mountain biking
27 days ago

Weather was perfect for a hike today. Alot of wildlife to see. Trails are great, not too difficult. Good for uphill training. I would definitely come back and try different trails.

Great hike. The first 3rd is pretty much all incline and has a lot of bugs but once you get past that point it's easy. When you loop around the radio tower there's the option to take the blue dotted trail. It's steeper but can be worth it. My group chose to go the long way around and had to walk through some vegetation.

We had to end the hike a little early and didn't get to go out on the "tail" of the trail. This ended our hike at 4.2 miles, 804 ft, and took us 1.5 hrs.

1 month ago

The whole park is awesome. Everything from easy to as long as you could possibly want. One can actually leave the park, pick up the trail next to Hacienda Rd, go to the
Buddhist temple and cross over Hacienda. There one will be on a green belt that goes nearly to the 605 in Whittier. I did about 25 miles one day and made it to probably Workman Hill. Still lots of trails to go.
No water so bring your own. Spring and summer there is little shade and lots of hills.