Photos of San Gorgonio Wilderness Bird Watching Trails

It was a beautiful day for a hike! We started without snowshoes or crampons, however some mini spikes would have been ideal. Following Horse Meadow it would have been best to put on snowshoes, however we held off until South Fork Meadows. Being the first ones to hit the snow above the Dry/Dollar fork, it was really neat to lay down new tracks. We followed the switchbacks (as best we could) and made it up to 9,500’. There were some REALLY sketchy portions where the hill was steep laterally and the “trail” offered no respite. Until the trail is a bit more visible above the fork, this is only recommended for a hiker who is very experienced with snowshoes.
With the mid-day temperatures, the trail below the meadow is becoming primarily ice-mud. Be sure to bring your poles!