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Great hike. Took me 2.5 hours, which was a pretty good workout. Beautiful views. Totally worth it. The app was great to keep me on the right path

Did this hike for the first time this week and went counter clock wise. It started out steep and leveled out before declining. The trail seems well maintained and beautiful, sweeping, desert views. Will for sure be returning :)

4 days ago

This is a great everyday hike. It is also a nice night hike. It is heavily frequented and the trail is clearly marked. The views can be quit beautiful but it is not isolated from the surrounding city.

I always go clockwise but this is the steep way to go up. It’s a loop so anyway you go is good and you won’t get lost. I would highly recommend it to others.

5 days ago

Easy hike, nice view

A few thoughts on this trail:
It's well marked, easy to find, easy to follow. Seemed to be good for trail running or even mountain biking or a less intense hike. It wasn't particularly technical in terms of foot placement or terrain type: most of it was a nice even sand-like path. Other reviewers are right though, the incline was aggressive for the first 1/2 mile. Not much to look at though compared to other trails in the area, and there was a fair amount of people. A good workout, but didn't do it for me overall.

friendly people. nice hike nice views. pretty easy hike.

Great views. A bit more ledges then I prefer. Very brisk walk and everyone along the way has a friendly hello. Everyone along the way is enjoying nature at its best.

Great local hike. Lots of people, views are great. Must do!

Trespassing is very, very common. I went from Goat Trails to Murry Peak this morning. I was first at 7am but many seen on return.

This a wonderful hike. I enjoyed being able to see where I was going and where I had been. I am just getting started with my hiking and did this one by myself, so I loved that I had cell reception all the way. Loved the sunshine!!!

8 days ago

A fun trail as described, but the trail is far from easy (should be classified as moderate). It is very steep for the first 150 yards, and then is a serious 1.3 mile, uphill climb to the cross. Also, the directions show a left turn to parking at the end; however, a right turn at the end will also take you to parking and is in the direction of the trailhead.

9 days ago

We followed directions on Google maps but couldn't find the Cross Trail trailhead. Instead there is a sign for the Homestead trail. We expected "easy" to mean "flat." Instead, the trail starts with a steep grade uphill.

10 days ago

Lovely walk. I had perfect weather but no shade on a hot day. No really difficult.

10 days ago

Easy access, and way too many people. Local hiking hotspot. Some asshole was trying to mountain bike it with tons of people on it. Be smarter than that, wait til summer when all the snowbirds/geriatric crowd is gone.very steep on the south side, with a more moderate incline from the north. Good hike that will make you sweat

12 days ago

Great hike...do it every time I visit the valley. Great views!

Great hike with great views with a loop back to the start.

14 days ago

Close to town but not as scenic as Joshua Tree.

15 days ago

Not really that hard, but some beautiful scenery, vistas and rock formations. Really gives one a true appreciation of the beauty of the desert.

The mountains here are quite scenic, but lots of scrambling required to get deep into the canyon. Limited access most of the year.

Pretty and easy hike.

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