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Definitely go in the morning. Breaking right to go up was super nice!

This has become my new favorite hike. Great views, moderate exercise and even a bit of LA history thrown in for good measure. The hike starts in Altadena. You can street park for free on Lake Ave near the entrance until 10pm. If you plan to make it a nighttime hike, then just going outside the signage on the street a few blocks will mean you can stay out longer. (Nighttime is spectacular by the way, and permitted here if I read other hike reviews correctly. The nightlife comes out, there are fewer hikers and the views of LA lights are majestic - just bring a headlamp and warm clothes obviously.) Inspiration Point itself is a rock structure located on the saddle of the Lowe ridge. It features "telescopes" (really just pipes you can look through) that are aimed at particular landmarks across LA county. Be sure to check out Echo Mountain if you have a chance, which is located about halfway up the mountain. It features the scattered concrete remains of a famous household and train tracks that resided there early last century. The hike to echo Mountain is more populated. During the day you'll pass quite a few people. The hike from there to inspiration point is much more sparse. This is a 3000 ft elevation climb so bring plenty of water and snacks to eat at the point itself which also has picnic tables for anyone to use.

beautiful views throughout. the first part of the hike can be done at night to see the lights of the valley underneath. it's especially stunning around the holidays. be careful on your way back down. I wouldn't try to run this. with the foot traffic and the slightly steep terrain you might tumble.

This was my second time on this exact same path, and it was great. The first time, I didn't have enough water, and I wasn't cardio fit, but did complete it with much longer time needed to complete this. This time around, with improved cardio I did this hike in less than 50% off from my first hike. Just remember to take lots of water, 3 litters and up. I took 4 litters but used only 3 litters this time. I will go back and do this, but will do the reverse loop this time. Same path, but going up and coming down clockwise. It's easier going up to Inspiration Point counter clockwise, but I'll be doing the clockwise loop in the next few weeks.

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Great hike. I'd go up Sam Merrill, come down Castle Canyon. The canyon is pretty steep. But overall an amazingly varied hike with even a bonus water cross in Castle Canyon on the way down. More people at Inspiration Point than I would have predicted. Still good flowers, particularly higher up.