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I got there just before 9am and there were only two other vehicles there. I went alone and felt totally safe and absolutely loved it. It was uphill the whole time but it wasn’t crazy or too hard! Take water, for sure! And by the time I finished at 11, there were quite a few more vehicles and I was passing other people and could hear others on the trail. If you want more of a quiet solo hike, start early.

9 days ago

The trailhead has multiple hiking options. It costs $6 to park. We hiked the 2.5-mile loop trail on Montara Mountain, which was nicely shaded and had good views, including an ocean view and bench at the top. It was a pleasant, easy hike. Gently up a mile, then down 1.5.

16 days ago

A great hike with stunning views. We parked the car on the street since the Park closes at 5pm. It can be a strenuous hike. Take plenty of water.

17 days ago

Beautiful trail. Our 11-yr old and 8-yr old did it with us. Uphill half the way. Mostly covered until you get to the top. Ocean views abound. Highly recommended

Amazing views!!!

Season waterfall

Great hike! Beautiful! Remember if you park in the lot at the base it’s 6 dollar self pay.

1 month ago

All in all a pretty good trail, arrived about 1230 and hiked till about 5, Trail is pretty well maintained and good for running as well as hiking, enjoyed the trails that we took, next time will arrive earlier to experience more of the trails available.. will definitely come again.

Great trail with beautiful views.

Great hike. Very few people using the trail. I would not rate this as difficult. Nice uphill hike not too steep. Great views.

3 months ago

Hike took place on a warm weekday in late October. The trail was lightly traveled. I saw more California Quail than other fellow hikers. I started the hike at the entrance close by the nicely kept up visitor center near the parking lot. Note that the actual length of the Hazelnut Trail is 3.7 miles long. The end of the trail dumps out on to Weiler Ranch Trail. Weiler Ranch Trail is actually an old gravel farm road that after a pleasant enough level walk between two valleys leads you back to the parking lot and visitor center about one mile away. The Hazelnut Trail provides a good workout. It is all up and then down. At the start of the trail I ran into three wild turkeys and a buck deer that were having a standoff on the trail. The trail is wide and well maintained. There are trail makers along the way that indicate how far you have hiked. Very nice. You hike up to a enchanted eucalyptus forest that provides a good place to rest and smell the fragrant leaves and nuts of the trees. Funny, even though eucalyptus tress are non-native trees to California, they are in my mind are as much of the state’s landscape as our redwood trees, Monterey cypress, Joshua trees, and giant sequoias. How these trees were established here at a elevation of 900 feet (the trail starts at about 200 feet) where there are no roads or manmade structures is strange. Excellent views of Montara Mountain to the south and the glimpses of the Pacific Ocean and Mount Tamalpais to the west and north. The trail then leads to steep downward switchbacks to Weiler Ranch Trail. San Pedro Valley County Park offers excellent restrooms. I am glad my tax dollars are well spent!

beautiful trail. not too busy. spectacular hillside views.

Nice hike. Loved it. The first half mile has this beautiful eucalyptus trees. Early morning fog + the fragrance of eucalyptus was refreshing. It’s a steady climb but I wouldn’t classify it as hard.

Trail was clear and very well marked. Not too steep. Incredible vistas of the pacific and the city of SF. Perfect morning or afternoon hike. Completed in 2:30.

5 months ago

This is a moderate trail that goes on a gentle incline mostly for 2 mi, then downhill switchbacks for 1.7 mi (starting from nature trail entrance). Then it meets up with Weiler Ranch Rd trail and it's a flat .75 mi or so back. There is a section of lush eucalyptus forest that's pretty cool. I like it because on a weekday, you'll rarely run into anyone. I've hiked this after work many times and haven't passed a single soul. So if you like solitude you'll get it (less so on weekends).

5 months ago

I enjoyed this route clockwise even though I intended to go counter based on others comments. It was more crowded than I had hoped/expected based on others reviewers...but it was a sunny Sunday midday and pleasant anyway. I would definitely do this again for another short two hour hike.

5 months ago

Nice trail, pretty good workout but definitely not hard. Views are just okay hence the 3 star rating.

5 months ago

Dirt trail through a canyon to the summit looking out over Linda Mar Blvd to the ocean. It meets the Montara Mountain trail and winds down with switch backs through a forested area. The views are beautiful, starting with the quiet canyon, then from the summit you see the valley, and the ocean. There are benches a long the way to sit and take in the scenery. Saw lots of rabbits, lizards, and birds. Only 1 or 2 other hikers, but that was it. The elevation is 1646, not 646. I think they missed a "1" Took us about 1.5 hours with stops along the way. Great trail!

This trail is often foggy at the top. Check the weather (look out to the ocean for incoming fog) before starting!

6 months ago

Loved this hike. Nice and easy overall. Early parts are a bit steep for beginners. Took a few hours, peaceful, not many people on the Sunday we went. Parking costs $ and is cash only.

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