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In 2008, the 210 acre Weir Canyon Wilderness Park was incorporated into Santiago Oaks. The annexation created a trail system that spans from Irvine Regional Park through Santiago Oaks to Weir Canyon in East Anaheim Hills.

Fun mid day hike.

17 days ago

Very nice trail but the recent fire and drought have left this area in rough shape. I really enjoyed the rolling nature of this loop as it broke up the trail into a handful of short climbs that are just enough to get a little burn in your legs. I don't recommend doing g this hike solo as there a re definite signs of coyotes and mountain lions in the area. The recent fire has left no tree cover and there is only 1 shared area on the entire loop so best not to do this in the heat of the day. overall I enjoyed it and plan on doing it more often before or after work. plan on this hike taking about 1.5 hours to complete.

You have to pay to get into this one. Not a big deal as it's giving back a little and only $5, but it does somewhat take you out of the experience. There was a fair bit of trash lying around and no shade throughout 90% of the hike. First half uphill, second half downhill along an easy dirt path. So many different trails that it can be hard to navigate this one, but they all pretty much intertwine with each other, so you should be fun. A fun way to kill a couple of hours, but not my favorite. Head over to Black Star or Orange Hills for a little more variety (and no parking fee) :).

Not to bad, the fire damage is significant so a lot of the trails are blocked off but all in all a great place to walk around in the afternoon

I was very disappointed in the park overall. When I arrived, I was not advised at the front gate that the main trails were closed. Trail signs and blazes were scant and direction to bathrooms was not visible. The trail I did hike was barren, no shade, not scenic and like a big dust bowl. If you live very near or have a horse, you may find the park useful but I DO NOT RECOMMEND DRIVING ANY DISTANCE to hike or spend the day. You will be left wanting some natural beauty. These are really horse trails and you know that because you will be dodging pile of horse dung throughout. Go to Irvine Regional for a better time

nice easy loop. some sections were closed for fire recovery. I took my dog and had a good back pack in and out. even with closures it was easy to navigate around.

a great beginner hike!

4 months ago

Very calm, not packed in the morning, parking is easy to find if you go early. The scenery is amazing .

Many of the trails closed for wildfire recovery. Awesome trail. My family enjoyed it a lot. We will go many more times when all trails opened

Beautiful. Good workout.

5 months ago

part of the trail on the west side is still closed due to the fires. You can navigate around this area and complete the trail, but it's a bit tricky finding a "through route".

Really enjoyed the trails here. Parking is only $5, not bad at all. There are several different trails to chose from, although there are a few that are closed due to the fires. Amazing views, super clean restrooms, and friendly park rangers. Will definitely be coming back. There is just a lot of horse poop, but nothing you can't walk past.

Good hike everyone is very friendly out on the path. Lots bikers so be sure to keep way for them. All the various trails can get a little confusing. Overall a good local hike. Parking is 5 dollars.

$5 to park. Not bad. Comes with a detailed map!!! Love it! Currently, some of the trails are closed due to the recent fire but they are super clear about which trails are open. Even with some trails being closed there were still a ton of trail options! Also we saw a crawfish so that was cool!

mountain biking
6 months ago

Really fun with great views !
Nice trails for moderate - advanced people
For sure going back

I’d say it’s longer than the length advertised, parts of the trail are still closed but we were able to follow most of it. It’s a nice hike!

Easy trail, but pretty with all the flowers bloomed. Not too crowded if you go early but it looked like it was about to be as soon as we finished. My dog also seemed to enjoy it.

We couldn't actually find this trail. The guys up front were no help at all. Neither of them knew where the trail was. We eventually got a map from them. We started out on what we though was the Santiago Creek Trail but never actually found it. We ended up on Lone Pine Ridge Trail, which took us to a higher elevation and ended up being a "Moderate" instead of "easy" hike. It had some decent inclines. Very light traffic. Much of the park is still very charred. Very sad to see. I wish they had better signage.

7 months ago

Weekday 3-hour parking at Fred Barrera Park, immediately west of Anaheim Hills Elementary School. Trailhead is immediately behind the portable classrooms at the far east side of the school parking lot, almost to the street.

7 months ago

Mustards and flowers are returning in some areas. The hill west of the Old Weir Canyon Trail was solid mustard plants before the fire but still has a long way to go. Snakes and rodents are starting to return too. This has been one of my favorite trails for decades and still is.

Wildflowers and mice are returning well after the Canyon Fire. Saw two rattlers today, including a juvenile lying in the middle of the Anaheim Hills trail with a fresh mouse kill.

Our little pup had a wonderful time, as did we !!

8 months ago

Hiked with dog on 3/31/18. The effects of last October’s wildfire were devastating on the park and its many oak trees and other vegetation. But there is also much new greenery and growth. Saw many wild California poppies, maybe more than last year.

great views and birdwatching (woodpecker, hawk, multiple smaller birds). many signs of regrowth after the fires with saplings and wild flowers popping up.

9 months ago

great trail to frequent.
street parking.
some parts are burned and rebounding.
starting to green out for spring already as well in some parts.

Solid park with diverse landscapes that allow you to choose your level of difficulty.

This place is so beautiful. We came to so a short hike on 3/2/18 and it was awesome. Me and my dog were the only ones on the trail.

Definitely need to go back soon.

I will definitely return to this one since it is not too far from where I live and there are so many trails I didn't do on Sunday. There are many interlinking trails and we did the shorter trails that were closer to the creek since there were people in our group who don't do much hiking and wanted to take it easy on them. We did about 4 miles and there wasn't much incline. I will do some of the harder, longer trails next time.

Parking- we paid $5 since it was Sunday (weekdays are $3); there was a friendly worker at the gate who provides us with a map;
Trails- wide multi-use trails that are great for sharing with mountain bikes (there were many) and there was lots of clues on the trail that horses use these trails too but we didn't see anyone on horseback; i preferred the trails closer to the entrance where the round, concrete steps to cross the creek are.

9 months ago

We have gone here twice and it has been ok. We are in no rush to return. We have had no trouble finding parking on Hidden Canyon & E. Overlook Terrace. Both times we have taken the trail that heads to the NE and RT is about 3.7 miles. As you enter the trail head there are options to go south and we will need to check that out next time. There aren't amazing views or a cool destination to see at the end of this trail. The trail loops around and it is pretty close to homes at part. It is a decent option since it is not very far away. On one of our visits we came across a snake and a large tarantula just chilling on the trail.

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