at the top. The lake was frozen but we enjoyed the view from our hammock :). We hike most weekends and like to climb so this trail was awesome for what we were looking for! Take it easy on the climb up. It may feel like forever reaching the top but you’ll get there and the views are very rewarding

Loved this hike! Definately more challenging on the way to Heather lake via hump trail because of the uphill challenge the majority of the way! However, the trail is beautiful and well maintained. I would definately go on the hump trail again! Loved it❤️

Challenging but doable! Slow and steady wins the race. Did this in January 2018. Goal was Heather Lake. Made it! Lake was frozen. Hung out with my lovely wife on a hammock and enjoyed the view of Marble Fork Canyon. Look forward to doing it again in spring where I’ll take the Watchtower Trail.

this hike was pretty awesome. Hump trail which is less than 2 miles till heather lake, climbs upto 1150 ft. Watchtower route is closed due to icy conditions. There was very less snow at this time, we had to put spikes near heather lake descending. Snow started at around 9400 ft, below that there were patches of snow.

This was a nice hike - did it in early June and was subdued by clouds/fog towards the end of the climb. No views at the summit, consequently, but bounding down the still-deep snow on the way down was good fun.

One of the best views of my life! I'm 49 now, and I was there at age 15

Great hike even during the winter! Highly recommend crampons

I've done this one in the spring, summer, fall, and snowshoed it in the winter. gorgeous view!

Thursday, July 07, 2016

Great Hike

It was a breathtaking and majestic stop on our way towards Alta meadow. My boyfriend and I had a brief picnics there as well. Well worth it!

Started at Wolverton on this out and back adventure. I hiked to Panther Gap where the view was great. First half of the trail had no snow however, the conditions changed the second half. The snow was covering the trail so you had to rely on the markers which slowed me down.

trail running
Friday, March 18, 2011

Nice trail run. Came in from Wolverton and out via High Sierra trail from the Mehrten creek bivouac site.

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