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I don't know where in the world we were at. This trail head is the start of many other trails, and it is a hunt trying to find this one..... Although the GPS from All Trails said we were on the right path, nothing in this description noted bouldering. Where ever we were we ended up scrambling over many boulders, although it was fun and we continued without question..... it seemed the further we went the more challenging the scrambling got as the boulders became huge huge walls of rock. We accepted our fate and lunched at a nice secluded spot with a cave.... We always have a good time, but not sure if we were on the right path.....

Really interesting trail. I liked the ridge walking and scenery. I didn’t love the approx mike of deep-ish beach sand walking. If that was more hard pan this would be 5 star review.

24 days ago

Out and back from the parking lot to the Lake about 7 miles. Took me 3 hours total. Light foot traffic and an easy to moderate marked trail. First mile is flat and after that its up and down (not too steep) with nice views. Pretty sandy footing thought out the trail. No shade at all so be prepared and safe with enough water and sunscreen. Long enough for a good workout.

Nice easy hike. Took 3.5 hours chit chatting with a friend the whole way up and down. I would rate it as moderate to easy for an average, somehow in shape, middle age person.

Love it!

The hike was from the end of Eisenhower Drive South end of LA Quinta Cove to the Palms Grove and back.
The day was near perfect with a light breeze and a few clouds in the low 70's.
Saw a couple of dogs at the beginning of the trail, but none were seen during most of the out and back.
There is no water source anywhere along the walks so all take more than enough water for each person. A snack or lunch isn't necessary, but a good idea as it is a calorie burner.
My Fitbit Blaze showed the hike to be 13 miles out and back. Didn't deviate from the trail. It also showed altitude change of 237 flights of stairs (2,370 ft roughly. It took about 5 hrs and 17 minutes to go out and back.

It was rather slow as I was carrying a good sized backpack with a water bladder in it. Oh yeah, take TP just in case of the need to evacuate.

The views were spectacular given it was somewhat hazy to the east. The Salton See can be seen along with even
Rancho Mirage or Cat City to the west. The trail is mostly composed of loose Rock and some gravel.
For rock enthusiasts the different rocks with an array of colors is a delight.

Saw a few bird in the hike but unfortunately no Big Horn sheep, which I know have been seen before near the trails.

The Oasis is pretty nestled in a gully near the base of a hill southwest of the trail and seems guarded by old dead palms. The Palms were thick with downed palm frahms and walking through was hazardous. There does seem to be a trail to the left, but I didn't take it to see where it led or dead ended. After 2 hrs 40 minutes to get there I rested a bit, ate something and headed back. Only saw one person hiking out as I approached. It was nice and quiet. Cell phone service was good on the ridge above the Grove.
Hiking back about 2 plus miles away from the parking area I ran out of water. Next time will fill the water bladder to top. That's why I said take more than enough water.

This was my longest hike in many years and was pretty tired getting to my ride. If your an avid hiker willing to go more than 5-6 miles it's a must do. Any less excited about the distance and elevation change you can still have a beautiful hike going half way.

A lot of up and down hiking. Great destination at Lake Cahuilla. Today's hike it was very windy. Take enough water and lip balm. Great views. Liked it

Beautiful views, only passed about 3 people. Took us 3 hours.

butt kicker... no water at the oasis today

1 month ago

It was cool, but nothing spectacular. Fun to get out for a few minutes. We did the whole trail to to lake and back. Hour and a half in, hour and a half out. We stopped and took a couple selfies, or breaks here and there. The sun was down for the way back and that was a plus. Nice and cool. One thing that surprised me was we saw big horn sheep. Didn't expect it, two of em walked right across the Quarry golf course (to our right) and crossed our path maybe within 30yards of us. Then trotted up the hills.

Very nice hike that is long enough to get a great work out and it has fantastic views in all directions. We saw yearling ewes just off the trail. Not to frightened of humans but they kept their distance.

Really. Nice trail! Not sure why there is so much broken glass at the start. That is why I only give it four stars. Loved seeing the Big Horn Sheep on the golf course, spectacular!

2 months ago

Starts out a little boring but once you break away from all the other trails, it is challenging and gorgeous! I would still call it a moderate hike. There are restrooms at the lake. We saw four long horned rams by the golf course. On a Saturday, I would say it had just the right amount of people - not so quiet that you felt alone and not so packed that you felt crowded. Perfect.

Great hike!
Great scenery!

Very nice trail. Soft sand the mile before (and just out of) the lake slowed me down, but a great trail for running.

2 months ago

Just did this trail today, being in decent shape and a novice hiker I still found it to be challenging at parts in the middle with the ascent and with the soft sand for most of the hike.

3 months ago

Nice designation hike to the lake. Great place to picnic before heading back. Plenty of shade and tables at the lake. There are some steep hills and sand. My fit bit showed 100 floors and 7 Miles..

3 months ago

We did it in 3 hrs in 1/2. Round trip. Very quiet trail with a nice view! We got to see 4 big horns running down the hill (pretty cool even though I got scare for a second because they passed next to me hehe ) FYI: NO bathrooms near the trail or parking lot.

3 months ago

Nice walk, not really a hike. Busy in the morning and afternoon with dogs.

I will not say that the trail was hard, but I do a lot of hiking. Now I need to try the Cactus to Clouds. If you can only rate these trails in three categories then it’s not very accurate.

Took a while to walk in sand until you get to the good stuff.

Typical desert trail, maybe a bit more sandy than most which will give your calfs a good workout. Ends at a park with washrooms which is nice. Decent workout with the ups and downs.

4 months ago

This is a great trail. Not too difficult, but a little challenge and interesting. It took much longer than I anticipated based on the length and elevation change, because most of the trail is soft sand. Good leg workout, but slows the pace. Bring a lot more water than you think you’ll need. Note that you cannot enter the Lake Cahuilla area without paying a park entrance fee.

Great trail, definitely not for the novice. Don't mistake any of the summits along the way for the end - keep going until you come over a ridge and see an oasis of 20 palm trees nestled way up in the hills. Incredible views along the way. Bring more water than you think you need.

Took the Cub scouts on this hike, if 6-9 year old can do it, so can you.

10 months ago

Great open hike with only two moderate elevation changes. I took my dog who loved smelling all the desert creosote and sage (bee careful of the bees on the sage!). Nice covered rest area about half way thru. Careful of broken glass by the tables if you have a dog with you. Nice views. Went around noon on a Tuesday, mid-May and only passed four groups total. Although it's only a short distance, you'll need more water than you think! I should add that I am a beginner:)

Went nice and early. Dealt with lots of passing bikers--they were nice, just frequent.

Long dusty trail , about 1 mile to first descent. This where trail gets interesting , some ups and downs alongside the quarry golf course and great views is the valley in the distant. Followed trail to lake(beautiful), had a snack and water then headed back and had 8 bighorn walk past us (30-40') , go on golf course to eat. Made our day

great trail for teens

Tuesday, March 07, 2017

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