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I enjoy everything about this hike

awesome hike. some.areas still.closed due to the fires but definitely recommended!

had many trails to choose from. wish we would have come earlier to explore more.

I can't really rate it, since it's closed due to the fires.

Closed due to fire :(

4 months ago

I went with two friends and we loved how we felt so far away from everything and everyone. It was absolutely peaceful and beautiful. We saw three deers playing and running around.
The hills made the walk more of a hike which I enjoyed!

5 months ago

the view was pretty but there is way too much horse poo along the whole trail. It was hard to enjoy the views when I was dodging all the poo.

Been using this trail for conditioning. The earlier you arrive the better. Humidity and heat is rough. 2 shelters to escape from heat on Oaks trail. No shade on trails.

6 months ago

It was one of the best hikes I've been on. It has a variety of trails for all levels of intensity.

Theres like zero shade on this trail and in the heat it is terrible ! Very pretty just make sure to bring water ! Also 5$ on weekends 7$ weekday !

6 months ago

You have to pay to park. But it's a great place to hike. :)

I did not do the whole trail, barely half a mile as it was too hot for my dog so we went to the historic dam side and walked under the shady trees. I'll return to try again when the weather cools down. Great views the further up you get.

hidden gem. but I can get pretty hot in summer. watch out for the rattle snakes

on Santiago Oaks Trail

7 months ago

Perfect for that after breakfast hike. A quick hour hike. Nice views.

Brought my dog, it's was great for her.
The trial is a little confusing at the far back of the loop - you end up following an access road toward and then around the large electric tower. Overall really great views and nice uphold if you take the Mt. Goat trail.

The place have a good variety of different routes and trails, but trails were a bit dirty with horse poop everywhere and lots of bugs, so don't forget your bug spray!

9 months ago

This is a really great Trail. Mountain Goat Trail is a steep switch back so just take it slow and sure footed. There were quiet a few mountain bikers and horses on trail this time out and we saw a snake on trail. Just be mindful & keep an eye out. This is a great trail, and I'll be returning to complete the loop.

This is a little bit challenging for beginning hikers but the summit view of Orange County is impressive.

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