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Busy trail! Sunday morning 5am already had many people enjoying the trail before sunrise. On our way down later it was very busy. Great trail right in town that I would use a lot if I lived locally.

3 days ago

Good trail. Skinny in some areas. We did the counterclockwise loop by mistake but glad we did. Don’t think I’d enjoy hiking up the clockwise hike!

no biker rides up this trail, they ride up Dunn. it's a thrill ride coming down and not for groms

this is basically lower Dunn Road , a gravel road that is very steep on a bike. Most mtn bikers descend on the single track trail down to the water tank above Cathedral Cove

Great trail, Go left and get some elevation, Challenging but do-able, Can enjoy the walk/ run down the less steep side on the way back

Good trail, we saw 2 big horn sheep on the golf course, not afraid of humans.

13 days ago

Great hike! Recommend doing it clockwise for a good workout but if you want something easier then do it counterclockwise. If you go clockwise, halfway up you can choose to go through Rabbit’s trail. It also leads you to the top but it is very steep.

15 days ago

Great hike! Great view from the top! Go left at the trail head for a more challenging hike to the top or right for a little less challenging

I love this day hike. It is a good workout to the top! Lots of people if you want to hike with company.

Nice hike right in town. We went for a loop before Thanksgiving dinner, and it was the perfect length/difficulty for the family. Average views but pretty fun for us Seattle folks to see some desert.

I would hike this again!

21 days ago

Rewarding and a good grind

Great trail. Good views

This is a nice suburban trail with views of the Coachella Valley throughout. The three star rating is only relative to the many, many better trails you can find in this area. This trail is also appropriate for mountain biking. We started out at the trailhead on Painters Place behind the Target and walked 8 miles out and back. You never really lose touch with the urban valley or the hum of traffic, but it does have the advantage of easy access. Seems like a lot of people do this after work. There is a good long steady climb, nothing too steep or treacherous. About two thirds of the way to the turnaround you pass the illuminated cross up on the high point. Then the trail turns downhill towards the very exclusive Stone Eagle golf club. Looks like very challenging golfing if you like that kind of thing. There are rolling greens and mega mansions to look at. Almost at the end the trail drops down into a little canyon with a small natural oasis. Turn back around when you see the road. Voila!

1 month ago

Enjoyed this hike! Did not see any animals.
Wish we had packed a lunch for when we reached the lake.

Hiked part of this trail yesterday. Hats off to those who mountain bike this - it’s a very challenging start with a steep initial mile and a half climb. After that it flattens out into a large, beautiful open valley, which must be fantastic in the spring blooming season. According to Strava you have then climbed only half of the 2000 feet , so plenty of good climbing to go!

1 month ago

I would call this “ walking “ than “ hiking “. It was very easy trail. There is another hike from the Lake Side called “Morrow Trail” , not sure what’s difference in these two? The lake was peaceful, interesting to see very green golf course on the side of trail to look down.

Re-did this hike with two friends Oct 31, 2018. Weather was perfect with breeze. Very strenuous for inexperienced hikers. We all ran out of water from our backpack bladders carrying 2 liter each. Luckily we had a couple of water bottles as supplements. I suggest also taking something to help with rehydrate with nutrients as there's much sweating in this hike. This hike shows 8.3 miles up and back, but both times I've hiked it, mine and my buddy's distance counter showed 12 + miles. The views are spectacular and the Salton Sea can be seen to the east. To the west Palm Desert and Rancho Mirage can be seen. The elevation change is about 2360 ft so it was a good cardio. It would be worthwhile to pack food to eat along the way to re-energize. We were disappointed when we saw two men coming up the trail as we were returning from the palms. Each only had one plastic bottle of water. They hadn't even made it halfway. I offered bottles of water, but they said no thanks. Hmm. Hope they did well in their hike. Taking extra water is essential on this hike. The trail is pretty visible. The Grove can't be seen until your about a 3rd of mile from it.

Go left for the best challenge!!!

Our first hike here this morning and we saw a family of 4 Big Horn sheep...there was a baby and another younger sheep with them! Nice trail! I posted pictures of the sheep. Wish I could upload the videos

1 month ago

Great hike!

Great timing this morning, saw sun rise over mountains just as arrived at high point. Lovely views of Salton Sea.

Great hike with great views all around! About 4 hours round trip.

trail running
2 months ago

Great trail. Great for trail running. Especially if you want to work on hills.

Whoever rated this as a green trail is confused. Even as a hiking trail I’d say it’s a blue. On a bike it’s a black diamond climb. Steep, loose, rocky with several tight switchbacks. The descent was pretty fun but loose and sketchy in parts.

I hike every morning..

4 months ago

The views were just fine - a couple spots that offered decent views of the mountains, but mostly looking down at the city. Not objectively bad but not what I look for in a hike. Relatively easy

trail running
4 months ago

Pretty simple and short trail, easily accessible and extremely crowded in the mornings. the hike is easier when done counterclockwise though, normally you follow it clockwise for the quick elevation gain and the cardio. This is a great running route. the view from the top of the trail gives you a great view of Palm Desert and Indian Wells as well.

Great to get your heart pumping. City views, and pretty busy but still lots of space to yourself. No shade.

Yes use Garstin Trail to begin this trail...

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