I liked the trail. Surprised to see lots of trees coz some photos or comments said hardly any. Didn’t see many dog poop although some hikers have dogs. Saw horse poop here and there. I liked that there’s a bathroom at the tiny equestrian center. A real bathroom not a portable potty. Things I didn’t like are big potholes going up to the parking lot, very small parking lot, no trail maps, lack of post/signs in the trail and having to park on the side of the road coz the parking lot is so small.

Awesome Trail.. loved watching the Horses train.. it was an unexpected surprise. Lots of happy hikers on this trail. Will be back sooon!

I started my trail off of Fullerton Rd. You can start at Schabarum but FYI you have to pay but funds help the park. Enjoyed my hike overall as the trail was very clean, pretty wide, which makes it child and dog friendly, not overcrowded and had beautiful views of the San Gabriel Valley. My only concern was that some of the trails were not marked so there were moments that I was unsure if I was going in the direction I needed to.

29 days ago

nice little hike from Fullerton Rd to schabarum park and back would of gave it 5 stars if the bathrooms weren't locked at schabarum park! but all in all a very enjoyable hike on a beautiful day.some steep parts, but the view and the solitude make it worth the climb

Nice views a lot of eucalyptus trees nice aroma hill with different trails

Well maintained relatively easy trail for walking and running!!

Good hike, easy to follow

Nice easy trail. Parking was 6$ CASH ONLY so I just found street parking and that was super convenient. Took my dog. Cool spot.

This is a great trail to run on as it is wide and has moderate traffic, which makes it safe for lone trail runners. I only gave it 3 stars because it isn't the most scenic. The several large, buzzing electrical towers throughout the trail remind you that you are not quite in "nature." There also isn't much shade throughout most of the hike as there are few trees, mostly just tall dry grass and some wild flowers.

My 7 year old son and I embarked on this adventure on a whim. It was his first hike and he loved it so much, he begged me to come back sometime soon. The views were incredible, the fellow hikers were very friendly, and we were lucky enough to see a rattlesnake! That, plus being able to see our house from the top, was probably the highlight of the hike. What a wonderful experience, and we will definitely be back.

The hiking group I'm a part of is here every week... !

This is my close to home "go to" trail. I walk this trail a couple of times every week.

My first time at the trail and I had mixed feelings. I started off on the powder trail loop which I thought you could hike and it would loop back around but that's not the case. It veers off into several different trails and if your hiking alone it can get kind of confusing, so I got to the end of the powder trail which I guess ended at the equestrian center and didn't want to get lost so I went back up the powder trail that I just hiked. In total I hiked 4 miles , not what I wanted but I guess it was something. Next time Ill bring someone and adventure off to the other trails. Go in the morning, cool air and trees

Great quick morning hike!

This hike was nice. Would be much nicer in the spring I'm sure. Everything was dry and dead. Lots of people even on a weekday early morning.

Weather was perfect for a hike today. Alot of wildlife to see. Trails are great, not too difficult. Good for uphill training. I would definitely come back and try different trails.

Great hike. The first 3rd is pretty much all incline and has a lot of bugs but once you get past that point it's easy. When you loop around the radio tower there's the option to take the blue dotted trail. It's steeper but can be worth it. My group chose to go the long way around and had to walk through some vegetation.

We had to end the hike a little early and didn't get to go out on the "tail" of the trail. This ended our hike at 4.2 miles, 804 ft, and took us 1.5 hrs.

10 months ago

The whole park is awesome. Everything from easy to as long as you could possibly want. One can actually leave the park, pick up the trail next to Hacienda Rd, go to the
Buddhist temple and cross over Hacienda. There one will be on a green belt that goes nearly to the 605 in Whittier. I did about 25 miles one day and made it to probably Workman Hill. Still lots of trails to go.
No water so bring your own. Spring and summer there is little shade and lots of hills.

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