If you'd like some extra mileage, park your car outside the main gate and walk to central Mentryville before continuing on up the trail.

Easy walk, lots of trees. Beautiful and hardly anyone there during the week.

3 months ago

Parking is 5$, payable in cash, apart from that, absolutely brilliant hike.

great place to Hike.. beautiful Oaks trees and wild flowers especially in Spring also some butterflies ❤❤

great hike for a newbie like myself. Did it alone early in the morning and was happy to have the trail almost all to myself. up hill the whole first half. lots of wildlife and birds.

I did this trail on a Tuesday afternoon. It was clear sunny skies in the mid 80's. I passed a handful of people in the first mile or so. But once I started going deeper up the trail I only passed 1 bicyclist. There's a short offshoot trail about half a mile in, that's a nice dirt path and a bunch of small wooden bridges over a stream bed. At the end of it you can climb straight up the side of the mountain for 100 feet but you'll have to get your hands dirty. I did this and it kicked my ass. I had to rest for 10 minutes at the top before coming back down and continuing back up the main trail. Including this smaller trail my Apple watch says I exerted 927 calories to complete exactly 8 miles of hiking while climbing 15,39 feet. It took me just under 3 hours to complete. Great views of Santa Clarita valley all along the last mile of hiking. I completed the hike without bringing any water, but I would recommend bringing some.

First half of the hike is a newly paved road with a slight incline. Once you make that first sharp "U" at the western most point you start going up a steeper incline on a semi paved road that's probably seen north of 50 winters since it was last maintained.