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18 hours ago

It’s the fire road! Enter through the employee parking

1 day ago

Beautiful trail. Fairly easy to find but I accidentally took a private road coming back. Easy parking, clean bathrooms, great views!

was the best back in the mid 90's

7 days ago

Great hike, check out my guide on HikingGuy for more info

8 days ago

Easy yet epic hike, check out my guide here: https://hikingguy.com/hiking-trails/best-la-hikes/devils-chair-hike-devils-punchbowl-natural-area/

Tried the clockwise route today. There's no established trail at all. It's a creek walk and you have to pick your way through the boulder/debris field. It's slow going (only half my usual pace) but does not require any bouldering. About 1.5mi in you come to a slot canyon with a waterfall and bowl. Didn't try bouldering up the rock (was raining) but it was possible to hike up the slope on the Eastward side and walk around the rock wall and falls. No other people or foot prints in evidence.

Looked at the return trail into the western canyon from the Devil's chair area. Looked to be an erosion path and not a maintained trail. Fallen trees were immediately visible.

Easy to get to this fairly quaint trail. We weren’t sure where it ended so hiked more moderately for a bit then turned back. Cool part is just as you start off it overlooks this private land that has all these large meditation statues. Very serene.

Thanks for the update, Tyler!

Beautiful trail, great for beginners. Lots to see and explore.

Great hike with friends

Decided just to walk into the gate of the mining company, knowing I'd be stopped by security. Soon as that happened I asked if I could speak to whoever was in charge to ask some questions about the trail.

Spoke to the manager of operations where he explained the fire and why it's closed, but also the city hasn't made any effort to fix the trail and probably won't by how bad it is.

I asked for him to take me as far as he can with supervision, just so i can see the trail because i own a landscaping company and I'd love to fix it for free just to open it back up (I dont though shhh.)

So he brought me as far as he could take me, the trail is severely messed up, had to use ropes to get across some areas, making it nearly impossible to get to the Falls and extremely dangerous with 20-30ft shear drops on un-stable ground.

My best advice is to not even try a way around or even going when they're closed. It's way too risky. Also they believe this trail will be permanently closed.

Sorry Everyone :(

17 days ago

Great hike! Well marked trail, beautiful views, and Devil's Chair itself was quite an experience (for a person that is not too keen on heights!). The day was cold and windy and we went early...which was a good thing, because a huge group was on it's way up when we were coming out. Many parts of the trail are single track and washed out, especially on the way down to the Chair. Best to go early to avoid any weekend crowds. We tried to do the Punchbowl Loop, but the wind was just blowing too hard. Will do that the next time I go. The rock formations are truly beautiful!

This is an excellent trail if you want variety and beauty. We took Mystic and went right. We took the more gentle trail instead of taking Punk Out. We went all the way to GMR and went back down via Monroe. In all we hiked 14.5 awesome miles and enjoyed the whole trip!

19 days ago

Note, this trail not a doable loop. Around 1.5mi going counterclock wise, there is a waterfall area with no apparent path up. This after bouldering up a spot with log to help you, and going up a second slope and fall spot. The second slope was not too bad to go up, but coming down was much dicier. It wasn't until my way back from the waterfall area that I realized my foot prints were the only set on the trail for some time.

Otherwise, it's a nice secluded creek walk (not really a trail). Was just small amount of water and some of it was frozen providing some nice scenery.

Haven't tried clockwise yet.

19 days ago

Beautiful trail! Got to break in my new hiking shoes

20 days ago

Loved this hike. I would say it is on the easy to moderate side based on my experience with other AllTrails hikes and ratings. The hike in is a breeze. The walk down to the chair is steep for about 25 yards and then easy peasy. I do hike a lot, as my daughter reminds me, but it is not hard at all. As for the trail eroding, it's not bad at all. I have a fear of narrow, steep trails, and I was able to do this without too much effort. Beautiful area! It would probably be hot in the morning in the summer months when the sun is shining on the trail, but most of this trail is in the shade on the north side of the mountain. Cool in late December.

My friends and I were camping down below and decided to go on a hike. we thought this was the 2 mile hike and as inexperienced hikers we packed a granola bar each and a bottle of water each. "Travel light" we thought. it was mid July and about 80° one kid forgot his water so we had to share with him. Thankfully even with the dehydration and hunger, we still enjoyed this hike. Once you reach the "chair" it's well worth it.

I did this hike in the spring it got really hot. There is not much shade. I did it again yesterday with our cool weather. So much better. The views are amazing. Lots of inclines but all in all pretty easy hike. Good family hike!

Love the hike!!
Was just wondering if anyone would know if the trail is open

26 days ago

Great short-ish hike. Pretty well covered throughout with beautiful views of the high desert. The beginning mile and end mile are steep but the bulk of the hike is pretty easy. A few hairy spots where the trail is eroding pretty bad, but all in all this is a good hike with kids/dogs.

28 days ago

On this hike you will be entertained by maple trees along a gently weaving trail which peaks at Mystic Canyon junction eventually and begins and ends at Glendora Mountain Rd.

Got up at sunrise and went here. No one else on trail when we started. Made it to the end and turned around and started back. Met two others who were out jogging. Was easy with the sound of water in the background. Will do this again as wife is starting to hike.

The biggest challenge is the first mile of the hike as you will ascend over 800 ft. Make sure to apply sunscreen and pause and enjoy the majestic San Gabriels to the east as you go. After reversing direction at Mystic Trail junction, it’s all downhill, literally. For the remainder of the hike you will be entertained by maple trees along a gently weaving trail which eventually connects to Glendora Mountain Rd. Watch out for trail runners and mountain bikers as you finish up the trail, though. And, once you’re on GMR, there will be plenty of asphalt junkies. Happy hiking!

This could be a challenging hike depending on which route you choose when you reach the Punked Out Trail sign roughly 1.5 miles into the hike starting at the Big Dalton Rd. Trailhead. At that junction, the trail on the left is a series of switchbacks with pretty gentle slope to the saddle. . The trail on the right goes straight to the top of the saddle—half the distance, but oh man it is tough! Part of it is not hiking but climbing, really! Take this with caution and if you are confident in your stamina and know a bit of climbing techniques. Of course, let’s not forget the first mile of the trail either. Steep, it is (but at least it is a hike and not a climb!!)

All together, quite a scenic hike, a good workout, and not too crowded. Hope you enjoy it.

Today I accessed the trailhead from Big Dalton Canyon Rd. and followed it up just past the Punk Out junction... my first attempt at this hard trail.

Awesome hike. My wife and I really enjoyed it. Took our time to let the scenery sink in. There was a little snow on the trail from last week’s rain, but it was all worth it.
Started at 0930 got back to parking lot at 1430.

Great hike, beautiful views, very clean trail but some sketchy path areas but easy to get through, not may people along the way either. Some challenging inclines if you’re not used to them. Seen lots of hikers with poles to help with that. We started off at 10:30 am and got back around 2:30.

2 months ago

beautiful, so far one on my favorite list

it's still closed

Great hike mostly covered. Started at 6am and saw only 1 person on the way. On the way back I passed quite a few people. Go early and enjoy the peace and quiet. Wonderful view at the top.

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