Beautiful trail. There are trees all around the area. I suggest going up and down the mountain. You will find the waterfall area where you can swim. There are a lot of bugs and I saw a rattle snake! You will need to park in the top of the mountain, so walking back up is tough. Walking up the mountains is tough too, but overall the hike is moderate. Please please please do not litter the area!

just went today awesome trail did it up to twin peaks first which at the end was very steep. the vuews were not that great and looped around to waterman which had way better views and overall more enjoyable amazing rock climbing and awesome trail overall

2 days ago

This trail had it’s easy moments and it’s challenging moments so moderate is a great way to categorize this hike. At one point I got off trail but I realized it quick enough because the app showed me off trail. Once we got to the waterfall, it was amazing. There was about 15 people there enjoying the water and waterfall. I’m pretty sure you can also make your way to the top of the waterfall but I was not feeling that adventurous. One thing I loved about this hike is that most of the hike was shaded because of the trees and there was streams of water through most of the hike.

A great trail but it was very crowded. You have to walk over a stream at some parts so be prepared to walk on rocks and you may get your feet wet.

Very busy today. Nice flow of water!

3 days ago

Great trail, lots of creek crossings so prepared to get your shoes or feet wet. The parking lot being clothes adds 2 miles to this hike. Total distance was 6.2 miles. Seemed like every other person on this trail was playing their music loud enough for everyone to hear which was somewhat of a disappointment but it's a great hike overall.

Has anybody done this hike recently? Looking to go tomorrow (Sun may 31), but not sure if there is snow (which i’m trying to avoid)? Will delete comment once I know ;) Thx, Kai

If you are a real hiker/backpacker don’t go. Literally hundreds of people with bags, sandals, umbrellas. Acting as if they are going to the beach. Worse part everyone is having their kids pee at the falls, all the dogs are shitting in the water, trash all over. Lots of idiots getting hurt as well, people bleeding in the water the last 3 times we went. These people have never been outdoors and have zero trail common courtesy, I wont even get on the leave zero trace behind. Thank you for destroying an area that was beautiful. Bravo Californians!

Great trail! Really kicks your butt since they closed down the lower parking lots. Crowded though so make sure to bring masks. The waterfall is also extremely crowded. Otherwise, loved this trail! Dogs are allowed on leashes, but once you get up to the cliffs, be more careful since it can become narrow. You have to also cross multiple mini streams. Parking is hard to find so come early.

beautiful hike. The water is gorgeous. on the way to the fall. The fall is not that impressive. There is an additional fall above the main one. It is a bit long for children. Bring bug spray, look out for snakes. Not much trash on the trail today. Go EARLY! on our way out many many groups were walking in. Very lovely hike and scenery. Had to park on the main road and hike down to the trail head. Total was about 6 miles. It is up hill on the way back so save your energy.

Great trail! Lots of shade, there’s a portion along the cliff that can be tiring when the suns out and shining down you, bring water to hydrate during this portion. Arrive early!! We started the hike at 8am and left around 11 and big crowds were starting to form. We did see a lot of family with young children, be mindful that you’ll have to jump over creeks and slipper rocks, and the cliff portion can be narrow, so if you have little ones that love to run and wonder have that in mind

Great trail in the Angeles National Forest. As an easy/moderate option and having recently reopened, it was getting quite crowded as I hiked out this past Sunday (Memorial Day weekend). Get an early start to have the waterfall to yourself. I loved listening to the flowing creek on the way to the falls and taking in all of the sounds. Parking lot and restrooms were closed when I went. Please carry out what you carry in and maybe a bit more, too. Enjoy the hike.

What a great hiking trail for the most part it’s shaded a bit rocky and the scenery is amazing. Most of the hike you are next to the creek bring bug spray a lot of mosquitoes also watch out for rattle snakes we did not see any but a lot of hikers were advising us that they had encountered them. The hike took us about two hours give or take we stopped a couple of minutes at the waterfall which brings me to that don’t expect a huge water fall my hopes were really high it’s about 6’ maybe 8’ feet tall small waterfall but still beautiful overall this was a good hike. To the water fall the trail is easy mostly down hill but on the way back it’s mostly uphill which will give you a good heart rate. Will put this hike on my top 10 hikes here in Southern California.

Gorgeous trail, very clean, peaceful water running throughout most of the hike. Canyons and waterfall were meditative and the views when you go beyond Switzer Falls are captivating.

I’ve done this hike twice and just forgot to post a review in a timely manner. Yes there’s some trash, yes some people are loud, but once you’re further out on the trail it evens out. The falls are really pretty! Parking does kind of suck, and I think you do need a California Adventure Pass to be in the lots. Overall, this hike is worth it if you’re looking for a decently quick jaunt. It’s not super difficult and the path is easy to follow.

Such a beautiful hike! Amazing views, creeks and beautiful forest throughout. It was a bit crowded the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend but most people were polite (Covid) and waited for you to walk through. Parking was hectic, and we got lucky to find a spot at the Colby Canyon trailhead (across the street and down the road just a bit). Many were street parking, but make sure you aren’t over the white line. I saw every car parked over the white line and in the road with a ticket.

Great day to go hiking! We did see a rattlesnake today on the shadier part of the trail

Trail gets 5 stars! Pretty easy hike, lots of shade, beautiful river and multiple waterfalls. I’m only leaving 4 stars mainly because of the large groups of people leaving trash all over the trail and smoking. Other than that, great trail!

The parking lot is closed due to Covid, so you’ll have to park at the top and then walk down to the start of the trail. It’s a beautiful trail, but it was so crowded! We went on a weekend. Lots of families out, with very few wearing masks, which is such a shame! I know everyone wants to be outside but people need to remember to wear masks especially when passing each other.

MAD crowded and hard to find parking! A beautiful trail nonetheless with lots of watering holes to swim in between the falls and bear canyon. The endpoint has lots of bugs so a little bit annoying of a place to rest and eat a lunch.

Just got back. Haven’t hiked this trail in many years; still great. The parking lots were closed due to Covid. The picnic area was open, but you had to park on the highway, and that’s a minimum of .6 miles from the tables. Not a bad walk, but a bad walk with a cooler. Steep downhill (then uphill). I got there before 8:30am (Memorial Day) and had to park .2 miles further down the highway. The hike was great. A lot of flowing water, and you have to cross the stream multiple times, but it wasn’t a problem if you had reasonable shoes and weren’t carrying a small dog (lot’s were). Lots of poison Ivy, so stay out of the greenery, which is easy to do. There was too much trash. Not an extreme amount as implied by the previous reviewer (and we must have been on the trail at the same time), but too much. Maybe she was just ahead of me and picked a lot up. I regretted not bringing a plastic bag to bring stuff out. It’s better to fix than whine. I could have carried out all the trash I saw on the way down, no problem. The only downside was the waterfall was way too crowded. I’m guessing half the people there rarely hike, but needed to get out. A definite do when things settle down a bit. Start early - get there no later than 8. Have an Adventure Pass and park in the lower lot. It’s worth the $5 Finally, do NOT believe the sign just past the bridge at the picnic area. It’s now where near 1 mile. It’s an honest 2

Well even though this trail is one of our favorites, I have to give it a 2 star because it is very disappointing to see trash every where. My 9 year old has literally started picking up trash on the way back and she ends up with 2 full trash bags, just on a 2.5 mile radius. Common people if we all love hiking this trail, let’s do our part and keep it clean. I don’t think any of us would like the animals going into our homes and making a mess. Respect nature!!!

10 hours 12 mile hike with Paul and Jianmin. Lots of water crossing. Shady. Hard but nice hike.

Great trail! Definitely needs cleaning up towards Bear camp but definitely enjoyed a lot of stream action. You’re able to take dips into the water at certain spots. Lots of bugs as it gets hotter and at Bear camp. Lots of people going to the falls so to too much people during Covid, go super early! Parking can be an issue if u go too late since you have to park at Angeles highway.

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