This beach is two miles long, has a picnic area, shops and pier. Visitor activities include volleyball, basketball and a running strip along the beach.

Pretty scenic route did the entire Santa Monica Boardwalk, Venice's Boardwalk, and the Venice canals. Overall a great round trip.

Amazing view of sunset

A continuation of the trail northward from Venice Beach. The pier and boardwalk are both touristy with large crowds, but it still makes for a nice outing.

if I'm not hiking in the canyons, im here waking from Santa Monica Pier to Venice Pier. I live in Venice and never get tired of a fresh beach stroll

There's something that gets me about this walk. Whether it be nostalgia or the people or the views, I always come back to think of this walk. A truly iconic walk if you have never made it from Santa Monica to Venice beach. There's always something new to see and each experience is different from the last. I could spend a whole day and not be able to finish all that this legendary beach strip has to offer. It only leaves me wanting to come back

If you start in Santa Monica be sure to finish in Venice you won't regret it. This is a must see for anyone in L.A. especially if it's their first time in the area.

Took my two girls out for an awesome ride. We started at the Venice trail and rode through to Santa Monica. This is perfect when you have kids because you can take a break on the many playgrounds along the way.

Beautiful setting with tons of people running, walking and biking. Area with gymnast rings, bars, ropes etc.

Fun easy walk.... one of the most beautiful sunsets.

My favorite pier!

Pointed out a couple things I would have missed.

Thursday, November 03, 2016

Stayed in a hotel by the pier for a month for work and walked miles and miles of the surrounding beaches and bike routes. Great month...

trail running
Sunday, October 23, 2016

As easy as it gets, but that doesn't make it any less beautiful. Almost always crowded, so go before 8am if you want a peaceful run with few people!

road biking
Thursday, October 13, 2016

This is a paved flat trail with generally a lot of traffic. Maybe not a locals favorite but definitely I nice low key thing to do when Visitors come into town. It's cool to go from Santa Monica to Venice and see all the artsy crazy that comes with that. I've lived here for about 7 years and have rented a bike to ride along this trail maybe 3 times?

The map here makes it seem like you would walk along the bike path that stretches along the beach. It's paved and very flat but usually windy - which adds an obstacle (the wind typically blows from the north). Alternatively you can walk along the ocean or also climb up to the bluff like the title of this hike suggests. It's a beautiful oceanfront stroll either way.

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