This is a great hike! It’s a bit more strenuous the first mile or two but overall a mix of uphill and downhill sections. Really stunning views closer to the end, but you’ll get glimpses here and there when you turn a corner or the trees part. There’s a fun stream crossing right before John meadows camp, which is where we stopped. The trees are stunning and you see dots of flowers throughout.

4 days ago

Word of warning: there is no payoff here. You will go for a beautiful hike through the woods, with lovely wooded canyon views intermittently. But no summit/killer view at the end, and not a big meadow--I recommend stopping at Johns Meadow camp. That said: still a worthy hike. Fairly shaded, saw snow flower, blue columbine, indian paintbrush, a few I haven't ID'd yet, and of course, phenomenal trees and shrubs of all local persuasions (some manzanita still blooming, too). Word of caution--the map takes you past Johns Meadow Camp. The trail becomes extremely steep with narrow and gravelly switchbacks. I way overshot the end of the map's depicted trail, and my poor little quarantine body, weak after months of inactivity, is pissed! A good reminder of basic trail smarts: don't get so excited about seeing a meadow that you hike beyond your readiness. It's not worth the potential injury, and sometimes... there is no meadow.

this trail was BEAUTIFUL but there's not actually a meadow. following the trail all the way around doesn't really take you anywhere so probably just stop at the Johns Meadow Camp. it was a little strenuous but as I mentioned totally gorgeous. there are crazy trees everywhere and the trail takes you through several slightly different types of forest environment. the little white flowers everywhere were so whimsical and looked like lil forest sprites. I also loved the red asparagus looking snow plants I've never seen anything like them before, so lit! you spend a lot of time walking along a ridge and every once in a while the forest will part and you can see all through the valley. there were a couple fallen trees and some easy stream crossings. some of the most stunning scenery I've seen in a while. loved this hike! would probably do it again as a quick backpacking trip. road in is rocky tho, my crv almost got stuck so be careful!

The map is incorrect and will bring you to nowhere at the end; turns out the end is where the Johns Meadow camp sign is. The map will bring you well beyond that up the ridge. Otherwise it’s a beautiful hike with a good amount of shade and some easy water crossings.

Great hike for a warm day. The trail is mostly shaded with two nice creeks to look forward too. The trail does have slight up and downs in and out, but nothing too strenuous. Today there were at least four downed trees on the trail that we needed to climb over. One pretty muddy part, but nothing hiking boots or trail shoes can’t handle. There are rocky parts to navigate though. We did the hike in 2 hours and 51 minutes. Overall, it is a wonderful hike!

off trail
9 days ago

I would rate this trail hard/advanced instead of moderate, especially if you come up the back side of the mountain. There was heavy snow on the trail going towards the top of the mountain. We ended up going off trail frequently. If you are not comfortable trecking through loose rock/icy snow you may want to wait until some of the snow is melted off in mid-to-late summer. Overall, the hike was rewarding and the views are beautiful. The hike ended up being more like 20 miles from the parking lot.

Most of the trail is exposed because of a recent fire. Great little lake at the top. I recommend a morning hike due to the extensive exposure

Great trail. Camped at Saxton first night. Got up next day to summit San G and came back down to spend night at Dobb’s. Hiked out third day. Some trees down, but nothing problematic. Ran into snow at Dry Creek View and used spikes to cross -1/2 mile of deep snow (some postholing so be careful). Not many people on trail. Water at Alger, Falls Creek, just before Saxton, and last water at Plummer Meadows before summit. My distance was 29.3, but maybe that was because we camped.

A lot of hikers breaking out of their quarantined cells. Most heading to Dry Lake. My wife and I took the Dollar Lake Trail at the junction and never saw another hiker. Some downed trees along the trail, but easily navigated around. Dollar Lake has water and sits at the base of a snowcovered mountain. Very pretty.

Bang bang

Such a beautiful hike through the alpine! So many gorgeous views throughout the entire hike, and the end was phenomenal! Note however: there is no meadow. The trail basically ends once you cross the last river and end up at Johns campground. I wouldn’t suggest going farther, as you won’t see anything better that what you’ve already seen. I absolutely loved this hike! There was still visible snow on the mountains at the end view. Driving to the trail wasn’t an issue either, no need for 4wd, maybe just a higher clearance vehicle! We drove a Kia Soul and it was perfectly ok, just drive slowly and carefully!

over grown
18 days ago

Mildly muddy, rocky and overgrown. Great hike to Dollar Lake! Most people go to Dry Lake so Dollar Lake is more secluded. The last 1.5ish miles is tough! But once you’re to the lake it’s gorgeous and so peaceful! Worth it! Stayed 1 night.

Enjoyed this hike a lot! You’ll see a couple creeks and some mud so maybe wear some shoes you don’t mind getting a little muddy. Took us approximately 6 hours, started at 10am and didn’t end until around 3pm.

This is a great trail. Very wooded area. Not affected by any recent fires. The forest here is healthy and beautiful. Lots of ups and downs with elevation gain and loss. Any time you cross four or more streams in a hike you’re going to be going down to the creek, then up and around the shoulder or ridge, then back down to the creek. Took us just about 6 hrs with 5 kids ranging from 9-15. Do it.

recently did this trail. there are a few downed trees after fish creek camp that are tough to get around but otherwise the trail is in great shape. road there is easy for higher clearance vehicles (I drove a mazda cx 5 awd). fire damage is bad until the camp.

Great hike this weekend. Camped at Dollar Lake. Snow is about gone from the trail. Still is partially covering the lake. Plenty of water. A few downed trees but passable.

Nice trail. Definitely an intermediate and not a beginner hike. Made it to John Meadow campground had lunch and back in around 4 hours. Meadow and stream was a little underwhelming IMO. Total distance is over 7 miles from the car. Pretty busy on a Saturday during the Covid times.

I hiked this trail via Mission Creek. Once to the PCT intersection, I went north. As you follow the PCT, you will see a smaller trail to the left. Walk that to the end at a cliff. The view of San G is incredible! That viewpoint is 5.5 miles from the Mission Creek gate. If you start at Whitewater, hike past red dome and then to across the wash to the trail that takes you up to the ridge. You can go down the other side and the PCT.

I can see this being good in Summer, but we went too early. Covered in snow and ice knee deep. Absolutely gorgeous though

3 months ago

I came wth my dog will be back, can get lost easily. To get to the location it’s rocky... use suv or a jeep

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