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This hike is NOT moderate! It was very challenging but worth the satisfaction of reaching the Peak. The views are stunning. It gets chilly once you reach the top so dress in layers, bring plenty of water, snacks, hiking sticks, and your mental fortitude. I would need to train a lot more before attempting this hike again.

this was not an easy trail.. more like 5m out and back.

the , teal fun, not to strenuous!!! thanks for the heads up,Jen.

awesome Jen, thanks

awesome thanks to a wonderful friend, JENNIFER

Love this trail!

Did this hike today , I wouldn’t say easy but not hard. It was hot , little shade. My dogs needed a few breaks for water. Water fall was beautiful from what we heard more water than usual. I will do it again.

This was an awesome and challenging hike! Be aware that the initial path is very overgrown with some kind of tall grass and I would recommend wearing hiking pants. I had shorts on because it was very hot out and I was fine but my legs got a bit chewed up by all the overgrowth, while my sister had spandex leggings on and she was much better off (and much sweatier). We cut off about half a mile by taking a shortcut a little past the pond instead of doing the full loop. It was a great workout and some very pretty views and the pond was a nice reprieve after all the uphill. As other reviewers have said, take the left at the fork!

Accidentally took this trail instead of to the waterfall. it had a slight incline most of the way. it had a nice view and was very easy back to the car. Did it with my 8 year old son.

just missed a dozen whales by an hour. seals, hawks, gulls, pelicans, raven, sunset with channel islands in the background.

easy hike. windy af.

A buddy of mine and I did the full loop today. We did it backwards so we could do the hard part first and it was tough but very fun. Much easier to stay on this part of the trail going up. We are definitely doing this loop again

Great hike with lots of wildlife!

More difficult than moderate, I would say, but a lot of fun if you're up for steep climbs and rugged trail. Bring extra water, and go in winter or spring if possible (due to heat). Start early. My brother and I are experienced hikers, we hiked this with no prior knowledge of it and were pleasantly exhausted and sore at the end of the day. We got some great photos at the top. It has become one of our favorite hikes together.

Saw whales and seals (I think they were seals) therefore 5 stars

No regrets

Overall a great experience. I did this route as a trail runner, but the run quickly became a hike. The way up is easily marked and does get a bit rocky in some areas. Views for the top are fantastic and a perfect place to stop for lunch. Beware the second half!! The trail coming down from the peak is tough to follow. I had to refer to this app multiple times to see if I was on the correct route. A few times, I was not. Go slow, be mindful of your direction, and you’ll be fine. Full loop, plus a few accidental detours set me at 11.8 miles. Running when I could, this took about 3 hours

WARNING- We did the whole trail listed here - I would caution against it - after reaching the max elevation the trail down the loop is Unmaintained has many misleading paths and very dangerous - this section is very hard.

Be prepared to up and climb down rock faces

View from top is spectacular and uphill ascent challenging

Full loop will take 5 hours

2 months ago

Day after heavy rains but still hikeable. Definitely needed trekking poles for the slick muddy areas.
There’s no signs stating “Boney Mtn ➡️ this way”
Parts of the path was overgrown and single track but still obvious where the direction of the trail.
It’s between moderate and difficult, I think.
The views are worth it!

I take all of my out of town guests here! It’s more of a walk than a hike if you start at the top. I usually park at the beach and climb up the hill to the “hike.” Every time I’ve been there’s seals sleeping on the rocks, it’s right before you reach the wooden bench lookout spot, if you’re walking away from Pt Dume Beach. If we can’t decide where to go for the weekend, we end up here. Stellar views!

3 months ago

My hiking friends and I broke this up in 5 sections, going east to west. Section 1: Will Rogers to Deadhorse Trail,
Section 2: Deadhorse Trail to Malibu Canyon, Section 3:Malibu Canyon to Newton Canyon, Section 4: Newton Canyon to Mishe Mokwa Trailhead, Section 5: Mishe Mokwa to Ray Miller Trailhead. This is a beautiful hike with views of the Pacific on each section. We took a few side trips that shouldn't be missed, Hondo Canyon being one of them. The rock formations at Casto Crest was another favorite spot filled with caves and lots of exploring opportunities. We had multiple people in our group so we were able to shuttle back and forth with all the cars we had. I've heard that you can also arrange an Uber or Lyft car to get you back to your car. But I'd make sure you have cell phone service before you depend on this. This was one of the best times I've had on the trail. The last 16 miles (which turned into 17 due to a missed trail sign) was by far the most difficult. That could always be turned into 2 sections though. However you do this trail, just make sure you do it in Winter. There's many exposed trails, and with the warm Jan/Feb weather we had, it gave us a glimpse of what truly hot weather would be like. This is definitely a cool to mild weather hike. I also suggest an east to west direction so you are always looking at the Pacific, and if you time it right, you're last hike on The Ray Miller Trail will give you gorgeous sunset opportunities.

One of a number of favorites

Easy walk/hike and seriously the most GORGEOUS view!

3 months ago

Easy climb to the picturesque peak of Point Dume. Great for a quick and casual walk through sandy trails. Usually comes with a great offshore breeze with a view of Sea Lions and Dolphins. Parking is rough. You might actually hike longer to getting to the hike, than the actual 1.2 mile trail. But, you’ll likely be able to find a great spot on the sandstone outcropping and remember why you went through the trouble in the first place. It’s also a great hike for the kiddos.

Great Hike to work up a sweat and get your blood pumping. I would rate this a moderate hike up to the Monument.

Awesome place to take ur dog, and a workout at the same time very easy, don’t forget to go through the underpass it will add another mile to ur walk and ur best friend the 4 legged kind

4 months ago

Super easy, took my 71 y/o father with me whom is very out if shape. I am overly cautious so I took my time with him on steps in beginning.

I'd really call this a walk more than a hike. I've been here many times and usually see dolphins. It's also a great walk to take out of town guests to show off the beauty of the SoCal coast.

beautiful trail "backbone"

Challenging hike. More strenuous then moderate.

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