The scenery is beautiful on the bridge and an awesome little hike for the kiddos. The trail is narrow at times, but it’s a trail so that is to be expected. My family and I have gone there many times just to get out of the house, 10/10 recommend!

Great run with a beautiful view

We had such a great time on this hike! It actually started snowing! What a great experience! I'm going Togo back and bring my mountain bike!

It was a great hike. I am writing this review late because i have only heard about the app until a couple days ago. But it was a cool hike, if you look over the bridge you can actually see some caves that the river made. It was a great family hike but at times the trail was narrow.

Great hike , took both kids had a blast.

Perfect day hike for our family

Was an amazing day to hike. It did get hot but not too bad. Trail was very nice!

Love this trail!

Toddlers had a GREAT time!!!

Had a great time. Easy going down. Somewhat difficult going up but worth it. Trail is small. Had to step aside to let people coming from the opposite way through. Will definitely go back.

We visited the San Joaquin River Gorge again today. The Tarantulas are out and about this time of year. Also spotted lots of Quail and a big Roadrunner today. A little warm in the foothills in the Summer, but this is a nice trail for a Short hike in Fall, Winter, or Spring.

Loved it

It was the first time my husband and I ever went through a trail. It was really nice, peaceful, beautiful. You can hear the sound of the river it got louder and louder the closer we got.

Nice easy hike in cooler months, ok for young kids and dogs. Can be a little hot in warmer months, Tarantulas can be spotted easily some times of year. There is a sign warning to be aware of Rattle Snakes in the area. We have seen some adventurous people rigging up to the bridge and jumping off. Overall a nice place to go for an easy Fall or Spring hike.

Moderate level trail. Easy heading out, a little rough heading back. Dogs loved it as well.

amazing short trail, beautiful views, highly recommended.

I have already gone back a few times since my first time there. The bridge is beautiful and it's so peaceful out there listening to all the water and wildlife. I usually go up to the San Joaquin River Trail which connects to this on the opposite end. But to me this side is much nicer and a better hike. A little farther but not bad at all. One day I'd like to complete the whole thing. But this is definitely a nice place to go to just get away and go on a little hike.

I've never really been a hiker, as much as I've wanted to be. So a friend recommended this place and a me and buddy decided to do this little hike. It was a nice hike that was not too long and the views and sounds of the river and pedestrian bridge were awesome. We even made it down to the river and found a shallow and calm spot where the water pooled around some large boulders. Just enough to get wet it in and cool (freeze) down and warm back up on the rocks. Great day!

Great hike super easy going in but I got to admit I use muscles that I haven't used in awhile coming out! I'm just getting into hiking

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