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The Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area or SMMNRA, is a United States National Recreation Area containing many individual parks and open space preserves, located primarily in the Santa Monica Mountains of Southern California. The SMMNRA is located within the greater Los Angeles region, with two thirds of the parklands in northwest Los Angeles County, and the remaining third including a Simi Hills extension in southeastern Ventura County, California.

2 days ago

The first 2-3 miles was most of the challenge of this trail. The trail from Mulholland ascents slow but steady to ~1800ft in that 2-3 mile span. That part of the trail is narrow and overgrown in many areas. If going in some sort of tennis shoe or trail running shoe, you might want to consider short gaiters and/or some kind of lightweight breathable pants as your shoes may get filled with plant/trail debris pretty quick. Once you get to "the top", the rest of the trail is easy and dare I say relaxing. I thoroughly enjoyed this hike and I will return, but not in shorts and trail runners.

4 days ago

5 days ago

I took my dogs on this trail. We came back full of stickers and foxtails. It took about 2 hours to pull out all of them out from between their toes.
This trail IS NOT FOR DOGS

5 days ago

9 days ago

This was a great hike! First part was not much of a trail but you get to explore the ruins. The waterfall is the halfway point. If you go early you can have the bench by the waterfall to yourself and enjoy the serene sound of the water. From here the Rising Sun Trail takes you into the most beautiful part of the hike. The trail is narrow an overgrown so wear pants. The views on this second half of the loop trail are AMAZING. Completely worth making your way through the overgrown path. Beautiful mountain views with ocean in the background. Trail overall was pretty easy.

One of my favorite trails yet! Hike the Rising Sun trail first and then it loops into the trail with the waterfall. Rising Sun trail has a BEAUTIFUL scenery of the ocean and mountain's. I would not recommend this trail for beginners however, it is on the edge of the mountain with narrow paths.

Fun. Simple workout.