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nice intermediate hike

no shade
2 days ago

bridge out
over grown
10 days ago

It's lovely back there. We went right after the rains and there was so much water! But the trail is blown out. Expect 20+ creek crossings down to the campground and lots of scrambling across rocks and fallen trees. You can probably manage to get across the first ten creek crossings without getting your shoes wet if you have good balance. It's relatively easy to track the trail if you just make sure to look up and scan the way. It took us almost 3hrs to get to the campground, going gingerly across the streams. And 2hrs on the way back when we just gave up and sloshed through. All the concentration and scrambling becomes strenuous!

Pretty nice trail did it as my end of the year hike on New Year’s Eve ,,, it’s a nice climb up,,, it is a workout going up ,, Saw a couple with their toddlers which wowed me cause they were about a mile or 2 up ,,, pretty cool

Great trail with great views. When we went 2/23/19 there was still a lot of snow in some sections. Very lightly trafficked when we arrived at 9am. Some minor rockslides which was something to watch out for.

Lots of water after the rains. Water was rapid so washed away most crossings. Not a problem if you don't mind getting your feet/shoes wet. Started hailing when I went 2/17/19.

off trail
1 month ago

Loved this little backpacking trip. I took a complete beginner, and he had a blast!

Great campground if you can make it all the way to bear CG. Lots of water in January, but I hear that is gone later in the year so plan accordingly.

Hike can have its steep parts, especially returning after the camp. River crossings, rock scrambling, and log walking to be expected. You can do it without getting your feet wet if careful, but bring extra shoes and socks just in case.

1 month ago

First time and loved it! The first half is fun scrambling over creeks and rock formations, while the second half is where you need to save your energy for some wicked switchbacks. Would recommend to any mid-level hiker!

Went after a week of rain so the water levels were very high! Definitely recommend poles for all the river crossings. The trail was less well maintained on the way to Bear Canyon campsite and the high water levels made some areas pretty difficult to navigate but made for a very fun hike!

One of my favorites!! Beautiful area ✌️

If I were just rating the views, I'd give his trail 5 stars. The view from the top is stellar! The hike itself was scenic also, with several small deep canyon waterfalls, cascades, and shifting views of the L.A. basin and the ocean as you ascend the mountain. It misses 5 stars because I know I happened to take this hike on the perfect day. On most days in the San Gabriels, there would be no water flowing in this canyon, and the sun exposure once you leave the canyon would be unbearable.

did this hike a couple days ago and wow, beautiful views. well maintained trail & easy to follow at junctions. you can make the tail into a longer loop if you go down the east side to the PCT also.

there was little snow coverage, but i'm sure they'll change soon. patchy snow at 7,000ft & trail coverage the last half mile

There's a spring running at the beginning of the trail that you'll pass a few times. Easy fill up if treated. Easy to follow trail to Strawberry Saddle, head left at junction to a dirt road you can follow to the summit.

This route is awesome for Outdoor Athletic Enthusiasts! A lot of wild colorful plants and spectacular views. challenges you with the rock climbing/scrambling and pushed you mentally with the distance. Distance is closer to 12 miles and not 10 miles. Just did this on Thanksgiving morning 11/22/2018.

,Hardest peak yet for me!!!

What a great trail! A bit hard to follow but thanks to all trails we followed it perfectly!
Steep inclines about 1.5 Miles before twin peaks summit. Running behind on time so we skipped the waterman peak. Will definitely be returning here!

switzer “falls” is looking pretty sad about now, but the hike towards bear canyon after switzer falls was pretty shady the whole time and it wasn’t too strenuous. the only tough part about this hike is the short exposed area before getting to switzer falls.

Went July 19th about 1030 in the morning. Would have started a litter earlier but helped out two girls with the van. If they read this I really hope you made it home. Started on the trail went about 1.1 miles then turned around. Next time probably (next week Tuesday or Wednesday) early morning like around 5 or 6. The heat was intense. No shade but over great trail. Will update later.

This is a challenge with a weighted pack or without. Bring plenty of water if you’re not out and back before noon, at 80 degrees it’s still hot with little to no shade after the first mile. I went through 3Liters plus two water bottles. After the first 2 miles there’s a concrete structure that’s excellent for shade and food before rock climbing with no shade, except a couple small trees or hiding behind a rock.
Very lightly trafficked, 3 other single hikers the day I went. Out of the 4 of us only 2 went up to strawberry peak, the other 2 made it up the first rock scramble and turned back. The second rock scramble is NOT well marked, which is acceptable going up, but coming back down check the map for your location. I got off in a rock slide area, noticing after I went to step down and one slid out from under my foot. I’m not a fan of heights and was calmly scared since I was alone, but I was able to get over to the trail after checking this app for its location vs mine.
I’m not sure I’d come back to this alone, but having experienced it once the climb should be more manageable. This was my first time in almost a year with a pack on, which caught me off guard with the weight and climbing. Hiking Project by REI classifies the rock scramble as a level 3. Enjoy! Make sure someone knows your location on this one because it’s not an easy 6 Miles.

Really great hike with lots of interest along the trail - great views from the canyon rim, beautiful creek crossings, and several small waterfalls on the 8.5 mile trek. Lots of shade makes for a great trail on a warmer day. Bring lots of water (2-3 liters) - about 4 hours round-trip.

Great trail that is well shaded (except for the half mile before Switzer Falls). Recommended when it's hot (was >100* when I hiked this).

The trail to Switzer Falls is well trafficked with a few stream crossings. The water level is very low at the moment, but there is certainly enough to splash around in. There are a few step drop-offs and cliffs along this trail - keep an eye on kids!

Beyond Switzer Falls, the trail is far less maintained, but is still easy to follow. There are around 20 stream crossings between Switzer Falls and Bear Canyon Creek but all are easy - no need to get wet feet!

Bear Canyon Camp has a half dozen spots for a tent, about 3-4 stoves/fire pits and a few picnic tables. Great spot and well shaded. Given the low water level, I wouldn't rely on the water for drinking.

Overall, recommended trail, especially when it's hot given the stream and tree cover.

Great hike!! Beautiful views from the ledge hiking to the second falls. The trail became very rugged past the falls on the Bear Canyon trail with downed tree obstacles from the floods to cross. Certainly a trail worth doing.

Has the potential to be very stressful with the poking Yucca plants, lack of shade, significant rock hopping, and scrambling up the West cliff face, Also amazing how you can get turned around, although not lost, and put in a precarious situation so quickly at various point on the trail.

Solutions to the stress are, minimum 3.0 l of water. Wear denim, or mountain pants for Yucca Armor . Keep three points of contact as you travel up rough terrain. Have at least one trekking pole. Use GPS as a hiking guide. Dogs should absolutely wear boots. Keep an eye out for rattlers, although I saw none myself.

I started at 630 am in July, wish I would of started earlier, as the sun can beat down pretty hard on most of the trail.

A very unique trail, fun , w appropriate preparation.

Pretty sweet trail with great views at the top and just along the trail itself. Only saw a few people on the way up which was pretty awesome. Only issue is there is definitely a lack of signage when trails cross and the last bit of the trail to the peak was a road. Definitely bring sunscreen as there isn't much for shade

If you are looking for a truly challenging and action packed hike that will test your rock scrambling abilities, this is the hike for you. I specifically did the Colby Canyon to Strawberry Peak (Mountaineer's route) to Strawberry Meadows loop.This took my friend and I about 11 miles and 8 hours to complete, exhausting but such a rewarding journey. This is a hike you need to prepare for if you decide to do the mountaineer' route which has you rock scrambling up and up (class 3 rock scramble) at 2 different portions of the trail. The rock segments have arrows and other markings that help guide you up. It is challenging and very doable as the most of the rocks are solid for footing and grabbing onto. To backtrack, there is a small dusty trailhead for the Colby canyon trailhead. Park here and go in 2 miles, you will be starting off in a creek bed then will be ascending upwards towards this small water tower called Josephine/Strawberry saddle. From this point in order to take the mountaineer's route you take the pathway to the right BUT once you get right on it there is a use trail that you should ascend that climbs quickly. If you feel you are lost here, you are probably on the right path. Keep going for .2 or .3 miles and you will come across the the first rock segment. Super fun and definitely felt a little dangerous at times. After this, you keep going forward to the steep face of Strawberry peak where you will encounter the last rock wall climb and this was is rather steep going up. Follow the arrows and red ribbons for the most doable and safer climb up. Absolutely take your time with your footing and grabbing here. There were moments on this rock scramble that felt pretty nerve racking but you just need to keep going up and you will be fine. Once you get to the peak, take a break and check out the little metal box which has notepads. So once you get up here, you can either go back down or what I did to extend my hike was to follow the pathway to east which goes towards Mount Lawlor and you want to take sharp left to start heading towards Strawberry meadows. This hike is amazing because there are so many layers to it. You find yourself going through a forest area, hiking along several switchbacks, and dodging tons of spanish bayonets.

One of the most difficult short hikes I've done. Definitely great conditioning for longer hikes. Very fun scramble to the actual peak after completing the main part of the trail, but definitely not recommended to those not fond of heights. Bring a lot of water, our group took 5 hours of continuous hiking under essentially no coverage from the sun to reach the peak and back. Recommend early start if going during warmer months.

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