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Great hike for sure, fir being right off the 5 highway you only notice it in view. Loved dome of the areas that challenged you up some decently steep grades. Even areas that have nice mature old Oak trees along the route. I went on a Monday mid morning and only passed a few people. The trail connects to others if you want to make it closer to a 6.5 mile hike.

Great hike. Took the family including our little who is only 2 but even she enjoyed it! There are some steep banks and you gain decent elevation throughout but all in all this has been one of my favorite hikes in LA.

Had a great hike! Start a bit later (around 10am) and the weather was perfect. We hiked the loop counter clockwise (which I recommend as most folks seem to be going clockwise). There are many lookouts just before the summit over Santa Clarita - if you keep going you'll get to what is the 'actual' summit on the trail, but there is a side trail on the right that loops around and takes you to the spine of the ridge up to an actual summit. Lookouts from up there are great! It also seems like that used to be a maintained trail but no longer is (it keeps going to other summits nearby). With that extra spur we clocked around 7.2 miles and were back to the car by 1pm.

23 days ago


Hiked on 11/25/18, parked in the dirt parking lot on the right and someone tried to break into my car. They busted both driver and trunk keyholes but thankfully weren't able to get in. I didn't have any valuables in my car that might tempt someone so be aware of leaving your car in the free parking lot.

Hike itself was enjoyable but I wouldn't want to risk my car getting broken into.

Went in the morning and there was no one else on the trail. The paved portion up to the oil well was through a beautiful wooded canyon, the trail gets steeper after that but the views are incredible. Will definitely do it again! Ps don’t forget $5 for parking, cash only!

Kickass hike, tar pits, just an all around amazing trail with great scenery and awesome for picture taking

good hike not to bad..

Great hike. We ended up continuing on to Mission Peak Trail. Great weather. Would do it again!

trail running
2 months ago

I started hiking this as a fun weekend activity but recently started making it one of my weekly workouts. It’s perfect to workup a good sweat and get in some challenging cardio. It takes me between 25-35 minutes generally. Fairly busy trail, so watch out for other people, but everyone has always been friendly and said hello. The views are awesome, though the 5 impacts the view a little, but it’s nothing that will interrupt your hike. Challenging and quick.

3 months ago

Good trail with some nice canyon splitting. There are numerous tar pits at the beginning of the trail. There is quite a bit of wildlife as well. Very moderate hike with only a small section with some grade to it

Great short hike with good views from the top.

Just did this one for the first time this morning, and I have to say it is by far one of the most intriguing hikes I've done. My friend and I started from the east end and worked up and down to the west end, where we found a BUNCH of tar pits!! I could even smell a hot spring somewhere, but I could not find it. After the tar pits is a very small interesting canyon with beautiful rock formations. I was very fascinated by them because some of them have a white substance all over them - I wonder if it's calcium or salt - and the striations are vertical as opposed to horizontal. There are also lots and lots of holes in the rocks which makes me believe at one point these rocks were submerged in water. All in all, it is not only a very beautiful hike, but a very educational one. I recommend it to everyone, even beginner hikers because even though it is a very challenging hike, the sights are well worth it!


I absolutely LOVE this hike. It takes me about an hour to finish, so it's great for a quick evening workout. My only recommendation to hikers is if you are going in the evening, make sure to take insect repellant. I can't wait to go on the larger loop!

Beautiful hiking trails, good for family and pets.

Nice trail! Went uphill but not too steep. Was a good workout and no one was on the trail. We arrived at 7 and were done by 9:15! Nice views of Santa Clarita valley. I suggest bringing bug spray!

Beautiful in all aspects, views and flowers abound, the only “dent” is the shooting noises from the near by range, my first time there today, Sunday, took me by surprise... you hear the shots most of the hike as the sound bounces off the mountains... it steals the purpose of a nature hike...

Hiked this trail yesterday. It was beautiful. Still lots and lots of wildflowers. Did it alone with my dog It was a weekday and it felt pretty secluded at times. There was one spot that my dog had to walk through tar. There were some pavers spread out across it . But, he couldn’t really manage them. Somehow the tar even got in his water bowl! Then he didn’t want to drink from it. That was the only negative. There are bathrooms and trash cans at the bottom which is awesome. Didn’t have to take waste bags home with us for a change. Felt pretty safe. Beautiful and a good workout.

If you take the longer loop, it’s close to 6miles with significant elevation change making it a moderate trail. Very clean and well kept, not busy. Fantastic views at the top. Some really lovely flowers this time of year and an interesting bubbling patch of oil along with various tarry spots along the way. Overall very interesting and enjoyable.

A little noisy this morning from the gunshots at the shooting range, but still a nice little hike with the wildflowers in bloom. I still get a kick hiking up and seeing all the big cone spruce.

7 months ago

One of the best trail for hiking for beginners, really awesome view and so quiet for meditation lovers or relaxation

Gorgeous canyon views!

Amazing views from the canyon! Wild flowers along the trail in mid April.

Excellent hike as plenty of shade and water/greenery to add to the beauty. I added rice canyon to it which was very nice, but it's easy to see in a month or two the poison oak will be over grown everywhere in the rice canyon section. I did accidentally step on a rattler and lucky avoided getting bit on rice portion. The gun club is a bit noisy but I don't mind. Weather is perfect this time of year to enjoy these trails.

I'm new to hiking and did this trail. Was a bit harder than expected but certainly worth it. This time of year, it is great, cool and green, with excellent views. I was happy I completed, next time I'll do with my backpack with some weight to it.

Great 5 ml trail good for running & walking.

Beautiful trail with a major incline. One side of the mountain is steep and one side has a series of switchbacks a small year round creak flows in the canyon below. Hike it in the cool months between March and May and you will see miles of rare California green and lots of wild flowers making they’re brief appearance for the year. Highly recommended!

Nice little hike on a paved road and old road grade through historic Mentryville and past the first commercial oil well in California, the birthplace of modern Chevron. Great views of Pico Canyon, Oat Mountain, Castaic, and what will become the Newhall Ranch development.

Great trail to go on with kids. We printed out directions because it was kind of confusing whether to stay on road or veer off to a side trail. Stay on the road for the main Mentryville trail. Great picnicking area the kids ate at. Will have to look up where the side trail over the bridge leads too. Great parking- free outside gate, $5 inside. Not a high traffic area with hikers, but a lot of bikers. We will definitely do again and try to make all the way up the peak next time.

My 6 year old son and I tried this trail with my 78 year old mother. Mom did well up until she saw the portions that ran along the mountainside and then she decided to turn around. This morning, my son and I tried again. This time we made the entire loop. My son was very enthusiastic about our having found a trail he could complete in its entirety. If it wasn't for her fear of heights, I bet mom could have done the whole trail, too.

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