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1 day ago

Went on this hike with my parents and their three little dogs. The hike is pretty easy if you’re an active person but was tough for the pups. The elevation changes aren’t extreme and you can take breaks every 10 minutes for another view of the valley below. Nice views and definitely cool looking at the old Bob Hope house. The restricted dog area occurs after 45 min or so (moderate pace), id estimate around 2/3 of the trail, maybe 1.5 miles in or so right around when you get to Bob Hope’s house.

Did this Fall 2018 (November 18). Easy to get to and free parking right E Palm Canyon. If the lot is full continue onto Rim Rd and park on the side of Rim Rd. Beautiful
views of Mt San Jacinto and the entire ranges + good peaks at Gorgonio. Moderate climb at the beginning and some minor ups and downs. Opportunities to expand with some offshoots. With a .75 mile detour I took this lasted 5.5 miles and was complete in 2 hours and 15 min, with great photos along the way.

1 day ago

Nice moderate trail. At the end we saw 3 bighorns.

This is a nice suburban trail with views of the Coachella Valley throughout. The three star rating is only relative to the many, many better trails you can find in this area. This trail is also appropriate for mountain biking. We started out at the trailhead on Painters Place behind the Target and walked 8 miles out and back. You never really lose touch with the urban valley or the hum of traffic, but it does have the advantage of easy access. Seems like a lot of people do this after work. There is a good long steady climb, nothing too steep or treacherous. About two thirds of the way to the turnaround you pass the illuminated cross up on the high point. Then the trail turns downhill towards the very exclusive Stone Eagle golf club. Looks like very challenging golfing if you like that kind of thing. There are rolling greens and mega mansions to look at. Almost at the end the trail drops down into a little canyon with a small natural oasis. Turn back around when you see the road. Voila!

4 days ago

Nice trail. Good views. It’s too bad that the ‘trail heads’ don’t offer more info. On the trail head map we found no mention of the Cross trail. There was a sign about a 1/3 of the way up.

Enjoyed this hike! Did not see any animals.
Wish we had packed a lunch for when we reached the lake.

7 days ago

my favourite hike so far!
only problem we had was this app directed us to the info/ pay center at Tahquitz Canyon. We were meeting friends at the trailhead but we ended up no where near it. The trailhead (start) is actually on the other end or end of what's shown on this map. So across from Indian Canyon Golf Course

As mentioned previously, private road. I’ve done the trailhead part as a short cut from the South Lykken. I was hoping I could do this as a loop hike. Ended up behind a private estate. There are user trails that could take you back to South Palm Canyon, if you’re adventurous.

Hiked part of this trail yesterday. Hats off to those who mountain bike this - it’s a very challenging start with a steep initial mile and a half climb. After that it flattens out into a large, beautiful open valley, which must be fantastic in the spring blooming season. According to Strava you have then climbed only half of the 2000 feet , so plenty of good climbing to go!

10 days ago

I would call this “ walking “ than “ hiking “. It was very easy trail. There is another hike from the Lake Side called “Morrow Trail” , not sure what’s difference in these two? The lake was peaceful, interesting to see very green golf course on the side of trail to look down.

Re-did this hike with two friends Oct 31, 2018. Weather was perfect with breeze. Very strenuous for inexperienced hikers. We all ran out of water from our backpack bladders carrying 2 liter each. Luckily we had a couple of water bottles as supplements. I suggest also taking something to help with rehydrate with nutrients as there's much sweating in this hike. This hike shows 8.3 miles up and back, but both times I've hiked it, mine and my buddy's distance counter showed 12 + miles. The views are spectacular and the Salton Sea can be seen to the east. To the west Palm Desert and Rancho Mirage can be seen. The elevation change is about 2360 ft so it was a good cardio. It would be worthwhile to pack food to eat along the way to re-energize. We were disappointed when we saw two men coming up the trail as we were returning from the palms. Each only had one plastic bottle of water. They hadn't even made it halfway. I offered bottles of water, but they said no thanks. Hmm. Hope they did well in their hike. Taking extra water is essential on this hike. The trail is pretty visible. The Grove can't be seen until your about a 3rd of mile from it.

13 days ago

So much fun!

13 days ago

It's a nice trail but nothing spectacular (thus the four stars). You start in a large flat wash, then hit a fence. the gate is to the left (south). Obviously, if it's open you can hike. After the fence, the canyon narrows and becomes more interesting. Near the end, it starts to get steep and very rocky so you have to do some scrambling (but nothing dangerous or technical). You end up at a lush oasis, which is a nice goal. You could hike further but the trail gets even steeper and rockier.

Love this trail....walked up to the big dry waterfall. Lots of animal prints in the sand and big horn poop everywhere but never saw wildlife. Maybe next time!

Go left for the best challenge!!!

Our first hike here this morning and we saw a family of 4 Big Horn sheep...there was a baby and another younger sheep with them! Nice trail! I posted pictures of the sheep. Wish I could upload the videos

on The Cross Trail

20 days ago

Great hike

20 days ago

Great hike!

Great timing this morning, saw sun rise over mountains just as arrived at high point. Lovely views of Salton Sea.

This is my favorite hike now. No time limits except daylight and enough mountain hiking to be strenuous but also enough walking to be enjoyable. I love hiking alone so it was nice that I had phone signal the entire hike for potential emergencies. I hiked from south palm canyon all the way to taquitz which was 6 miles and then walked back on palm canyon to my car which was another 2.5 Ish miles. Next time I’m going to lock my bike up at one end and leave my car at the other. I love that there are picnic tables and vista points at both ends of the hike. I saw 7 bighorn sheep on my hike. They were right on the trail eating out of a barrel cactus after smashing it open with their horns and then they were eating some cat tail bushes. I was fairly close but minding safety and I was able to stand and video tape and watch them for a good 20 minutes.

26 days ago

Very interesting for such a short hike. Wide open wash at first, then narrow shady canyon, turn left at the Y and walk up to an overlook with a view of the valley and a palm oasis. If you turn right at the Y, a short walk brings you to an interesting dry waterfall. It looks impassible, but it's moderately easy to climb up. You'll have to judge the safety level, but there are lots of hand and foot holds on stable rock. At the top is a few palms.

Great trails for beginners a little bit of everything.

30 days ago

Made this into a loop by doing the West Fork North Trail to the Coffman Trail and finally to the Alexander Trail (hot) to the Trading Post. Ended up being 8.4 miles with 2133' of elevation. This is a great trail to do in the Spring when the creek is running strong, the waterfall is raging, and the cactus and plants are in full bloom.
One of my favorites in the desert.
Link to recording:

1 month ago

Was a great hike for the morning before starting your day. I took my husky, Duke, and it wasn’t too long or too short. Pretty good elevation gains also.

1 month ago

Pretty sure the north trail head is gone. We had much trouble finding it. We ended up hiking from the south. Had to scramble down a few very tight sections. Probably need some local insight into why the trail head is gone.

love it

Great hike with great views all around! About 4 hours round trip.

A nice hike. Saw no one else on this trail; very quiet. Start off on the Palm Canyon trail and branch off at the trail sign about 1/4 mile or so from the trading post. Note that you need to pay a $9 per adult fee to enter this general area (Indian Canyons) as you are on Agua Caliente Indian lands. Entry area open from 8 AM to 5 PM (last vehicle allowed in at 4 PM. Website is indian-canyons.com

1 month ago

Great scenic views of the city and desert terrain. Not too perfect for a hike or a Harder trail run.

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