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The Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area or SMMNRA, is a United States National Recreation Area containing many individual parks and open space preserves, located primarily in the Santa Monica Mountains of Southern California. The SMMNRA is located within the greater Los Angeles region, with two thirds of the parklands in northwest Los Angeles County, and the remaining third including a Simi Hills extension in southeastern Ventura County, California.

Awesome! Beautiful scenery and wildflowers. One of the best in the LA area.

16 hours ago

Highly recommend this trail and that is not a Larry David "recommend" recommendation. It's an actual recommendation.

3 days ago

Beautiful hike! Started at the suggested spot for sandstone peak and took the peak trail up, rather than wrapping around the backside on the Mishe Mokwa trail. It's a steeper ascent, but I prefer getting the steepness out of the way when my legs are fresh. Once you finish sandstone peak and enjoy the view (there was a snake by the sign in box, FYI), stick to the backbone trail to finish out toward Tri Peaks, Balance Rock, and the rest of the Mishe Mokwa trail. It is worth it to complete the full loop, by the way! The views are breathtaking and, if you're lucky, you can take a break past Balance Rock and watch some awful rock climbers try to ascend a wall across the valley.

Others are not exaggerating about the parking lot. I was glad I brought my CR-V rather than my fiancé's Fit - you could do some damage to your vehicle trying to go up that entrance. There are a couple spots on the road for parking but if those are taken, there is a larger lot about a 10 minute walk away if you're coming in from the Westland Blvd side. Enjoy!

First time hiking this trail today, and I loved it! I started at the Sandstone Peak trailhead and took the Mishe Mokwa trail up to the peak and the shorter trail back down to the parking lot. The views are amazing for a good chunk of the hike and the trail was varied enough that I never got bored.

Parts of the trail are definitely rocky, but I didn't feel any of the sharp edges through my hiking boots. The trail is well maintained although there are a lot of offshoot trails - if you get to the two water towers, that's a dead end for the actual trail...don't waste time like I did trying to continue that way.

Beware if you are driving a vehicle without a lot of clearance - there are deep ruts at the entrance to the parking lot. Definitely bottomed out my Mazda3.

Fun hike!!

4 days ago

1.5 up. 1.5 down.

5 days ago

A quite nice hike that took a bit over two hours from me. I liked the sceneries the most. The parking lot was in bad shape, which seemed to be normal in this area. I saw several cars taking hits when trying to climb to the full lot.