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Ok walk if you want to get in a bit of elevation gain and a few miles. Views from the devils chair are good

Beautiful views!!! Great hike traversing different scenery. I loved the little ranger station! Make sure you go inside and look around.

13 days ago

Very nice hike, Im not very active and was able to complete it with out too much difficulty. I went with some friends and started in the morning around 9 am and we finished around 3pm. Great views and well maintained trails. Parking lot fills quick so get there early. Hardest part is probably coming back out of the Devils chair portion quite the butt kicker if you are a couch jockey like me. Bring lots of water and sunscreen.

Beautiful view

I loved this hike! It's mostly uphill but not super challenging. There's not much shade so don't forget sunscreen. We hiked up to the cross but we weren't able to make it to the A. I will definitely be returning!

Beautiful hike but you will do a lot of walking. The elevation can kick your butt so bring water and comfy shoes.

Some areas are shaded.

27 days ago

I loved this hike! the views were a lot nicer than I expected, being so close to Palmdale I thought I will see mostly desert. I hiked on 4/28 the weather was perfect! I had a little trouble finding the right trail, down at the bottom are so many different trails that I wandered around for a bit, but I managed and went all the way to the devil's chair. I can't wait to do it again!

1 month ago

This was a great hike! Nice view and a great workout.

1 month ago

I did this hike in early April and the weather was absolutely perfect. Started at 8:15am, ended around 12:45pm going at a moderate pace (average mile was 26 min). Started getting a bit warm by then so start early. Prepare for 7+ miles with the first mile climbing steadily. Descending and coming out of the punch bowl is a tough climb but definitely a good kind of burn. At least two liters of water is recommended and trekking poles.

2 months ago

Well worth the hike. I enjoyed the adventure to the devil’s chair more than the chair itself though. Lots of amazing scenery to take in

Definitely not the easiest for a first time hiker but so worth it!

I love this trail , also one of the best I’ve hiked in So Ca.. Very beautiful with so much vegetation. The creeks during the rain or right after is the best. It plays a great part for a more marvelously flowing waterfalls. Four tiers of it makes it magnificent.Watch out for cactuses though they’re everywhere. Trails are a bit narrow if you’re afraid of heights or falling stick to your left at all times. Parking is free! But unfortunately this trail has been CLOSED for nearly two years to be exact. I am totally waiting for it to reopen.

3 months ago

Really beautiful views and a fairly easy trail for the most part. The first mile there and the first mile back are the toughest. The first mile there is a steady incline and then the first mile back has some very steep portions as well. The trek through the forest is beautiful and the final views of all the crazy rock patterns and formations are worth the journey.

My small terrier loved the hike, and only needed a few short water breaks. I needed a few breaks on the way up the aforementioned inclines, but just going slow and steady seemed to do the trick most of the time. Took us about 4 hrs to go out and back.

Sunny with great views of the valley and asuza canyon. You can get to the same cross that was accessible from the gracia trail via this trail.

3 months ago

Geologically, the two miles nearest to Devil’s Chair are impressive: white, green, and red rocks, plenty of outcropping to see, and an impressive view atop the “chair” itself. Parking lot was pretty full but we arrived around noon, when morning hikers were leaving. No parking pass or fees required.
The hike is mostly well-maintained and up to to car width, with a few narrow spots amid scree, and a few spots at the last 100 yards near the destination where one should watch their step.
Impressive views, a little bit of shade during mid-day. I’m sure this would be miserable in the Summer. Today was windy, in 70s, and pleasant. Incline is very easy and infrequent. Good hike for kids who can manage the distance. The views and formations make this worthwhile, otherwise it’s a quite mild hike (therefore three stars).

Just walking on hard dirt for a long time. Nice view at the end, but not worth the time. Better off exploring freestyle around this place.

Loved this trail too bad it’s closed hopefully someday it’ll reopen

Nice, challengingly hike with beautiful views of the mountains and desert. Hardly any trash or graffiti and not heavily trafficked. Enjoyed this hike very much!

Beautiful hike with amazing views!

Very cool and easy hike. A sign right at the trailhead would make sense to me, instead of putting it 200 yards up the trail where you can’t see it.

I didn't think I was ready for a hard hike. Was still building up to it. But I did it! It did feel good to reach the very top and then take the slower 4 mile hike around to get back down. if you're not ready for it, I would recommend using hiking poles.

4 months ago

Awesome trails and views. Loved the history of the earthquake vaults and to see the landscape change on our hike. Beautiful day

5 months ago



The first mile is a 1100' elevation gain and is quite the workout. Once you reach the flag at mile one you can take two trails. The trail to the left is approximately 4 miles long and ends at Glendora Mountain Road. It is shady, relatively flat and is a pleasant hike. The trail to the right of the flag continues to ascend and travels further into the canyon. This hike is classified as hard which is accurate.

This trail has some very very steep segments on a very dusty and slippery surface (dust, dirt, rocks). It is very easy to get injured on this poorly designed trail. Don’t recommend. There are much better options in the area.

Hiked Thanksgiving weekend 2017, beautiful weather, very well maintained, and heavily hiked. Great views of the AV to the west, quiet and shaded most of the trail. One of my favorites.

on Devils Chair Trail

5 months ago

I would give this 5 stars compared to neighboring trails.

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