Hours: 8 a.m. - sunset

Went today and we were the only people there. relatively short for what we normally do. there's some pretty steep parts but they are short. every part of the trail is angled so make sure you're stepping properly. this was the first open trail that we have ever done and without the visual of boulders, the hills seem pretty intimidating. lots of animal poop everywhere. no shade. saw 1 cow and a fox. that was cool. lots of beautiful birds whole hike had "little house on the prairie" vibe. best part, no snakes!

This is definitely one of my favorite hikes. The scenery was amazing and the views were beautiful. You are basically surrounded by wildlife (cows, wild turkeys, even saw some coyotes..) the hike itself was very relaxing although there was a section where the incline was quite challlenging..

This hike was beautiful. Slightly better than Santa Ysabel West and with more variation in terrain. A good trail to hike if you don’t want to see many people. Great for enjoying the beauty of birds, butterflies, dragonflies, wildflowers etc. One of my favorite San Diego county hikes.

God hike! Lots of up hill/down hill, but the view at the top is great!

Really loved this trail. Beautiful scenery, big views.

Such a great place to day hike. has some steep parts, but are short. lots of up and down. great views all around. yes cattle roaming on and near the trail, no fencing, so be careful. very fun.

Nice and relaxing.

just beautiful. saw dozens of cows and 4 coyotes. dogs loved it!

This trail has great variety of terrain and is very pretty throughout. We saw a healthy, full grown coyote, too.

Absolutely the best hike ever! Finally, something much more than a workout!

Beautiful hike and well-maintained. Plenty of Cattle and Squirrels to photograph. Easy hike, great for pictures.

Beautiful trail! A bit steep in areas but a good workout. Wasn't sure I'd like how open it was but it was actually really nice. Got pretty close to the cows and there was a fox hanging out with them. We always enjoy seeing wildlife on our hikes. Oh and a tree decided to lose a very large branch as we were walking by, the was exticing!

4 months ago

Gorgeous hike! Rolling hills & valleys make it so peaceful. A great challenge of ups & downs.

Beautiful scenery, a lot of inclines in both directions.

Tried this hike out earlier today with my husband and 18 year old daughter and it was a 10/10. Pleasantly strenuous, lots of variation in elevation, soul-calming quiet, gorgeous scenery...and cows.

Beautiful trail and very peaceful. You will work your thighs and gluts, but it is worth it

Gorgeous trail - lots of cows and peaceful during a weekday day.

Dec 22nd. It was cold, very windy around 3:45pm, lots of cows, lots of poop... nonetheless a beautiful experience. If you find yourself walking towards a metal corral with a much larger than average amount of cow poop around you, stay towards the right of the coral. The trail is a touch washed out around here.

Great hike -steep at times and beautiful always

Love this trail. It will catch you off guard with its steep hills and roaming cattle. But the hike is gorgeous all the way

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8 months ago

Great trail...cattle, deer and turkey

actually hiked from Santa Isabel Preserve East. Nice trail up to the plateau where the trail comes down from Farmer Rd. near Julian. logged 8.1 miles with 1800 feet elevation gain.

Fun, short little jaunt. Some definite ups & downs, but tons of shady spots to rest and very amiable company

Loved this hike on a cool October morning. Cows were fun, nice rolling golden hills, and a Mountain View in the distance.

10 months ago

Nice trail, more of a road...but still a nice walk outdoors. Beautiful views and plenty of cows, deer, coyotes to see.

Sunday, August 06, 2017

We really enjoyed this hike! It has several climbs to really give you a workout but it is a varied terrain so you can recover before the next big climb. We walked right past the cows, as they were hanging out in the trail with us. Tons of gnats in the shady, creek spots.

Monday, June 12, 2017

Very steep at first but worth the hike once it flattens out. Walked 5.6 miles doing the loop. Great way to burn some of the pie calories off.

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